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Mated To My Sister’s Alpha Fiance Chapter 10

Chapter 10
As we walk out of the rooftop bar, I can feel the p r i c k l i n g gaze of every pack imember we pass. Whispered exchanges follow us, but I square my shoulders and lift my chin. Alpha Xavier guides me with a light touch on my lower back, his warm fingers seeping through the fabric of my clothes.
We step into an elevator, and I wet my lips. “Is there a reason you whisked me away?”
“No,” he doesn’t even look at me. His hands are on his tie, and his expression is bored.
With an arrogant turn of his head, he finally acknowledges my presence. “It was clear you didn’t enjoy spending time with your dysfunctional family, so I graciously removed you from their presence. You can thank me later,” he sneers.
Even though I’m not a big fan of my family, I don’t like hearing Alpha Xavier talk h i t about them.
“Watch your mouth,” I admonish, my voice all steel, “You don’t know the first thing about my family.”
“Oh, I think I do,” he smirks, his eyes dancing with devilish delight. “I’ve seen enough to know they are not exactly the picture of warmth and affection.”
His words sting, not because they are untrue, but because they are too true.
“And your sister is lucky she is beautiful because it’s the only thing that seems to shine through her shallow personality,” he continues, his eyes darkening slightly at the mention of her.
Indignation flares inside me. I could tolerate Alpha Xavier’s jabs at me, but my sister is off-limits. Isabella is a b i t c h, and she treats me like a s l a v e, but she is still my sister.
“Stop it,” I snap, my eyes flashing with anger. “You may be an Alpha, but that doesn’t give you the right to belittle those beneath you
He seems slightly taken aback by my sudden assertiveness, but he quickly recovers, his eyes flickering with a spark of
“Interesting.” he rouses, leaning back against the elevator wall. “You defend your family even after everything they have put you through.”
“Family’s family,” I say simply, crossing my arms over my chest. “And I don’t have to like them to love them.”
For a moment, Alpha Xavier just stares at me, his mouth set in a tight line. Then, he says something so unexpected that I can hardly believe my ears.
“Is that why they booked a pet room for you? Because they love you?” When I don’t answer, he snorts. “It seems like it’s obviously clear to everyone but you that your family doesn’t see you as their equal.”
His words echo ominously in the enclosed space. I feel myself stiffen, the familiar knot of dread tightening in my stomach. Alpha Xavier is right, of course. I’ve always known that I’m treated poorly, even for an Omega, but hearing it verbalized so bluntly by a stranger…well…it hurts more than I care to admit.
I clench my fists. “Shut up.”
“What was that? Scared of hearing the truth?”
Chapter 10
“That’s enough!” I snap, stepping towards him with a dangerous glint in my eyes. But he just smirks.
“What, little Omega?” he taunts, and I can hardly believe the audacity of this man-this alpha, this stranger-who thinks he knows-my life story based on the scraps of information he’s managed to collect in a day.
In a flash of seething fury. I move to slap him across his smug face. But he is quicker than I anticipated. Long fingers close firmly around my wrist, stopping my hand in mid-air. He pushes me back against the cool metal wall of the elevator, his body a solid barrier of heat and power against mine.
“Don’t,” he warns, his voice low and dangerously quiet. His brilliant emerald eyes are inches away from mine, gleaming with an intensity that sends shivers down my spine.
“Don’t what?” I growl.
“Challenge me.”
I struggle to break free, but it’s like trying to fight a freaking mountain; he won’t budge.
“Can’t you just leave me alone?” I snap, but deep down, I know I don’t mean it. Sure, Alpha Xavier is pushing me up against the wall, but under his touch, something is stirring to life between my legs.
“Leave you alone?” His rough voice sounds amused, and my anger flares up once more.
“Yes, leave me the f u c k alone! You rejected me; isn’t that enough humiliation for one day?!”
Instead of letting me go, he c o c k s his head to the side and smirks at me. “You tell me to leave you alone, yet I can smell your arousal, little Omega”
Even though I know it will only make my situation worse, I spit in his face before snarling, “F u c k you.”
Shock sweeps over Alpha Xavier’s face. He uses one hand to swipe away my spit from his cheek while effortlessly keeping me in place with the other. My hands are locked above my head, and I turn to stone when his amused expression turns cold and hostile.
“That’s not how you treat an Alpha,” he growls before pressing a button on the elevator panel.
Everything stops moving, and suddenly, I’m grabbed by both of his strong hands. My heart leaps into my throat when I’m dragged higher up the elevator wall so that my feet no longer touch the ground.
I clamp my lips together to prevent a yelp from leaving my mouth. Sharp pain from Alpha Xavier’s claws digging into my skin triggers heat to spread between my legs. My reaction is humiliating, but I’m getting turned on by Alpha Xavier’s rough and primal treatment. While I’m furious, my body seems to have a mind of its own.
