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My Accidental Husband is a Billionaire Novel Chapter 110

110 The Truth About Getting the


Keira turned her head and saw Mr. Allen, looking somewhat disconcerted. She frowned and hesitated before asking, “Uncle Allen, what did you just call me?”

Mr. Allen snapped back to reality.

He looked at Keira in confusion, sizing her up uncertainly, “Lady…”

Someone tugged on his sleeve.

Mrs. Allen walked up to him, cutting off his words. “It’s” nothing, your Uncle Allen’s eyes are playing tricks on him. Keira, what are you doing here?”

Keira Olsen replied, “Mr. Olsen was hospitalized, so I just brought him over.”

She looked up at the floors above, then lowered her eyes. “But now I need to go now.”

“Okay,” Mrs. Allen said with a smile. “It’s getting dark; you should head home and get some rest.

Keira asked, “When will you return to Clance?”





110 The Truth About Getting the Certificate

Mrs. Allen smiled and said, “There’s no rush. Although the rehabilitation medical care here in Oceanion isn’t as good as in Clance, it’s sufficient for Rebecca. She was worried about you and didn’t want to leave. Now even though you’re fine, we can’t abruptly change the rehabilitation training plan she has started, so we’re not leaving yet.”

Keira nodded, “Then I’ll come visit Rebecca when I

have some free time.”


After Keira and Lewis left, Mrs. Allen glared at Mr. Allen. “What nonsense were you spouting?”

Mr. Allen said with a sense of grievance, “How could I

not say it?”

Mrs. Allen sighed. “I’ve looked into the Olsen famil situation. It’s clear now. Keira’s status is awkward, a she does resemble Mrs. Olsen at first glance. But if y look closely, it’s only a similarity of temperament. Lady South is Mrs. Olsen’s mother, and Keira should also

have a similar temperament to her. You don’t have any proof, and if you blurt it out and it turns out to be a mix-up, what will you do then?”




110 The Truth About Getting the Certificate

Mr. Allen rubbed his nose. “But we can’t just keep silent, can we?”

Mrs. Allen responded irritably, “It’s not that I don’t want you to speak up. Isn’t the photo being restored? Once it’s restored, you can take it to Keira. Isn’t that more convincing?”

Mr. Allen pouted. “After all, you just don’t believe me.”

Mrs. Allen sighed. “Every family cherishes their children the most. When a child is born, there are nurses, nannies, and doctors watching. Even if Mrs. Olsen came to Oceanion alone without anyone else, given her background and family status, at the very least, the child’s father would be at the hospital bed. Do you realize how difficult it is to switch babies? Th idea is too far-fetched, and in the end, it could very well just turn out to be a false alarm.”

Mr. Allen pouted and conceded. “All right, all right, you’re always right. Just wait for the photo.”

Unable to help himself, he took out his phone and tagged Frankie in the group chat. “How long will the photo restoration take? Can you speed up the




110 The Truth About Getting the Certificate

Frankie’s reply came quickly. “The damage to your photo is quite severe. The restorer said that it would take at least five days to fix it.”

Mr. Allen found himself impatient for the first time, “Five days it is then!”

Keira and Lewis returned to the Horton family manor.

The car stopped directly in old Mrs. Horton’s courtyard.

Once they got out of the vehicle and entered the living room, they saw old Mrs. Horton hadn’t gone to bed yet. She was dozing off on the sofa, nodding her head.

Fiona was by her side, smiling wryly. Seeing the two d them, she finally relaxed. “Old Mrs. Horton, Mr. Horto and Miss Olsen have returned! Now you can rest easy, right? Please go back to your room to sleep!”

Old Mrs. Horton suddenly woke up. She rose to her

feet and walked towards them.

Lewis stepped forward to support her. “Grandma, take

it easy…

But old Mrs. Horton walked right past him and





110 The Truth About Getting the Certificate

approached Keira, grabbing her wrist. ‘Granddaughter-in-law, you finally returned!”

Lewis was speechless.

