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My Accidental Husband is a Billionaire Novel Chapter 145

145 Perfect Match

The Horton family had been bustling since the


When Keira woke up and stepped out, she saw Lewis unexpectedly not off to work early, but sitting on the living room sofa.

She stretched languidly and sauntered over, raising an eyebrow to ask, “Don’t you need to go to the office today?”

She had just woken up. Her well-rested cheeks were glowing and shiny without any makeup. Her skin was fair, and her lips were plump and red.

In her loungewear, she was the very picture of relaxed


Lewis withdrew his gaze, glanced at the time, and said indifferently, “I have a meeting at ten, something to take care of at three in the afternoon, and I’ll be back by the dinner party.”

Keira nodded. “Then why aren’t you leaving yet?”

Lewis cleared his throat and stood up. “Grandma



145 Perfect Match

wants us to try on the clothes first.”

Keira blinked in surprise, “Huh?”

Lewis walked over, his tall stature looming as he approached, and with a slight cough he said, “Follow


Keira trailed behind him, and they reached the dressing room where she immediately spotted the evening gown old Mrs. Horton had chosen for her. Under the light, the gown shimmered with golden threads, and at the neckline lay a gemstone necklace. The combination was quite luxurious.

Next to the gown hung a black tuxedo.

The tie was blue, and the cufflinks matched the jewelry with the gown. They were clearly designed for a couple.

Keira immediately understood why Lewis had bee somewhat bashful just now. She found old Mrs. Ho to be incredibly adorable!

She was always playing little tricks in situations like these.

Keira smiled as she looked at Lewis, catching a fleeting



145 Perfect Match

glimpse of joy on his face. Though expressionless, it was apparent he was in a good mood.

Keira stepped forward to grab the clothes. “Is your

trouble sorted?”

Lewis blinked, “What?”

“The urgent issue over the phone…”

Lewis frowned slightly, and through his subtle expression, Keira realized the problem was probably still there. She was about to ask if he needed help when Lewis suddenly drew closer.

Step by step, he closed in, forcing Keira to retreat until she was backed against the closet. But he didn’t stop his advance. Instead, he leaned down slowly toward


Keira’s eyes widened, and her heartbeat accelerated


In the next moment, he whispered in her ear. “Miss. Olsen, shouldn’t you be considering whether these two pieces of clothing match, rather than that?”

His breath against her neck tickled, making her skin flush involuntarily.



145 Perfect Match

…She had been teased!

Keira struggled to calm her racing heart. Just as Lewis was about to look up, she suddenly smiled, grabbed his collar, and pulled down, making him bend forward and lean in closer to her again.

Keira also leaned into his ear. “Then Mr. Horton, do

you think there’s anything inappropriate with these


Lewis had been teased right back!

His gaze fixated on the lips so close to his, momentarily dazed, then he said, “How can I tell

without trying them on?”

“Let’s try them on then.”

Keira let go of his collar.

They both took a step back, each exhaling slightly with relief, then picked up their respective clothes and entered the opposite dressing rooms.

The moment she closed the door, Keira leaned against the wall, her hand on her wildly beating heart, but

there was a smile on her lins




145 Perfect Match

Two minutes later.

Keira had changed into her gown and walked out, her attention immediately captured by Lewis’s appearance.

He always carried himself with such seriousness,

turning suits into uniform attire, but now, adorned in a tuxedo, his tall and handsome qualities were instantly highlighted.

At this moment, he looked like a gentleman stepping out of a European royal portrait, exuding an air of nobility.

As Keira was sizing him up, Lewis was also looking at


She usually preferred comfortable clothes and seldom wore formal gowns. Even without makeup, she was already dazzling…

As they were looking at each other, old Mrs. Horton’s voice rang out. “Fiona, look at them. They’re truly a match made in heaven, a perfect pair! The children they’ll have will definitely be good-looking!”

She was sneakily peeking from the doorway.



145 Perfect Match

Keira didn’t know what to say.

Lewis also flushed slightly, then he took off his

overcoat and carried it in his hand. “I’m going to the office for a meeting first.”

Keira said, “Oh, okay.”

Lewis walked out. “Dear wife, see you tonight.”

Keira was speechless.

What had gotten into him today? He was so eloquent!

She chuckled softly and gave a faint “Hmm” in


It was soon evening.

Guests started to arrive one after another, with luxur cars slowly driving into the Horton estate.

The grandeur of the Horton family manor was evident as a large area was designated for the parking lot.

Security guards were guiding at the entrance, and there were people giving directions in the parking lot.



145 Perfect Match

Household servants were also present to greet guests at the parking lot and escort them to the main hall.

This was Keira’s third visit to the main house of the

Horton family manor. Hanging from the high-ceilinged living room was a gigantic crystal chandelier and the entire room was larger than the lobby of a hotel.

Corners of the room featured sofas and a buffet, and elegantly dressed people mingled.

The first branch of the family was greeting guests at the entrance, while old Mrs. Horton sat with Keira in

the place of honor. Every guest had to greet old Mrs.


Seeing that Keira was somewhat uncomfortable staying by her side, old Mrs. Horton allowed her to roam freely and no longer required her company.

Keira then saw Mrs. Olsen and others enter, so she took the opportunity to stand up and greet Mrs. Olse

Isla personally escorted Mrs. Olsen and Taylor inside. On seeing Keira, she lowered her gaze with a smile “Keira, where’s Uncle Lewis?”

Keira didn’t want to deal with her, but in front of Mrs.




145 Perfect Match

Olsen, she still answered. “He went to work.”

“The news I got says otherwise!” Isla smiled as she seemingly said casually, “I heard from the security that Uncle Lewis went to pick up my aunt, and they’ll be arriving soon.”

Taylor immediately asked, “Mrs. Horton is back?”

“Yes, she’s been back for a few days, but because she hasn’t been feeling well, she’s been staying outside. Today is great-grandmother’s special day; she has to come back.” Isla’s smiling eyes turned toward Keira. “Keira, do you think you should excuse yourself?”

This remark made Taylor furrow his brows, and he immediately scolded Keira. “Isla’s right. You should stay away for a while. After all, just a few days ago, you were involved in that huge scandal with Mr. Horton! am your father. You should listen to me! I would nev harm you!”

Keira frowned. “Are you? My father?”

My Accidental Husband is a Billionaire Novel by Mr Yan

My Accidental Husband is a Billionaire Novel by Mr Yan

Status: Ongoing Author: Artist:
Keira Olsen got married, but she didn’t know that her husband-out-of-the-blue turned out to be the richest man! She’s an illegitimate daughter who can’t be recognized. She’s been clawing and scrambling her way up, struggling to survive since childhood. He’s the child of destiny, standing high and mighty. The two are worlds apart in status. Everyone was waiting for Keira to be swept out the door, but all they got was a post from the richest man on his social media account: “My dear wife, can we not divorce?” Everyone was confused.


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