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Mated To My Sister’s Alpha Fiance Chapter 39

Chapter 39
Rage consumed me the second my eyes landed on the blonde vampire. He came from the direction of Lola’s house, and I immediately remembered the last vampire who visited her-the one that tried to rape her and then almost killed her.
And then I lost it. I still am. I can’t think straight. Anger is consuming my very being and eating me alive.
The thought of another vampire hurting my friend makes me bite down harder. My teeth connect with the vampire’s bones, but he doesn’t scream. His arm is in my mouth, yet he calmly meets my gaze.
“There is hatred in your eyes,” he points out in a melodic voice before a sad smile graces his lips, “But that’s okay. I hate my own kind for what they did to my mate. I imagine that’s why you’re so set on ending my life. Looking at me makes you remember Lola’s attacker, doesn’t it?”
Shock zaps through my bones at the mention of my friend, and immediately spit out his arm. It might bite me in the back. -I fully expect the vampire to attack me.
But he doesn’t.
He calmly pushes himself up on his knees, but not for very long. A snarl breaks the silence, and suddenly, Yato’s massive brown wolf pushes the vampire on his back. I watch in shock as Yato’s heavy paw rests on top of the vampire’s chest.
“Daisy, are you okay?”
I turn around at the sound of Alpha Xavier’s voice. He is in human form and although he looks as handsome as ever, there are rings I don’t recognize underneath his eyes.
With ease, I shape-shift back into a human, unbothered by my nakedness. Alpha Xavier, however, inhales sharply and I can see him trying his hardest to keep eye contact.
“I’m fine,” I tell him, amused because I can tell he is fighting not to look down at my hardened nipples. “The vampire didn’t attack me. In fact, it didn’t even struggle when I buried my teeth into its arm.”
“Don’t be fooled, Daisy,” Yato growls. He is in his human form now and pinning down the smaller man. “This vampire probably didn’t fight back because it knew it was surrounded.”
“Or maybe I’m just not a threat?” the vampire adds in a sassy voice that earns him a growl from Yato.
“Shut the fck up!” Yato forcefully presses the vampire’s head into the dirt, and I wince. Is it wrong that I feel a bit bad for the vampire? The vampire isn’t nearly as bulky and tall as the Alpha brothers, and I’m afraid it will get hurt…or maybe that’s naive thinking? I’ve heard vampires are a lot stronger than werewolves. A werewolf’s strength comes from its pack, while many vampires hunt alone. And even though it hurts my pride to admit it, I know a strong vampire can take out an entire army of werewolves on its own. This vampire, however, is so pretty that I’m having a hard time believing he is strong. He looks to be around 6’1, and his face is that of a Swedish model: blonde and pale. “For fck’s sake, will you stop abusing the poor vampire?!” Alpha Xavier growls at his brother. “If he didn’t attack anyone and is willingly talking, then he will make a better prisoner than a dead vampire.”
Yato looks up at his brother with fiery eyes. “What is with you and your love for the bloodsuckers? This one is on YOUR territory and deserves to die. You’re just lucky that I was around to save the day.”
“You?” Alpha Xavier snorts. Daisy took the vampire down, not you.”
Chapter 39
“Oh, so you don’t think I’m doing work?”
“What?” Alpha Xavier stares at his brother. “That’s not at all what I fcking meant!” Yato squints in confusion. “Then what did you mean?” 0 +5 “I won’t tell you since you’re too stupid to get it anyway! You were clearly dropped as a child.” “Sorry to interrupt,” the vampire mutters. “But I must agree with your brother: you were clearly dropped.” Yato gasps in shock. “How dare you?!” I can sense the tension building in the air and step between the brothers. They immediately lower their gaze to my breasts. They bounce a little with my movement. ‘They are both into you, Sera sounds amused. ‘Question is: who do you want?” ‘At this moment in time, no one. They are both acting like freaking children. Sera chuckles while I glare between the brothers. “Calm the fck down, okay?” My eyes travel to the grinning vampire. “And you too. You’re not helping the situation.”
His grin falters. “Sorry…”
The apology unsettles me. Is the vampire trying to mind-f*ck me into believing he is good? I ponder on that until hear a loud howl in the distance.
“Not good,” Alpha Xavier mutters. “There are more vampires on our territory, and those other ones seem dangerous. My pack is already fighting.”
“Shit…” Yato swears. “What do I do with this one?” He looks down at the blonde vampire. “I can’t just let him go.”
“Lock him up in the pack dungeons, and don’t tell a soul. I want to interrogate the vampire later, but we need to keep it a secret that we are holding a vampire hostage. Many members within the pack have lost family members to the vampires, and if they knew there was a live vampire in the pack dungeons, they wouldn’t hesitate to kill it.”
Yato sighs heavily. “Normally, I wouldn’t take orders from you since I’m not a member of your pack, but in this situation, I’ll put my pride aside for the greater good.” He grabs the vampire by the collar of his shirt and hauls him up. The vampire doesn’t resist.
Instead, he meets my eyes, and I shiver when I hear his voice inside my head through telepathy, ‘Keep Lola safe for me, okay? My clan is coming to save me, and they are probably headed for her house since she was my last mission.”
His last mission?
I want to ask what the vampire means, but Yato is already steering him away.
My tongue darts out to wet my lips, “Should I go with them?”
“No,” Alpha Xavier says. “You’re needed here.”
I crane my neck to meet his eyes. “You….you need me?”
“Of course I need you,” he sounds irritated, and the look he gives me isn’t any friendlier. “You’re a fierce warrior, Daisy. It would be stupid not to let you fight this battle.”
“Oh, so NOW you want me?” I tease, but Alpha Xavier appears so honestly offended, even a bit hurt, that I instantly feel tiny and petty for having said that when the pack is in danger.
Chapter 39
“I’m sorry,” I say, reaching out to touch his arm. His muscles are tense underneath my fingertips and his gaze flickers to where I’m touching him before meeting my eyes again.
His nostrils flare. “It’s not the time for games, Daisy. We need to shift and make sure your friend is okay.”
My mouth slacks to the ground. “Wait, did that vampire speak to you as well?”
Alpha Xavier averts his eyes before muttering, “Something like that…”
I can’t help the surprise that floods my features. “Wow, that vampire must have been strong enough to speak to us both.”
“Or maybe it’s my abilities that you’re underestimating.”
“Huh?” I wrinkle my nose. “What does that mean?”
“Nothing,” Alpha Xavier sighs. “Let’s just go and check on Lola. We have wasted enough time.”

Mated To My Sister’s Alpha Fiance by Veliciah

Mated To My Sister’s Alpha Fiance by Veliciah

Status: Ongoing Author: Artist: , ,
My name is Daisy Andersson, and I don’t have a wolf. My family thought I would awaken once I turned eighteen, but I’m twenty-one years old and still useless. Because of this, I’m treated like a slave. My mother didn’t even pay for my education while my sisters are seen as a blessing. Isabella and Lina are both beautiful and powerful. Isabella is even so perfect that she is arranged to marry the Alpha of another pack-the billionaire Xavier Reeves. But when I meet Xavier Reeves for the first time, I realize he is my fated mate.


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