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Mated To My Sister’s Alpha Fiance Chapter 34

Chapter 34
I’m sitting on a chair beside Lola’s bed together with Sabrina, smiling widely when she finally opens her eyes. “You’re finally awake,” I say. “How do you feel?”
“Like fcking crap,” she laughs, but it turns into a cough before she finds her voice again. “How long have I been out?” “For like four days.” Sabrina grimaces. “Your injuries after that vampire were pretty grave.” “Y-yeah, I didn’t think I would survive,” her eyes travel to mine, and I can see her gratitude as she grins. “But a certain. someone is apparently a magic angel werewolf with healing powers. I owe you my life, Daisy.” “Eh, it was nothing.” I grin right back at her. “I just had to force myself to awaken-no biggie at all.” We all laugh at that, but when Lola starts coughing again. Sabrina and I exchange a look. Perhaps we shouldn’t bother Lola at this time. She is still in poor condition. “Umm, maybe we should let you rest? We can come by another time,” Sabrina smiles sheepishly before standing up, which sends panic flashing across Lola’s face. “No!” She shouts, looking at us both. I’ve never seen her look this scared before; Lola is usually mischievous and brave. “I mean please stay…” She releases a heavy sigh. “I don’t want to be alone. Not after that vampire attacked me. Please. I’ve been having so many nightmares.” Her plea is raw, coated with so much fear I can’t tell her no. Instead I share a look with Sabrina before reaching out and taking Lola’s hand in mine. “There’s no need to be afraid. We are here for you, and so is the rest of the pack.” “Yes, but they can’t save me from the nightmares that I’ve been having since that vampire almost…” She bites her lower lip to fight back tears. “Almost raped me.” I gasp. “He did what?!” Even Sabrina looks distraught. “He tries to have sex with you?” Lola nods. “Yes, but when he found out I wasn’t interested, he tried to kill me instead.” She sniffs before looking up at me. “I’m so relieved you killed him.” “And I would do it faster this time if that bastard was still alive. I can’t believe he tried to have sex with you! Vampires are so revolting!” I withdraw my hand and slam my fist onto the side table, causing the water glass on it to rattle. “I would help you,” Sabrin, who is usually shy, growls “It sounds like he was sick in the head.” “He was…” Lola’s bottom lip trembles. She seems to be thinking about something, her eyes are becoming unfocused as she stares at the ceiling. “What is it?” I ask. She swallows thickly. “That vampire… He said he was bored of other vampires, that he found them too…predictable. He said he wanted something…different. She shudders, and I reach out to squeeze her hand reassuringly. “But he is dead now, and we are here,” I remind her, my voice soothing. “And nothing like that will ever happen again. The pack is strong, and it will protect you.” “Exactly,” Sabrina adds, her voice filled with conviction. “We won’t let anyone hurt you anymore.” 1/3 | Thu May To G Chapter 31 66% Lola gives us a small sme que that doesn’t quite reach her eyes but still manages to lighten up the somber mood in the room “Thanks guys “No problem” I blink a few times before asking, “You don’t have to answer this, but what were the nightmares about? If you don’t mind telling us.” She swallows, her eyes filling with an eerie hare as she starts recalling the nightmares that have been haunting her. “It’s always the same,” she starts, her voice trembling. “I’m running. bit no matter how fast or how far I run, he is always right there behind me A shudder racks through my body. “The vampire that attack you “No her brown eyes stare into mine. “My mate. In my nightmares, he is a vampire, not a werewolf like me,” she gulps down a sob, fighting to keep herself composed. “And I’m afraid, Daisy, so dan afraid of being fated to a vampire of all people. They are the enemy
I find myself at a loss for words. Being mated to a vampire is the only thing that sounds worse than being mated to someone as cold and confusing as Alpha Xavier
“Lola. Come here. Taking a deep breath, I pull her into a hug. It’s just a nightmare.” I whisper, trying to soothe her shaking form. “The moon goddess isn’t that cruel Wolves mate with wolves, not vampires.”
