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My Accidental Husband is a Billionaire Novel Chapter 179

179 Regret and Hate

Keira felt Mrs. Olsen trembling slightly, with her overall mood also seeming very off.

She immediately took Mrs. Olsen’s hand/ “I haven’t left, Mrs. Olsen, what’s wrong?”

Taylor also supported Mrs. Olsen’s shoulders, asking anxiously, “Shirley, talk to me, what happened?”

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Mrs. Olsen looked at Taylor, then pointed at Keira; her mouth opened and closed.

Taylor instantly said, “Speak, I’m listening…”

Mrs. Olsen then slowly began to speak, “Taylor, Keira…”

“Did Keira upset you? Shirley, what is really going on with you? Don’t scare me!” Taylor’s voice trembled, hi entire demeanor became so anxious his face turned


At that moment, Mrs. Olsen was suddenly overcome by a rush of anger and spat out a mouthful of blood, then her body went limp; she closed her eyes and fainted!


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179 Regret and Hate


Taylor cried out in alarm, immediately picking her up. “Quickly, call an ambulance!”

Aunt South, who was beside them, panicked and grabbed her phone, making the call.

Taylor had already laid Mrs. Olsen down on the sofa; his eyes bloodshot, he clenched his fists and, trembling, placed his fingers near Mrs. Olsen’s nose.

After sensing Mrs. Olsen’s faint breathing, he breathed a sigh of relief and then tried to suppress his own fear by continuously whispering in her ear.

“Shirley, Shirley, don’t scare me, if you just leave like this, I won’t be able to live either!”

His appearance greatly moved everyone.

Isla caught sight of the scene and frowned.

Jake looked anxiously outside as if waiting for the

arrival of the ambulance.

Poppy stood in the corner, her eyes dark and gloomy as she watched Mrs. Olsen with a crazed expression; she quietly stepped forward and asked, “Is Mrs. Olsen

not going to make it? Her health is so poor.




179 Regret and Hate


Taylor slapped her fiercely across the face, knocking Poppy to the ground. “Shut your mouth! If Shirley isn’t going to make it, I’ll have you buried with her!!”

Poppy’s face stung, and she could see stars. She crouched on the ground, wanting to cry out

something, but was frightened instead by the madness in Taylor’s eyes.

She stuttered, “Taylor, in front of the children, how could you hit me…”

Isla took a step forward. “Dad, calm down, you…”

The words behind were not yet finished when Taylor’s fierce gaze turned towards her, startling Isla.

Isla didn’t dare to speak.

After Taylor’s gaze lingered on her for a moment, it fell on Keira; he cursed, “Ungrateful creature, I’ve told you countless times not to come to the Olsen residence

again. Every arrival of yours worsens Shirley’s condition; do you want to kill her before you’re


Keira’s mouth opened and closed as she tried to say

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179 Regret and Hate

something, her gaze falling on Mrs. Olsen lying on the


Mrs. Olsen hadn’t had an episode since taking the medicine Keira had prepared…

But indeed, every time she came over, it would agitate Mrs. Olsen and cause her to faint.

She bowed her head, clenching her fists tightly.

Frankie, catching sight of her demeanor, couldn’t help but say, “Mr. Olsen, Miss Keira hasn’t done anything this evening. Why take it out on her?”

“Take it out?” Taylor was usually very polite to Frankie, considering the Olsen family wasn’t anything significant compared to the Allen family.

But in that moment, he seemed a little crazed, and he spoke without any politeness. “She hasn’t done anything, but her very existence is a mistake!! If it hadn’t been for her, why would I have let Poppy into the house?! That old bitch schemed against me, and I’ll never acknowledge her!

“She relied on Keira to soften Shirley’s heart and to stay… So, Keira, your birth is the original sin! You’re unforgivable!!”



179 Regret and Hate

The words that Taylor roared out silenced the entire


Keira stared at him blankly.

Her interactions with Taylor had always been scarce. When she was little, Taylor wouldn’t even glance at her. Later, when they occasionally met as she grew older, they acted like strangers.

Taylor only had eyes for Mrs. Olsen and Isla.

But she hadn’t expected that this was what he thought


The words Poppy had said to her from childhood suddenly resurfaced in her ears.

“A costly mistake, little slut, do you think I would have stayed with the Olsen family as a nanny if it weren’t f


“Hahaha, it was all because of you that Mrs. Olsen reluctantly took me in… So, do you think anyone in this family would welcome you?

“Why don’t you just die? If you died, there would be no problems! Your existence is a symbol of shame for




179 Regret and Hate

Those brainwashing words that had always kept her from raising her head now echoed over and over in her ears, giving Keira a sudden headache.

She covered her ears, but those voices penetrated through every opening…

It was her fault… It was always her appearance that led to Mrs. Olsen fainting in agitation…

The ambulance arrived quickly.

Keira followed behind the group, dazed, as she watched Taylor get into the ambulance. She took a step forward only to be harshly pushed aside.

The ambulance doors shut, and the vehicle, sirens blaring, drove off into the distance.

Keira took two steps forward instinctively, only to s Isla standing in front of her, her eyes filled with mali “Keira, didn’t you hear what my dad just said? Stay away from my mom! Don’t ever show up in front of her again!”

After dropping those harsh words, Isla joined Jake in the car and chased after the ambulance.



179 Regret and Hate

Ellis also glared at Keira, looking like he wanted to say something. Seeing that her expression was off,

however, he held back the vicious words and drove off to follow the others.

His uncle had specifically instructed him to see what was going on with Mrs. Olsen, so he had to go and find


After they all left, Frankie looked at the frail girl in front of him, about to ask if she wanted to go together when suddenly, a car sped towards them.

It screeched to a halt beside them.

The car door opened, and Lewis got out, walked straight to Keira, and put his arm around her shoulders. “Get in.”

Keira got into the car dumbly, and the vehicle immediately started up, leaving the three members the Allen family standing there, looking at each othe

in confusion.

Lewis had come to take Keira home but had found out after arriving at the Allen’s that she had gone to the

Olcon residence nromnting him to hurry over



179 Regret and Hate

He glanced at the girl beside him.

She had been quiet all along, but beneath that silent facade was a heart filled with panic and unrest.

Perhaps sensing his gaze, Keira suddenly looked at him, “Mrs. Olsen… won’t die, right?”

Keira was genuinely scared.

Mrs. Olsen lay on the sofa without any chest movement and looked as though she had stopped breathing…

Regardless of whether Mrs. Olsen was her mother or not, she didn’t care anymore. She just wanted Mrs. Olsen to stay alive, to smile at her again…

Lewis was taken aback and at a loss for how to respond to her question for a moment.

He quickly took Keira’s hand, noticing for the first tim how cold it felt, and reassured her. “She won’t die, Mrs. Olsen will be alright.”

With that promise, they arrived at the hospital.

Keira’s legs went weak, and she followed Lewis swiftly to the outside of the emergency room.


179 Regret and Hate

Outside the operating room, everyone was waiting


Taylor was staring at the operating room door, his face ashen.

No one knew how much time had passed, but finally, the light inside the operating room went out, the door opened, and the doctor came out.

Seeing this, Keira’s heart leaped inside her chest.

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