Fiona couldn’t help but laugh. “Miss Olsen, old Mrs. Horton has been mentioning you a hundred times tonight. To those who don’t know, they’d think you were her granddaughter! Even with Mr. Horton here, you’re the one she fancies more!”

Old Mrs. Horton immediately said, “Why would I prefer that brat when I can have my lovely granddaughter-in-law?”

Lewis tugged at the corner of his mouth. “Grandma, now that you have a granddaughter-in-law, you’ve forgotten your grandson!”

At these words, old Mrs. Horton’s eyes brightened. “So you admit she’s your wife?”

Lewis suddenly felt a bit embarrassed.

Old Mrs. Horton didn’t care about his feelings and turned to Keira. “Granddaughter-in-law, this brat has taken a liking to you, and what about you? Do you like




110 The Truth About Getting the Certificate

this brat?”

Lewis touched his nose and glanced subconsciously at


Keira noticed that intense gaze and blushed. She

cleared her throat. “Grandma, it’s getting late. I’ll light the calming Incense for you, and then you should go to


Old Mrs. Horton didn’t want to embarrass her granddaughter-in-law despite Lewis’s feelings, so she nodded. “Alright.”

Keira helped old Mrs. Horton into her bedroom.

Suddenly, the only one left in the living room was


His eyes darkened as he watched the two leave. Thinking about how Keira hadn’t answered Grandma’s question just now, he suddenly felt a bit disappointed.

At that moment, Fiona spoke up. “Sir, are you staying here tonight? Or will you go back to sleep at the main house?”

The Horton family manor was too big. Old Mrs. Horton needed peace for her recuperation, so a small



110 The Truth About Getting the Certificate

courtyard within the manor was chosen to construct a three-story villa specially for her.

Usually, old Mrs. Horton and the family doctor, along with a nanny, lived there; it was quiet and undisturbed.

Ever since Lewis returned to the country and took over the Horton Group, to strengthen his position as head of the household, he had been living in the main bedroom of the adjacent main house.

Hearing the sudden question, Lewis coughed. “Grandma’s condition is unstable, and I’m not at ease. I’ll stay here so I can keep an eye on her at night.”

Fiona smiled, lowering her head, and didn’t expose his little ruse. “Okay.”

Lewis had a bedroom here.

He walked to the door and suddenly paused.

Fiona instantly understood. “Miss Olsen’s room is next

to yours.”

Lewis looked down. “Fiona, you’re quite talkative


Fiona kept smiling.




110 The Truth About Getting the Certificate

After Keira sent old Mrs. Horton to bed, she followed

Fiona to the room she would temporarily stay in.

Nothing happened that night.

When Keira woke up the next day, old Mrs. Horton still

hadn’t gotten up.

Keira tiptoed into her room to check on her.

As she approached, old Mrs. Horton opened her eyes.

Seeing Keira, she immediately smiled with a hint of surprise. “Granddaughter-in-law, you’ve come back!”

Keira was taken aback, “Come back?”

“Yes!” Old Mrs. Horton held her hand. “After you and the brat got married, you disappeared. I’ve been looking for you for a month, and now you’ve finally

come back!”

Keira suddenly realized old Mrs. Horton was having an

episode again.

Her memory had reverted to the month after she and Lewis got their marriage certificate!

Keira’s eyes darkened slightly, and she suddenly asked, “Grandma, do you remember how I and Lewis got our

110 The Truth About Getting the Certificate

marriage certificate?”

She hadn’t expected to get much of a response, but to her surprise, old Mrs. Horton replied, “Of course I


My Accidental Husband is a Billionaire Novel by Mr Yan

My Accidental Husband is a Billionaire Novel by Mr Yan

Status: Ongoing Author: Artist:
Keira Olsen got married, but she didn’t know that her husband-out-of-the-blue turned out to be the richest man! She’s an illegitimate daughter who can’t be recognized. She’s been clawing and scrambling her way up, struggling to survive since childhood. He’s the child of destiny, standing high and mighty. The two are worlds apart in status. Everyone was waiting for Keira to be swept out the door, but all they got was a post from the richest man on his social media account: “My dear wife, can we not divorce?” Everyone was confused.


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