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My Accidental Husband is a Billionaire Novel Chapter 158

158 Truth

At these words, Taylor was stunned.

Mrs. Olsen was also taken aback.

She had already sent Aunt South to administer a DNA test for Keira and Taylor, and the results should be available by tomorrow.

However, when Keira suddenly said this, she didn’t harbor any more doubts. “Why do you say that?”

Just as Keira was about to respond, Taylor already frowned and sneered coldly. “You refuse to acknowledge me as your father, and I have never acknowledged you as my daughter either! From now on, stay away from the Olsen family and never set foot in the Olsen residence again!”

Having said this, he held Mrs. Olsen by the arm. “Shirley, let’s go!”

Mrs. Olsen still wanted to clarify matters, but upon

seeing Taylor and thinking that the results would come out soon, she refrained from speaking and simply

returned the marriage certificate to Keira.


158 Truth

“Keira, I hope you find happiness.”

Keira’s gaze softened. “I will, Ma’am.”

She personally escorted Mrs. Olsen and Taylor to the door, watching as Taylor helped Mrs. Olsen into the car, and prepared to re-enter the house.

As she turned around, she caught sight of a tall man at a distance, raising his glass to her.

It was Scott.

He then pointed to his cell phone.

Puzzled, Keira took out her phone, and upon opening it, she saw a message from Scott. “So it turns out you really are Lewis Horton’s wife, but I still want your parasite. Is that okay?”

Keira’s gaze instantly sharpened, and she glared at him before turning away.

Scott was dumbfounded

He helplessly looked at his assistant beside him and sighed. “I know Miss Olsen is married, but can’t I keep an umbrella as a memento? Why did she glare at me?”

The assistant pondered for a moment. “Women in


158 Truth

Crera are generally conservative. She’s probably worried about Mr. Lewis getting the wrong

Scott quietly sighed, “I see…”


Keira didn’t dwell on this interlude. When she

re-entered the banquet, old Mrs. Horton’s birthday celebration had finally begun.

The old Mrs. Horton, who had gone to the washroom, finally made her way to the living room, receiving everyone’s greetings.

After seeing her, Keira realized that Lewis must have sent someone to take the old lady away since she wasn’t present earlier. Otherwise, she’d have been in the front hall, witnessing the first branch of the family’s scheming, which would’ve upset the old lady.

At this moment, she was completely unaware of all this, her laughter bright and joyful.

Rebecca came over and linked arms with Keira, “Miss

Keira, I knew you couldn’t be the other woman! But I didn’t expect that you would be Mrs. Horton!”

Keira smiled back at her.

In today’s situation, only one person believed in her

11:39 C


158 Truth

from the beginning to the end, and that was Rebecca.

Keira patted Rebecca’s hand with gratitude. “Are you that happy?”

Rebecca nodded. “Yes, my brother just sent me a

message. He’s coming the day after tomorrow. It seems like the photo of my father will be restored by then.”

Keira nodded, about to say more, but she suddenly caught a glimpse of Lewis and a gaunt woman stepping out onto the adjacent balcony.

The gaunt woman was wearing a gown of the same color as hers; it was Madeleine!

Keira’s eyes darkened.

After a moment’s thought, she still decided to approach them.

On the balcony,

Madeleine appeared on the verge of collapse. She trembling as if she might fall at any moment. She stared at Lewis in disbelief. “Lewis, what is all this about? You promised you would marry me! How could you marry someone else?!”



158 Truth

Lewis tensed his jaw, about to speak dispassionately when suddenly Madeleine swayed and slumped to the side, fainting.

Lewis’s expression shifted, and he quickly caught her, striding toward the exit. “To the hospital.”

Following close behind him, Tom immediately said,


Keira emerged from the corner, her gaze fixed on


Suddenly, Madeleine, held in Lewis’s arms, opened her eyes and glanced at her.

That look was full of provocation.

Keira understood her message. “What does it matter if Lewis marries you? Whenever I fall ill, he will be by my


Keira frowned slightly.

