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My Accidental Husband is a Billionaire Novel Chapter 163

Chapter 163 Similar to the Photo
Isla’s eyes immediately flashed with a hint of gloom!

She lowered her gaze to hide the excitement within and exchanged a look with Melissa, both of their eyes glittering with shrewdness.

What was something that poor ordinary people couldn’t even come into contact with, but for the upper class, it was as commonplace as household meals?

Of course, it was the equestrian club!

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Equestrian lessons were prohibitively expensive, and an average family simply couldn’t afford them. Moreover, a batch of foals was worth hundreds of

thousands. Even after purchasing, there were still costs of keeping them in a ranch, with the minimum annual expense being in the region of two hundred thousand or more.

Ordinary middle-class families simply couldn’t afford

Therefore, only those who were wealthy and powerful

could afford horseback riding lessons!

Today, they had to make Keira lose face at the equestrian club, giving Nathan an excuse to pull Lewis down from the position of family head!

For today’s gathering, which consisted of a group of young people, Melissa and Oliver wouldn’t attend. She patted Isla’s hand and gave her a warning look.

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Isla clenched her fists, thinking of Melissa’s disdainful and warning look when they left the house that morning, and felt waves of shame and anger!

What Melissa said was still ringing in her ears. “Marrying you was the worst thing that had happened to Jake! You were taken away by the police last night, making the first branch of the family lose all its face! If you don’t regain our honor today and give Lewis and his wife a piece of our mind, I’ll have Jake divorce you!”

Isla bit her lip and followed Jake toward the direction of the parking lot.

Jake was indifferent to her all the way, his gaze firmly fixed on Keira, who was walking ahead, his expression inscrutable.

After the groun arrived at the parking lot. Isla was

about to go to the car she shared with Jake when a bodyguard stopped her. “Mr. Horton has asked you to

see him.”

Isla was surprised and walked over to Keira and Lewis,


Today, Keira was dressed in a white equestrian outfit, looking poised and graceful. The white attirenovelbin

accentuated her tall, slender figure, making her look vibrant and commanding.

Lewis, on the other hand, hadn’t changed his clothes

and was still in a black suit. His cool demeanor and

firm contours added a certain charisma to him.

Isla clenched her fists, her face smiling. “Uncle, did you need something from me?”

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Lewis’s narrow eyes fixed on her, the darkness of his gaze harboring feelings that were difficult for Isla to decipher, making her feel intensely uncomfortable.

Then, she heard Lewis speak. “Since you have been disrespectful to your seniors on several occasions, it’s time I taught you some manners. Now, open the car door for your aunt.”

Isla’s pupils constricted sharply at these words!

She looked incredulously at Lewis but saw no hint of jest on the man’s face.

Turning to look at Keira, she saw an expression of surprise as well.

Her last hope was to seek help from Jake, but he only

frowned and remained silent.

Isla clenched her fists.

A surge of intense humiliation welled up inside her.

How could this be….

Ever since they were young, Keira had always been her little slave. If she told Keira to go east, Keira wouldn’t dare go west… Keira had no dignity in front of her and had to keep her head lowered.

Isla was always high above, firmly pressing down on


How dare that woman climb over her head now?!

Isla wanted nothing more than to tear Keira’s face apart, eat her flesh, and suck her blood!

But she dared not…

She could only forcefully suppress all her humiliation,

bow her head, walk to the side of the car, and barely squeeze out a few words through gritted teeth. “Aunt Keira, please get in.”Finndd the new𝒆st 𝒏ovels on n/𝒐/velbin(.)com

Keira, with her gaze lowered, went straight into the car

and sat down.

Isla finally closed the door for her.

The car slowly started, leaving the angry Isla behind. Only then did Keira turn to look at Lewis and say, “Thank you.”

She knew that when Isla spoke just now, Lewis must have heard her from upstairs, and that was why he had deliberately humiliated Isla a moment ago-to restore Keira’s dignity.

Her gaze dropped as she said slowly, “Actually, she just learned to ride a horse and had me lead the horse for her. Once she could gallop, she didn’t need me anymore.”

After all, she couldn’t run as fast as the horse…

She smiled, “I was quite envious of her riding at that time. Later…”

Before she could finish, Lewis took her hand, his tone

filled with indulgence. “If you think horse riding is fun, then I’ll teach you today.”

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Keira blinked, swallowing the rest of her words, and just curled her lips into a slight smile, “Okay.”

Lewis looked at her. “What’s past is past. Whatever you envied her for before, I’ll give to you from now on.”

Keira nodded earnestly.

They soon arrived at the equestrian field.

The Horton family had their own private parking area, and once they parked the car, Lewis and Keira got out.

They walked toward the changing room.

One needed to change into proper riding attire for horseback riding. Keira had already changed at the Horton’s, so she didn’t need to switch clothes.

But Lewis needed to change.

So she simply loitered around the changing room area.

Isla and Jake had gotten out of the car and disappeared somewhere. Isla probably feared losing

face in front of so many people if Lewis, acting as an

elder, forced her to serve Keira again.

Which was just fine.

At least it intimidated her.

While Keira was lost in her thoughts, two people came by, chatting with each other.

“Have you heard? Some people from Clance will come today, and one of them isn’t someone to be messed


“We can’t mess with any of the young masters from Clance.”

“This one’s different… It’s said to be from that family!”

The other person immediately lowered his voice. “The Olsen family from Clance?”

“Shh… keep it down. Even the Horton family in Oceanion will have to tread carefully around that person, right? Who knows why they’re coming today, but we need to serve them with caution! Not just Lewis, we mustn’t provoke that person either.”

“I’m not stupid. I’d rather offend the Horton family than that person…”

As they spoke, they walked past Keira.

Keira watched them go, pensive. Among those coming from Clance they mentioned, Frankie must be one of

them, right?

Just as she thought about this, she saw Frankie emerge from the changing room.

Wearing gold-rimmed glasses and clad in black riding gear, he looked trim and tall. Upon seeing Keira, Frankie seemed slightly surprised and approached her.

“Miss Olsen, what a coincidence.”

The last time they had met, they’d had an awkward moment due to Frankie mistaking Isla for her, but after a few days, that awkwardness had dissipated.

Keira had a good relationship with Frankie’s parents, and she was straightforward with Frankie. “Mrs. Allen asked me to come to your place tonight to see a photo you brought. What photo is it? Does it have something to do with me?”

Frankie thought of the face in the photos that resembled Keira and smiled, “Yes, it does.”

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Keira Olsen got married, but she didn’t know that her husband-out-of-the-blue turned out to be the richest man! She’s an illegitimate daughter who can’t be recognized. She’s been clawing and scrambling her way up, struggling to survive since childhood. He’s the child of destiny, standing high and mighty. The two are worlds apart in status. Everyone was waiting for Keira to be swept out the door, but all they got was a post from the richest man on his social media account: “My dear wife, can we not divorce?” Everyone was confused.


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