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My Accidental Husband is a Billionaire Novel Chapter 3

Chapter 3 – I’m Married

A glass door separated the lively sounds in the living room.

Keira was staring intently at Lewis Horton, observing his reactions.

Upon hearing the way she addressed him, he became even more unapproachable. His dark eyes harbored a frosty gaze, devoid of any emotional fluctuation, and he turned to head back to the living room.

Keira quickly stepped forward, blocking his way.

Lewis frowned a little. “Out of my way.”

His voice was deep and pleasant, and his tone carried a touch of elegance, which made people want to hear him speak even more.

Keira suspected something. “You… don’t recognize me?”

Lewis looked down at her. “Should I?”

Upon entering the Olsen family home, he felt that an odd pair of eyes were closely following him.

That gaze was open and transparent, a far cry from the obsequious and nauseating glances of others.

That was why Lewis gave her a few more glances.

The girl was very beautiful. Her skin was fair. Her amorous eyes and the mole at the corner of her eye were attractive but not flirtatious. Although she stood in the corner obediently, she exuded a vague rebellious aura.

And when she noticed him looking at her, she didn’t evade. Instead, she looked right back at him.

He had initially thought she was different from the women who threw themselves at him but didn’t expect her to be even bolder than them. She addressed him as “honey”.

Lewis was a little impatient as he emphasized, “Miss, I’m married. Please behave.”

Keira was a bit stunned.

This man clearly didn’t recognize her, yet he said he was married. Was there a mistake in the Civil Affairs Bureau’s registration?

She asked, “May I ask who your wife is?”

“It has nothing to do with you.”

His answer was short and cold.

Keira took out the photocopy of the marriage certificate and placed it in front of him, “Mr. Horton, this man is you, right?”

Lewis looked at the photocopy and noticed the name of the woman on it was Keira Olsen.

Looking up again, he mocked her. “Miss Olsen, an original isn’t expensive, right? You should be more professional if you’re forging this!”

With that, Lewis didn’t return to the living room. Instead, he strode off to the parking lot through the small garden.

Keira ran after him, trying to talk it through, but she was blocked by two black-suited bodyguards.

Keira stood her ground, calling out to him as he walked away. “Mr. Horton, this document is genuine. If you don’t believe it, you can check it with the Civil Affairs Bureau…”

Lewis didn’t stop. He got in the car and left straight away.

His personal assistant remained behind and returned to the living room, where he was met by Isla.

Isla had just witnessed Keira clinging to Lewis Horton but didn’t catch what exactly they were saying. Seeing Lewis leave and Keira riding out on her electric scooter to follow him, she immediately asked, “Why did Mr. Horton leave? Did someone offend him?”

The personal assistant smiled lightly. “Mr. Horton has some matters to attend to and had to leave early. Could you please inform the elders of the household, Miss Olsen?”

The boss didn’t reprimand the girl, which meant he didn’t hold it against her.

Isla immediately nodded, courteously seeing the assistant out.

After setting the wedding date and finishing lunch, the rest of the Horton family took their leave.

After seeing off the guests, Taylor was worried. “Why did Mr. Horton leave? Did we do anything to upset him?”

Thinking back to how Jake seemed distracted all day as if he was looking for someone, and then to Keira’s trouble-causing face, Isla clenched her fists.

Her eyes flickered. “Dad, I saw Keira pestering Mr. Horton. Mr. Horton seemed really angry when he left, and he left a message…”

“What message?”

“Mr. Horton said, he wants you to teach your daughter well.” Isla bit her lip. “With Keira behaving like this, will the Horton family think we’re not disciplining her properly?”

Taylor’s face turned ashen.

Keira was riding her electric scooter, and just as she left the villa area, she lost sight of Lewis.

As she was regretting her actions, her phone rang.

Upon answering, she heard her subordinate, Samuel’s voice over the line. “Boss, a lot of people have been looking into who Dr. South is lately.”

Keira raised an eyebrow. “They haven’t uncovered anything, have they?”

“Of course not. After all, no one would ever guess that Dr. South, who conquered the issue of hydrogen fuel, is actually a harmless-looking young woman who just graduated from college…”

“Anything else?” Keira cut off his rambling.

“Oh yes, I’ve found the information on Lewis Horton!”

“Tell me.”

“Lewis Horton is the second son of the Horton Family’s old master. Rumor has it that he has a violent and ruthless personality, hence he was sent overseas when he was little. Everyone thought that the family property would be handed over to his elder brother, that is, Jake Horton’s father. However, Lewis Horton returned to the country unexpectedly last week, using some ruthless method to force his old man to retire and take control of the Horton Group.”

Samuel curiously asked, “Didn’t you find a convenient person for a fake marriage today? How did the groom suddenly turn out to be such a cold-blooded fiend? Boss, if your marital status isn’t stable, it’ll affect the company’s IPO…”

Keira frowned. “Look up his contact information and schedule. I’ll go talk to him again.”

The reason she agreed to Poppy’s absurd demand for an immediate marriage was that being married as the legal representative of the company would be more favorable for the IPO.

But she was married to a stranger and didn’t know what plot she might be involved in.

Lewis Horton wasn’t an ordinary person, so the best solution would be to get a divorce as soon as possible to avoid unnecessary disputes.

After hanging up, Keira rubbed her temples.

Things were a bit troublesome. Given Lewis Horton’s status, he was escorted by bodyguards when he traveled, and it wouldn’t be easy to meet him.

She shouldn’t have impulsively called him “honey” earlier, which had upset him…

She sighed, started her little scooter, and slowly headed home.

Leaving the bustling city center, she arrived at a city village on the outskirts.

When she moved out of the Olsen family home in junior high school, she didn’t have much money and could only afford to rent an old house here. She had since grown accustomed to it and never moved.

As she was about to reach her home after turning a corner, an old lady in her 80s or 90s suddenly sprang out from the side of the road!

Keira slammed on the brakes, narrowly avoiding a collision.

When she looked at the old woman, she initially thought the woman was trying to deliberately provoke an accident, but quickly realized something was wrong.

Although the old woman was thin and short, she was well-dressed and didn’t appear to be from an ordinary family. She had a tag around her neck, which had a contact number with a note that said, “If you find this lady, please dial this number. A reward will be given.”

It had to be Alzheimer’s disease.

Someone was missing a family member.

Keira immediately took out her phone and began to dial the number on the tag.

The old woman was staring blankly before, but she suddenly became active. She grabbed Keira’s wrist, her cloudy eyes shining brightly. “Granddaughter-in-law! You are my granddaughter-in-law!”

The corner of Keira’s mouth twitched.

She had been single for 22 years, but suddenly she had another husband.

Was the Civil Affairs Bureau doing husband wholesale these days?

She found it amusing and casually asked, “Granny, who is your grandson?”

The old lady racked her brains.

What was her grandson’s name again… Oh right, Lewis Horton!!

My Accidental Husband is a Billionaire Novel by Mr Yan

My Accidental Husband is a Billionaire Novel by Mr Yan

Status: Ongoing Author: Artist:
Keira Olsen got married, but she didn’t know that her husband-out-of-the-blue turned out to be the richest man! She’s an illegitimate daughter who can’t be recognized. She’s been clawing and scrambling her way up, struggling to survive since childhood. He’s the child of destiny, standing high and mighty. The two are worlds apart in status. Everyone was waiting for Keira to be swept out the door, but all they got was a post from the richest man on his social media account: “My dear wife, can we not divorce?” Everyone was confused.


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