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Mated in the Shadow of My Sister Chapter 44

Chapter 0044

(James POV)

My parents were not happy with my decision to leave our pack and confront Dr. Hyder in Red River, but they ultimately chose to not try and stop me. They simply demanded that I take a few guards with me as a precaution. Given that Luke was still unwilling to shift or talk to me –and given that the drive would require going through some areas known to be populated by rogues- I agreed.

The drive to Red River took about five hours. That gave me time to think about how I would approach Dr. Hyder and what I would say when I got there. It also gave me some additional time to think about why I

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was going to talk to him at all.

Unfortunately, by the time that we arrived at the Red River pack, I neither had a prepared speech nor

answers for why I had felt so compelled to come. Instead, I continued to feel completely, utterly

confused. Those were feelings that were quickly becoming my “norm” lately. In fact, literally the only

thing that I felt sure of was that coming here –and, in turn, trying to find Lily– were somehow the right

things to do.

How wrong I turned out to be.

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Before I left, my father called ahead and got permission from Alpha Brett for me to enter Red River

territory. That allowed us to get through border security fairly quickly, and the guards directed us to head.

immediately to the packhouse and up to Alpha Brett’s office. I was told that Dr. Hyder was already up

there, waiting for me.

As we headed to the packhouse, I found it sort-of strange that a Red River guard was escorting us, but I assumed that was just an added security measure that Alpha Brett had implemented for all guests.

I was more nervous about seeing Dr. Hyder than Alpha Brett. I had known Dr. Hyder most of my life, but it had always shocked me that he and my parents were friends. Dr. Hyder was the sort of wolf that could make you pee your pants simply by looking at you. He had a reputation for punishing his enemies and killing wolves without remorse or hesitation. He had been the alpha of one of the most powerful packs in the nation until he took an early retirement so that he could focus on his passion for medicine. I had heard a few wolves joke that Dr. Hyder wanted to be a doctor because being an alpha did not give him enough power, he wanted to be a god.

Alpha Brett was quite a bit different than Dr. Hyder. He was just a couple of years older than me, and I knew him from alpha conferences that I had attended with my father. I liked him a lot. He was really down to earth, and we used to pal around at alpha conferences together. Despite only being in the alpha position at Red River for three years, he had already established a reputation for being a good and fair leader. Had it not been for me spending the last six years of my life in practical hibernation while grieving

When we arrived at our destination, I tried to set my nerves aside. I entered Alpha Brett’s office alone,

leaving my guards and the Red River Guard standing outside in the hall.

When I walked in, Alpha Brett and Dr. Hyder were sitting together, with Alpha Brett sitting behind his desk and Dr. Hyder sitting in a guest chair right in front of him. Neither of them had a friendly or inviting looks

on their faces.

“Well, well. If it isn’t the man of the hour himself, Mr. James Anderson,” Dr. Hyder said in a mocking tone.

It had already been a long day, and after the long drive, I was not in the mood for games. I decided to

sk ip the normal greetings and just cut to the chase.

“I am sorry, Dr. Hyder, but have I done something to offend you? The last time we saw each other, I

believed that we were on good terms. However, after your words with my father earlier and that

comment just now, I have to wonder if something has happened.”

“You could say that,” Dr. Hyder responded.

Alpha Brett stood up before I could inquire further. “James, I am going to leave you and my uncle alone.

to talk. However, before I go, I want to make a few things clear.”

Uncle? How had I missed that Dr. Hyder was Alpha Brett’s uncle?

Alpha Brett continued. “As you know, the relationship between the Red River Pack and the West Mountain Pack goes back generations. And in fact, your pack has historically been one of our closest allies. When I granted permission for your visit this evening, I did so with those relationships in mind.

However, three hours ago, my uncle shared some information with me that I was not previously aware of. You must understand that Red River Pack is a pack that believes that morality transcends business interests. We believe in not only talking the talk, but also walking the walk. For example, regardless of alliances and history, the Red River Pack will never condone the abuse of females and other vulnerable people. In addition, our pack considers the mate bond to be sacred, and we condemn any and all who would use that bond as a vehicle for torture.

The information that my uncle shared with me this afternoon is sufficient for me to conclude that West Mountain Pack’s values no longer align with ours, and that they have not aligned for some time.

You should inform your father that I am terminating the peace and trade treaties between Red River Pack and West Mountain Pack effective today. I will send formal written confirmation of that tomorrow.”

My jaw hit the floor. What is he talking about? I had not anticipated any of

but I have no idea what you are referring to.”

“I am sorry, Alpha Brett,

“Don’t you?” Alpha Brett asked me suspiciously.

“No, I really do not.”

“It is a shame that I do not believe you,” Alpha Brett responded as he stood and walked towards the door. “When you are done talking to my uncle, I will have a guard escort you back to the border. I know it is a long drive back, but under the circumstances, I hope you can understand why I am not in a position to offer you and your men rooms for the night.”

He paused, as though he was debating with himself.

“One more thing. Lily Brogan is an amazing she-wolf. You will come to regret your actions towards her, and when you do, you should know that I will be watching with popcom. (75

Good day.”

Before I could say anything else or even process the full ramifications of what he just said or what had just happened- Alpha Brett left, leaving me alone with Dr. Hyder.

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James Anderson lost his future mate and luna, Stephanie, during a rogue attack. Stephanie’s death left his entire pack in mourning; her death anniversary was even declared a pack holiday. Five years later, James discovers that Stephanie’s younger sister Lily is his mate. But how can that be? Wasn’t Stephanie supposed to be his mate? And would his pack even accept Lily as his mate and Luna—many have always blamed Lily for Stephanie’s death, because Stephanie died trying to save Lily. For her part, Lily has lived in the shadow of her beautiful older sister for years. She knows very well that pack members and her parents wish that it was Lily that died that day instead of Stephanie. Lily had looked forward to the day that she would meet her mate and finally feel important to someone. Discovering that her mate is James is Lily’s worst nightmare, especially when James reacts poorly to the discovery. Lily decides that she is unwilling to live in Stephanie’s shadow any longer. She will not spend the rest of her life with a mate who wishes she was someone else. She rejects James, who all too quickly accepts the rejection. Soon afterwards, horrifying truths come out and James immediately regrets letting Lily go. He sets out to get Lily back and right the wrongs that have been done. But is it too late? Will Lily find love with James, or with someone else?


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