But Lola chakes her head, pulling back and looking at me, tears welling up in her eyes. “The moon goddess can’t be trusted,” she whispers, her voice filled with a terror that I’ve never heard from her before. “She is older than time itself, and it’s just like her to match opposites
Lean’t help but sigh at that. “You’re right about that
Sabrina and Lola exchange a glance before Sabrina clears her throat to gain my attention. “Actually, we were going to ask you something. Is that okay!”
My eyes dart between them before I say. “Uh, sure
“Alpha Xavier is your mate, isn’t he Lola asks “He is your sister’s fiance. I know that, but..the two of you have this chemistry that can’t be explained.”
Everything inside of me hurts at her words, but I manage to plaster a stiff smile on my face. “Yes,” I affirm with a curt nod. “Alpha Xavier is my mate, but he rejected me.”
The silence that follows is deafening. Sabrina and Lola stare at me in stunned silence, their expressions unreadable.
It’s Lola who breaks the silence, her face flushing with a mix of sympathy and surprise. “Oh, Daisy… that’s… that’s awful”
I shrug in response, keeping my face carefully neutral. “It is what it is.”
But why would he reject you? You’re amazing. Sabrina blurts out, her face glowing with sincerity. Her words ring hollow to me, no matter how deeply I know she means them.
“He has his reasons.” I murmur, avoiding their probing gazes. The last thing I want is their pity.
“Is it because you were weak when he first met you?” Lola asks, blinking as if she can’t figure out Alpha Xavier’s reasoning. “Because you’re not weak anymore; hell, you’re probably stronger than your sisters already.”
“Maybe,” I shrug, not meeting her eyes. It’s an old wound that still stings. “But it doesn’t matter why Alpha Xavier rejected me. He did, and that’s all there is to it.”
“But Daisy…” Lola hesitates, biting her lip. “That’s not fair.”
I bark out a laugh, harsh and mirthless. “Fair? The world isn’t fair, Lola.” My voice is more bitter than I’d like. “I’ve learned.
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Chapter 24
that the hard way.
“But maybe he’ll change his mind.” Sabrina suggests tentatively, giving me a hopeful look.
I shake my head, my heart heavy with resignation “No, trust me that man can’t be won over. I’ve already tried and failed”
“Maybe he just needs more time.” Lola offers, her voice is soft like she’s treading on thin ice. “People change, Daisy. Even the
cold ones
A wry smile shapes my lips. “Alpha Xavier isn’t a normal person he’s a force of nature unyielding and unchangeable. Besides, he is marrying my sister soon
“Well, even forces of nature can be affected, Sabrina counters, determination gleaming in her eyes. “Like a river eroding a rock over time, you just need to persist.”
I appreciate their attempts to comfort me, but it feels like they’re trying to warm me with a dead fire. I stand up, smoothing down my t-shirt as I prepare to leave the hospital room.
Thank you for your words,” I say, my voice holding a steadiness that belies the turmoil within. “But Alpha Xavier made his choice. And I’ve made mine. I won’t spend my life chasing atter man who doesn’t want me.”
“But Daisy Iola starts to protest, but I hold up my hand.
“No, it’s better this way,” I insist, turning away from them before they see the tears welling in my eyes.
When it comes to Alpha Navier, I’ve tried everything, but that man can’t be swayed. He is like a mountain, with his heart encased in stone. And mountains don’t change because of the weather or passing time. They stand tall and resilient, indifferent to the torrents of ram or the heat of the sun. That’s Xavier

Mated To My Sister’s Alpha Fiance by Veliciah

Mated To My Sister’s Alpha Fiance by Veliciah

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My name is Daisy Andersson, and I don’t have a wolf. My family thought I would awaken once I turned eighteen, but I’m twenty-one years old and still useless. Because of this, I’m treated like a slave. My mother didn’t even pay for my education while my sisters are seen as a blessing. Isabella and Lina are both beautiful and powerful. Isabella is even so perfect that she is arranged to marry the Alpha of another pack-the billionaire Xavier Reeves. But when I meet Xavier Reeves for the first time, I realize he is my fated mate.


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