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My Accidental Husband is a Billionaire Novel Chapter 38

38 Face-Slapping


38 Face-Slapping

“Why should I ask you?”

Jake sneered. “Keira, this is a personnel change within the Horton Group, your opinions are irrelevant.”

“What about Dr. South’s opinion?”

Keira’s tone was very light, with a hint of mockery in her expression.

Jake was taken aback. “What does Dr. South’s opinion have to do with you?”

Could she know Dr. South?

The smile on Keira’s lips grew colder. “I am…”

Before she could say the words “Dr. South”, Luca suddenly stepped forward, blocking her way.

“I’ll follow Jalen’s instructions!”

Keira’s pupils contracted in shock as she looked at


The other members of the team also laughed and

chimed in.



< 38 Face-Slapping

“Yes, we’ll follow Jalen’s instructions!”

Keira looked incredulously at the team members.

Just half an hour ago, they were attacking her for not working effectively, but now, they were unequivocally standing with her.

Jake wasn’t just a deputy head of the R&D Department, but he was also the legitimate grandson of the Horton family.

Once his power became invincible, how could these people, who had enraged him, continue to work at Horton Group?

But they weren’t considering this at all…

Keira’s throat tightened, and there was a smile in her


Jake’s face grew even uglier. He suppressed his anger and sneered. “It seems that the pressure of R&D on you all isn’t as much as I thought, hence the lack of need for Dr. South’s help. In that case, I presume the final task of this project wouldn’t be much of a challenge for you all? Have the solution submitted by the end of this Friday.”



< 38 Face-Slapping

The entire project timeline was divided into two parts, with teams one and two responsible for one part each.

The biggest challenge of the project was to perfectly integrate these two parts.

Handing over this task to Group One wasn’t an issue. Jalen could certainly solve the problem in a couple of months. However, Jake had only given them a week!

Jalen protested angrily, “This is totally unreasonable!”

Jake simply retorted: “If Dr. South were to do it, it would be solved in three days. You don’t need Dr. South’s help because you think you’re great, right? One week is more than enough!”

Having left those words, he turned and left.

Keira’s eyes darkened slightly. She followed him out of

the office and said, “Shall we talk?”

Jake narrowed his eyes, and the two went into the

corridor outside.

Keira looked at him. “Care to make a bet?”

The sudden proposition made Jake feel bewildered.

He was reminded of his senior year in college when he



38 Face-Slapping

had also used this method to pursue her.

He had said to her, “Keira, do you dare to bet? Let’s see who finishes their graduation thesis first. The one who loses must grant the winner a request.”

She had looked at him in a way that suggested that she found him childish, but she eventually nodded in


He had stayed up several nights in a row to complete his thesis successfully.

When he went to find her, he proposed to gift her something at the graduation ceremony, which she shouldn’t refuse…

But in the end, that gift was never given.

She was an illegitimate daughter. This rendered his four years of pursuit seemingly pathetic!

Jake’s expression gradually turned contemptuous as he looked at Keira. “Why should I bet with you?”

Keira goaded him on. “Are you afraid of losing to me again?”

Jake was startled. “Again?”

DU 41


Keira took out her phone, opened her email and handed it to him. “I won last time.”

Jake looked at the time of the email on her phone, only

to find out that she submitted her thesis the day after they made their bet!

He narrowed his eyes.

Only then did he realize that he had never caught up

to her pace…

His male ego couldn’t stop him from asking, “What’s the bet?”

Keira slowly said, “If Group One can submit the

solution before the end of this Friday, and Dr. South has yet to provide you with a solution, then you will never interfere with Group One’s work again!”

She wasn’t going to stay here for a long time, so she wanted to help her colleagues in Group One resolve

their future concerns.

Jake sneered. “If you guys don’t hand it in, but Dr.

South provides me with a solution, you’ll have to follow my orders from now on!”


00.41 .


Jake looked at her decisive demeanor and couldn’t help but ask, “Keira, I know you’re excellent in your field, but what makes you think you can beat Dr. South?”

Keira sneered. “Do you really think that Dr. South is going to help you solve the problem? Did he promise you in person that he would serve as technical support for Horton Group?”

Jake was taken aback.

Keira didn’t pay him any more attention, she went back to Group One in the R&D Department, only to find everyone sighing.

When they saw her, they quickly exchanged glances and intentionally started making comments.

“Hey, meeting Dr. South isn’t really that exciting… He’s a high and mighty god. Even if we meet him once, it’s not like we’ll be instantly enlightened!”

“Yes. If I meet him once, will my IQ increase to 250?”

“Keira, don’t worry. This project is so challenging. Even if we can’t complete it, what can Jake do to us?”



Even Jalen coughed loudly and roared. “Enough! Can’t you see that new work has been assigned? What are you all gossiping about here?! Get to work! Meet me in the conference room. We’re redistributing the tasks!”


Keira watched as everyone rushed into the conference room, then casually sauntered in after them.

Jalen seemed to be waiting for her. Only after she entered did he start distributing the tasks…

At the end of the day, Keira thought everyone would need to work overtime, but surprisingly, everyone packed their things and left.

Keira, with her laptop in hand, headed for the underground parking lot.

She didn’t notice that after she left, all of her colleagues from Group One who had already left

returned to work overtime.

In the underground parking lot, inside a Bentley.

Tom asked, “Boss, shall we go?”

“There’s no rush.”



Lewis said lightly, still holding a thick book in his hand.

Tom was just about to ask who he was waiting for when he saw Keira approaching and getting into the


Only then did Lewis look up. “Let’s go.”

Tom was dumbfounded.

Was Lewis waiting for Miss Olsen to leave together?

The car drove smoothly along the road.

Keira looked at Lewis and glanced at the book in his hands, intending to borrow it for reference. But remembering her work, she decided to wait and borrow it three days later.

The two of them didn’t say anything on the way back and quickly returned to the hospital.

Just as they reached the VIP ward area on the third floor, they could hear Poppy’s loud voice.” Mrs. Horton, I came especially to see you… What a pleasure…

Old Mrs. Horton blocked the entrance to the ward, glaring at Poppy. “Get out! If you don’t leave, I’ll have

someone beat you un!”



Poppy forced a smile, playing the part of a haggler. “I’m Keira’s mother. You love Keira the most, don’t you? You shouldn’t treat me like this for her sake…”

“You are not her mother!” Old Mrs. Horton was

adamant. “Mrs. Olsen is her mother!”

At this statement, Poppy broke out into a cold sweat and shot back, “How do you know?!” z

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