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My Accidental Husband is a Billionaire Novel Chapter 28

28 Dr. South Arrives

The three of them entered the restaurant.”

Jake looked around but didn’t see the familiar figure he

was expecting.

He stopped thinking about Keira and looked at Isla. “Would Dr. South be coming to work at the Horton Group?”

Isla glanced at Mrs. Olsen, then lowered her voice to say, “Jake, you should go in and have a good chat with Dr. South first. I believe that as long as you show enough sincerity, Dr. South will surely be moved.”

She turned to Mrs. Olsen and said apologetically: “Mom, I think my bra came undone. Can you come with me to the restroom to fix it?”

Mrs. Olsen accompanied her to the restroom.

Jake made his way to the private room’s entrance.

His first job when he joined the Horton Group was in the research and development department. If Dr.




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28 Dr. South Arrives

South could join his team, it would greatly enhance his prestige within the company.

He tidied up his clothes before pushing open the door.

What greeted his eyes was the attractive back view of a woman who was pouring tea with her back to the


The renowned Dr. South turned out to be a young


Jake suppressed his astonishment and respectfully said, “Dr. South, nice to meet you. I’m Jake Horton from the Horton Group.”

The woman slowly turned around.

Upon seeing the pretty face, Jake was taken aback. “Keira?! What are you doing here?!”

Keira received a WhatsApp message from Mrs. Olsen, saying that she would be here soon, so she poured tea into Mrs. Olsen’s cup.

But she didn’t expect Jake to barge in.

A flicker of interest appeared on her face, but her


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28 Dr. South Arrives

voice was lackadaisical. “I should be the one asking that question.”

She had made the appointment with Mrs. Olsen…

Jake put on a cold face. “Don’t worry. I’m not here to

see you.”

He looked around. “Where is Dr. South?”

Keira was taken aback. “Who?”

Jake said impatiently, “The guest in this room. Where is



Keira Olsen narrowed her eyes without replying.

Footsteps approached, and Mrs. Olsen walked in with Isla.

Upon seeing Keira, both slightly paused their steps.

Isla’s face turned dark instantly.

Tears welled up in Mrs. Olsen’s eyes. “You are… Keira?”

After Keira left the Olsen family, Mrs. Olsen didn’t see her again.




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28 Dr. South Arrives

Ten years was enough time for Keira to blossom into a beautiful woman from a teenage girl.

Keira was touched.

After seeing her, Mrs. Olsen didn’t show any discomfort or sadness but only seemed overjoyed.

Perhaps her escape over the past decade was


Suppressing the tears in her eyes, Keira stepped forward and smiled. “Mrs. Olsen, have you been well lately?”

“Yes…cough, cough…I’ve been well. How about you, Keira? I heard from your father that you are now married?” Mrs. Olsen sat down at the main seat, holding onto Keira’s hand tightly.

Keira nodded without saying much.

Mrs. Olsen seemed regretful. She wanted to ask why Keira didn’t bring her husband to the Olsen’s, but considering Taylor’s attitude yesterday and the way Poppy ignored and reproached Keira, she didn’t bring

it up.




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28 Dr. South Arrives

Seeing this, Isla asked with flickering eyes, “Keira, what are you doing here?”

Jake scoffed. “She has been working part-time here all along.”

Isla looked surprised. “Working part-time? Are you working as a waitress here?”

Mrs. Olsen gripped Keira’s hand tightly and asked with concern, “I heard you started working in the Horton Group. Why are you still working part-time… Is it because you are short of money?”

Keira said quietly, “No, I…”

“Mom, let’s catch up some other time. We have an important guest today.”

Isla interrupted them, then looked at Keira again. “Keira, we were originally planning to invite you to join us for dinner, but as you are working now, it’s not a good time for you, is it? What if other customers need your service? We would interfere with your

work…Later, we’ll give you a little extra tip as compensation for your efforts.”

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28 Dr. South Arrives

“Please keep quiet!” Mrs. Olsen scolded Isla, then quickly looked at Keira.

They were both Taylor’s daughters, but one was high above while the other was just a waitress. Keira must be feeling very upset, right?

Unexpectedly, Keira’s expression remained calm as if she didn’t recognize the disparity in their status.

Mrs. Olsen was pleased.

She said, “Keira, we made an appointment with Dr. South today. You are also in the new energy field, right? Join us. I’ll be beneficial for your future!”

Isla clenched her fists.

Dr. South was her trump card. Why would Mrs. Olse

introduce Dr. South to Keira?

What if Dr. South was also seduced by Keira’s charm?

Thinking about it, Isla scanned the room with her eyes and finally stopped at the teacup on the table.

It was steaming hot…

She picked up the cup, walked to Keira’s side, and said,


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28 Dr. South Arrives

“Keira, Mom asked me to apologize to you yesterday. I’ll toast to you with this tea.”

After saying that, she let go of her fingers, and the scalding tea was about to pour on Keira…

Keira had noticed something was wrong.

Ever since they were little, Isla had always despised her and looked down on her. How could Isla possibly apologize to her voluntarily?

Seeing Isla’s hand tilt, Keira snickered internally. She simply spun around as if she didn’t notice anything and brushed against the cup that was supposed to spill tea on her. The cup rebounded, and the tea splashed on

Isla instead!


The hot tea stained Isla’s blouse and scalded her skin.

Isla let out a cry. She froze for a moment before bracing herself against the pain and said with a

grievance, “Keira, I know you hate me, but how could you do this?”

Keira lowered her eyes and pretended to be innocent.



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28 Dr. South Arrives

“I’m sorry. I didn’t see you.”

Isla’s eyes were filled with tears as if she was about to


Upon seeing this, Jake said angrily, “Keira, is this how you behave as a waitress? You’re so clumsy that you hurt your customer! Call your manager over immediately! I want to file a complaint against you!”

Mrs. Olsen immediately tried to calm him down. “Enough, we’re all family here…”

Isla’s eyes flickered as she interjected. “That’s right. Perhaps Keira was just too excited about the prospect of meeting Dr. South…”

“Once she met Dr. South, she could rise to a different level and out of my reach!”

Jake had this thought in his mind, so he immediately said, “Auntie, Isla is my fiancée. I have to protect her.

She can’t be mistreated like this.”

He looked at Keira. “Considering how you’re behaving, what makes you think you’re even fit to meet Dr. South? Will you leave on your own, or should I escort



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28 Dr. South Arrives

you out?”

Mrs. Olsen frowned and was about to say something when Isla quickly held onto her arm. “Mom, Jake is angry. Let Keira leave first to prevent further conflicts.”

Mrs. Olsen had no choice but to nod. She looked at Keira apologetically. “Keira, come home more often when you have time. If we get the chance next time, I’ll introduce you to Dr. South.”

Just as Keira was about to speak, Isla quickly changed the topic. “Mom, why hasn’t Dr. South arrived yet?”

Mrs. Olsen sighed, “I’ll send another message.”

“There’s no need to do that.”

Keira smiled faintly. “Dr. South is already here.”


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