“Did no one ever tell you how much stronger an Alpha is than your average werewolf?” His rough voice growls in my and goosebumps p r i c k l e over my skin when he leans in close enough so I can see every detail of his eyes.
They are gorgeous, but I’m angry and in pain.
I grit my teeth, determined to fight my own arousal, but I’m dripping wet. “I told you to leave me the f u c k alone,” I growl back. It’s clear I have no regard for my own safety.
Alpha Xavier seems to think so, too and Jeans in to growl into my ear. “If I didn’t know any better, I would claim you’re enjoying this, Daisy.”
I wince at his tone, ashamed and humiliated because I’m burning up inside. The smell of my arousal fills the elevator, and I curse myself for being so freaking weak. Just the sound of Alpha Xavier’s voice has me reacting like a b i t c h in heat.
My lips part to snarl something snarky back at the b a s t a r d, but I fall silent when I feel something hard and huge press
Chapter 10
against my front side. At first, I had thought Alpha Xavier wanted to beat me up, but now I realize he clearly wants something else from me.
The desire between my legs is intensifying, and although I know I shouldn’t be so desperate. I’m willing to let Alpha Xavier have his way with me. Despite the potential consequences, I decided to take a chance. I press my c u n t against his hardening. member, grinding against it with deliberate slowness.
“Is that so bad?” ask in a sly, breathy voice. “Because I think you’re enjoying this too, Alpha.”
A low growl rumbles from Alpha Xavier’s chest, causing more heat to travel down to my swollen sex. His powerful arms press me harder into the wall, igniting a primal desire within ine. As his dark eyes meet mine, I can feel the heat rising in my checks under his intense stare. The golden flecks in his emerald orbs seem to smolder and melt into the darkness, threatening to take them over.
“Watch your mouth, Omega. No one can handle me, especially not a weakling like you.”
I suck in a deep breath when one of his hands travels to my neck. He grips it lightly, and I swear I get even wetter from that simple action alone. When he touches me, all logic seems to fly out the window.
I want him.
I crave him.
My body wants to grind against him so badly.
“You underestimate me,” I exhale, my eyes trailing down his muscular chest as I try to visualize him naked.
His grip around my neck tightens, only allowing me the smallest amount of air. And something must be seriously wrong with me because a moan slips out through my pathetic lips. Here I am, pushed up against the wall and practically strangled by an Alpha, and all I can think about is riding the large c o c k I know he is packing in his pants.
“Or maybe I’m aware of a normal werewolf’s limits,” he snarls, leaning forward so our lips almost brush. His hot breath smells of whiskey and mint. “I’m an Alpha and do not forget it.”
“But you’re forgetting something, Alpha,” I push back, my voice h o a r s e and low.
His grip tightens on my neck, and I gasp for air, feeling the adrenaline pumping through my veins. The smell of him- musk, earth, and something purely masculine is intoxicating. It’s making it difficult for me to think straight.
“And what would that be?” he growls into my ear, his words causing shivers to run down my spine.
“That I’m not just any Omega. I’m your fated mate. The words leave my mouth before I can stop them, echoing loudly in the silence of the elevator.
There’s a moment of silence, where all I can hear is the pounding of my heart and the heavy breaths we both share between us. Alpha Xavier’s eyes narrow as he searches mine, looking for… What?
“That doesn’t matter,” he hisses. “I rejected you.”
With that, he releases me, and I slide down against the wall, my legs giving out. He steps back, a cold and unreadable look in his eyes.
“I’m heading to my room,” he growls. “Try not to cause any trouble.”
He presses a button on the elevator panel and disappears as soon as the doors open. I’m left sitting on the floor, my heart pounding wildly in my chest.
Am I deranged for wanting him even more? It’s becoming awfully clear that Alpha Xavier isn’t the good guy. There is at

Chapter 10
darkness within him, yet I’m not afraid-I’m intrigued.
How do I make that man mine? I hate him; I dislike him, yet I’m also determined to see him naked and feel his lips against my neck. S h i ta m I losing my g o d d a m n mind?!

Mated To My Sister’s Alpha Fiance by Veliciah

Mated To My Sister’s Alpha Fiance by Veliciah

Status: Ongoing Author: Artist: , ,
My name is Daisy Andersson, and I don’t have a wolf. My family thought I would awaken once I turned eighteen, but I’m twenty-one years old and still useless. Because of this, I’m treated like a slave. My mother didn’t even pay for my education while my sisters are seen as a blessing. Isabella and Lina are both beautiful and powerful. Isabella is even so perfect that she is arranged to marry the Alpha of another pack-the billionaire Xavier Reeves. But when I meet Xavier Reeves for the first time, I realize he is my fated mate.


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