She followed behind the two and saw Lewis put Madeleine in the car, yet he didn’t get in himself and merely said to Tom, “Take her back to the hospital.”

Keira noticed Madeleine stiffen.



158 Truth

Her mood suddenly improved.

When the car left, Fiona came over. Keira approached Lewis and asked, “Mr. Horton, do you have something you need to explain to me? Did you promise to marry her?”

Lewis pursed his lips. “I said it when I was a kid.”

A kid…

Keira was slightly startled, suddenly remembering her own childhood. That big brother had promised to come and marry her…

It was that promise that helped her survive, and it had been her naive obsession to live on.

During every moment of abuse by Poppy, when she felt life was unbearable, the thought that there was a big brother in the world who had promised to marry her and take her away allowed her to escape such a life…

Although as she grew up, the big brother never appeared, and she understood that the words of a child didn’t count, the promise of “coming back to take



158 Truth

me away” indeed accompanied her through childhood.

She suddenly asked, “Should one be responsible for what was said in childhood?

Lewis looked down. “I had intended to be responsible, but now it’s not possible.”

Keira was taken aback, “Why?”

Lewis glanced at her.

His parents’ discord made him never believe in love, therefore he never intended to marry in this lifetime.

At that time, he thought he could register with some

random woman and make her Mrs. Horton in title.

But after he met Keira, everything seemed different…

Even though how they registered was still unclear, Lewis suddenly felt grateful he didn’t take marriage lightly.

He didn’t answer the question. Instead, he took Keira’s hand. “Let’s go find Grandma.”


The two turned around and re-entered the banquet




158 Truth

The banquet soon ended.

Rebecca sat in the car on the way home, still feeling anxious for Keira. She prattled on as she clung to Mrs. Allen’s arm. “That Miss Davis, you can tell she’s not a good person. Mr. Horton won’t carry on with both of them at the same time, would he? If he mistreats Miss

Keira, I must have my brother teach him a lesson!”

After saying that, she heard no response from Mrs. Allen, only to realize that Mrs. Allen was staring out of

the window.

Outside the gate of the Horton residence, a figure was standing there.

With her hands on her hips, Poppy was cursing

furiously. “Keira, you were brought up by the Olsens, and now you’ve caused Isla to end up in jail, you ungrateful wretch! You’re heartless! Come out here! I’m your mother! You can’t do this to me!”

She tried to enter, but the security guards firmly stopped her, adamantly not allowing her in.

The surrounding guests didn’t seem to care about this and, simply left.

Mr Allan auddenly anid “Stan the cor”



158 Truth

The driver immediately stopped the car on the side of

the road.

The entry and exit road of the Horton residence was very wide, accommodating four lanes.

They parked the car on the side without affecting the departure of the luxury cars behind them.

Mr. Allen looked at Mrs. Allen, puzzled.

He saw Mrs. Allen exit the car, and he quickly calmed Rebecca down before following Mrs. Allen.

He asked, “What’s wrong?”

Mrs. Allen frowned and said, ” I suddenly feel like your intuition was right. What kind of mother treats her own child like this? Don’t say anything yet; I’m goin o

confront her.”

Mr. Allen was startled, then he saw Mrs. Allen sneak behind Poppy and suddenly asked, “Actually, Isla is your daughter, isn’t she?”

At these words, Poppy instantly stiffened, and she turned around in disbelief!

My Accidental Husband is a Billionaire Novel by Mr Yan

My Accidental Husband is a Billionaire Novel by Mr Yan

Status: Ongoing Author: Artist:
Keira Olsen got married, but she didn’t know that her husband-out-of-the-blue turned out to be the richest man! She’s an illegitimate daughter who can’t be recognized. She’s been clawing and scrambling her way up, struggling to survive since childhood. He’s the child of destiny, standing high and mighty. The two are worlds apart in status. Everyone was waiting for Keira to be swept out the door, but all they got was a post from the richest man on his social media account: “My dear wife, can we not divorce?” Everyone was confused.


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