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My Accidental Husband is a Billionaire Novel Chapter 46

46 Arrival

With teary eyes, Rebecca asked, “My brother…”

“He said he would be here in half an hour. Don’t worry.”

Rebecca felt a bitter feeling inside her chest.

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She met and fell in love with her husband in college, and they got married after graduation. Her parents and brother didn’t approve of their marriage. Ignoring her family’s objections, she joined her husband in Oceanion under his vows of eternal love.

Over the past two years, her brother and parents had made countless calls, urging her to come home.

She said she’d show them that she would be happy in


Her parents remained silent, and only her brother made one request. He told her not to tell her husband about her family’s wealth for the first two years as a



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Rebecca was the family’s treasure, and she had been pampered all her life without doing a day’s work.

After settling in Oceanion, she took advice from her mother-in-law and strived to be a good wife and


Every time she called her mother to tell the latter that she’d learned to cook, clean, and scrub the floors until they sparkled, her mother would cry, saying that she had been raised in luxury, not for such menial tasks.

But Rebecca didn’t mind.

As long as they could make it through two years, she would bring her husband home, and they would reunite as a family.


But never in a million years did she imagine that she might die here!

All because of a mere seventy thousand dollars…

At this moment, she finally understood what her

parents meant.

She was degrading herself!



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Rebecca tried to look at Keira again.

She wanted to remember the face of her savior!

Just then, she heard her husband’s voice. “Do you think you can get any benefits from helping her, in anticipation that her brother would reward you? You’re dreaming! Her family has no money. Even if they do come, knowing how much it costs, they would only give up! As for you, they’d feel you’re meddling in

their business!”

Rebecca’s vision grew dark with anger. She pleaded, “My brother won’t abandon me… Honey, my family has money… For the sake of our years together, hand me over to my brother. You can have my house…”

“Your house?” Her husband sneered. “That house was bought after we got married and is considered a joint property! Besides, when we graduated from college, you were eager to elope with me to marry me. Your family doesn’t love you, which is why you ran away from home out of desperation. Am I right? In these two years, you’ve never kept in touch with your family. Why would your brother take care of you?”

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Eager to elope?

Rebecca felt a surge of anger. She struggled to breathe and fainted!

Seeing that she seemed to have stopped breathing, Keira immediately stepped forward, “She needs


“She doesn’t need resuscitation!” Her husband abruptly stepped back and shouted, “My wife once said that she didn’t want to die in a terrible state. If she is seriously ill, she chooses to die naturally and doesn’t accept any measures of resuscitation. Don’t interfere with our private matters!”

Upon hearing this, Keira clenched her fists tightly.

What a vicious man!

The mother-in-law also rushed forward, standing directly between Keira and the man. “What are you doing? Everyone, come and see. My daughter-in-law is dying, and her last wish is to die at home, but this person won’t let us leave!”

She yelled very loudly, prompting patients and nurses


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around them to crowd around.

Seeing this, the mother-in-law cried even harder. “Rebecca, why is your life so miserable? If this person hadn’t meddled in our affairs and delayed us, you wouldn’t have died in the hospital!”

Keira frowned, knowing that arguing with them now would only waste time.

She rushed to the husband, and reached out to grab

the unconscious Rebecca!

The husband tried to retreat, but Keira dislocated his


Rebecca slipped from his arms. Keira caught her and immediately started cardiopulmonary resuscitation!

The head nurse

rushed over when she heard the

commotion. “What’s happening?”

The mother-in-law started crying and shouting, “Help us! My son and daughter-in-law have decided to give up treatment. This stranger won’t let us go…”

With his arm dislocated, the husband was sweating with pain. Hearing the head nurse’s question, he cried



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out, “I’m her guardian! Before she lost consciousness, she told me that she found the illness unbearable and didn’t want to be resuscitated. She wanted to die with dignity. Look at what this woman is doing! Does my wife not even have the right to give up treatment?”

The head nurse frowned, walking over to Keira, “Miss,


While performing CPR, Keira said, “This woman

doesn’t want to die. I have called her brother, and he’ll

be here soon.”

The head nurse, equally anxious to save a life, quickly added, “Her brother is also her family, and therefore her guardian. If her brother does not give up on the resuscitation, we can continue the rescue!”

This statement stunned the husband and the


Isla, standing nearby, slowly spoke up, “Keira, you shouldn’t be forcing people like this. Even if she recovers, the surgery would cost a small fortune, and the subsequent costs for rehabilitation are unknown. Both the deceased and her husband have given up.


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Why did you insist on calling her brother? Even if he gets here, what’s the point? Every family has its own

difficulties. You can’t morally kidnap others here…”

The husband suddenly understood something and started crying out, “We don’t have any money, and my brother-in-law’s family is also poor! The surgery itself costs seventy thousand, and the monthly treatment expenses are up to ten thousand… My wife didn’t want to burden us and her family… I am so useless! I can only watch my wife die!”

The cries of a grown man were quite moving.

Every year, countless patients in the hospital chose to give up treatment. They had the right to choose death, and those around them immediately started accusing


“This woman is so young and hasn’t experienced the hardships of society…”

“She’s so naive. With her foolish enthusiasm, she’s just delaying someone’s burial…”

“…Wouldn’t this be considered a crime of damaging the


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deceased body?”

The mother-in-law continued to scream, “Everyone, help me to pull her away… Security! Come quickly! Someone here is tampering with a corpse!”

As the security guard approached Keira, she spun around angrily glaring at everyone nearby, “You are all plotting for wealth while causing a death!!”

The security guard paused.

But the mother-in-law seized the opportunity, rushing over, and pulling at Keira’s hair, trying to drag her away. “Let go of my daughter-in-law! Don’t touch her body!”

She couldn’t let Rebecca be saved!

Keira’s scalp throbbed uncomfortably with the violent yanking of her hair, but it was a critical moment for the CPR, and she couldn’t let go. She kept trying to revive Rebecca despite the distractions.

Even as the mother-in-law pinched her over and over again, she didn’t let up…

Isla sneered.



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She found Keira really stupid. Being so kind-hearted would only get her embroiled in a huge problem. The mother and son were clearly not good people. She got herself mixed up in big trouble!

At this moment, several luxury cars drove quickly into the parking lot of the hospital.

Before the car could even stop, a tall man jumped out.

Frankie Allen, with a stern look on his face, led a group of bodyguards in black suits, and they quickly rushed up to the floor!

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