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My Accidental Husband is a Billionaire Novel Chapter 66

66 Past Events

Upon hearing their conversation, Old Mrs. Horton asked curiously, “Which Allen family?”.

Tom instinctively glanced at Lewis, not daring to respond.

Lewis, however, explained, “The Allen family from Clance.”

The moment these words escaped his lips, a semblance of shock washed over Old Mrs. Horton’s face.

Keira, who was acutely perceptive, sensed that the atmosphere in the room had become slightly tense.

Her doe-like eyes subtly surveyed Lewis before discreetly observing Tom.

Tom discreetly signaled her to avoid speaking recklessly.

At this moment, the nurse came in with breakfast.

Keira assisted Old Mrs. Horton towards the table where the food had been arranged.

The three of them usually refrained from talking while



66 Past Events

they were dining.

However, today, after Old Mrs. Horton finished half her

bowl of milk, she set her spoon down, “Brat, isn’t it better for you not to work with the Allen family?”

Keira glanced at Lewis.

The man lowered his gaze. His long eyelashes veiled his thoughts, making them inscrutable.

Seeing this, Tom immediately suggested, “Miss Olsen, if it’s alright, shall we go and ask the doctor about Old

Mrs. Horton’s health status?”

Keira deduced from these words that Tom was trying

to clear the room. The rest of the conversation, she

surmised, wasn’t meant for them to hear.

She picked up the half-eaten sandwich and was abo to leave the room with Tom, when Old Mrs. Horton grabbed her arm, “My dear, you don’t need to leave. You’re one of us, not an outsider. Sooner or later, you’ll know about the mess in this family!”

Tom instinctively looked toward Lewis.

Lewis knitted his brows, looking slightly displeased. He opened his mouth but eventually said nothing.


66 Past Events

Tom left the room quietly, closing the door behind him. He stood guard outside to prevent anyone from barging in and to avert any eavesdropping.

Seeing this, Keira understood that she was about to learn some of the Horton family’s secrets. She felt awkward, not knowing whether to stay or to leave.

After all, she wasn’t Lewis’s real wife or lover. Was it

appropriate for her to listen to their conversation?

Just as she was caught in this dilemma, Old Mrs. Horton began addressing her, “My dear, I’ve never spoken to you about my spoiled brat’s mother, have I?”

Keira cautiously glanced at Lewis and noticed that he was casually eating his bread without any intention of interrupting their conversation. She went ahead and asked, “Was Mr. Horton’s mother related to the Allen


Old Mrs. Horton let out a sigh without really noticing their subtle interaction and confessed, “She has no

connection with the Allen family but with Mrs. Allen.

In fact, the brat’s mother is Mrs. Allen’s sister.”

She went on about the past, “Years ago, we wanted to establish a marital alliance with the Davis family from


66 Past Events

Clance. My unsuccessful son had divorced once in his youth. When he was just over forty, he married a girl in her twenties from the Davis family. After she became pregnant, we discovered that his ex-wife had secretly raised a son – Lewis’s older brother.”

Keira was mentally sorting these relationships.

That Miss Davis would have been Lewis’s mother.

Her father-in-law, Nathan Horton, had a son with his ex-wife. That child was Lewis’s older brother, Oliver

Horton, who was also Jake Horton’s father.

Oliver and Lewis were half-brothers. No wonder they

were at odds.

Old Mrs. Horton continued. “Marrying a man nearly twice her age was hardly an attractive prospect for the young Miss Davis. It was solely a business alliance. She was fairly reluctant, and upon discovering the deceit, she was furious. She was a hot-tempered woman and chose a C-section while she was seven months

pregnant. After giving birth to the brat, she sought a drastic divorce and went back to the Davis’s. Rightfully so, the Davis family grew to resent the Horton family, and all communications between the two families



66 Past Events

were severed.”

Old Mrs. Horton looked somewhat distressed after

recounting this.

Keira pursed her lips, looking toward Lewis.

Whether Lewis’s father, Nathan Horton, knew about the existence of his son, and whether he had truly deceived Lewis’s mother had now become a topic of irrelevance. Regardless, there was no arguing that Miss Davis had every right to demand a divorce.

But how could she be so heartless as to abandon her

child, born prematurely at seven months, with the Horton family?

Couldn’t she have waited till after the divorce to have

the child or waited just two more months until he was fully ready for birthing?

He was already a seven-month fetus. He was a life!

She recollected something Old Mrs. Horton had once mentioned – that Lewis, as a newborn, was only around one and a half pounds. He had been placed in a neonatal intensive care unit for three months, with tubes fitted across his body. His condition had been so severe that several times he had nearly failed to



66 Past Events

survive, which was why the old lady ended up nicknaming him “Puppy”… So that was how it happened!

She was reminded of what Lewis had said to comfort her. “Some people don’t deserve to be mothers. You can simply treat them as strangers”. Keira drew a deep breath. She felt her chest tighten.

The truth was, Lewis was just like her. He was also abandoned by his biological mother.

She looked at Lewis, who was drinking milk with his head lowered. His handsome features looked as tough as iron, making him seem distant. That aloof demeanor seemed to carry a sense of brokenness.

Keira felt a tug at her heartstrings. She felt a sudden urge to hold him…

Old Mrs. Horton sighed, knitting her brows. “I heard that Mrs. Allen and the brat’s biological mother were extremely close sisters. This led to the Allen family’s disapproval of the Horton family all these years. Everyone had perspectives of their own, and none was right or wrong. If this is going to strain your

relationship, is it necessary to force this partnership?”


66 Past Events

Lewis put down his glass of milk, gracefully wiped his mouth with a napkin, and finally looked up, “We are all adults, and business always boils down to interests. We don’t bring up past grudges.

He got up. “Grandma, don’t worry. I won’t let myself be wronged.”

Keira followed behind Lewis as they walked from the hospital ward toward the rehabilitation department.

However, they were stopped at the entrance of the rehab department.

Frankie’s secretary apologized with a grim expression. “Mr. Horton, Miss Allen isn’t in good condition. It’s n convenient for her to entertain visitors.”

Upon hearing this, Tom lashed out furiously, “It’s an honor for the Allen family that our Mr. Horton has deigned to visit! They dare to drive us away?”

The secretary quickly clarified. “No offense, she really isn’t doing well…”

Before Tom could retort, Lewis intervened, “Let’s go.”

The trio began heading back the way they came.



66 Past Events

En route, Tom was infuriated. “That’s an outrage! Do

they really think we’re afraid of them? We’re simply trying to avoid causing trouble!”

The day before, Jake paid a visit to the patient, but they were stopped today. Should this leak, wouldn’t it make their boss look weak?!

Lewis, however, calmly remarked, “Frankie Allen isn’t one to be arrogant. His sister must be truly unwell.”

Only then did Tom stop complaining.

Lewis was due at the company. Therefore, he parted ways with Tom at the parking area.

Keira let out a sigh, preparing to return to Old Mrs. Horton’s ward.

Just then, her phone beeped

It was a message from Rebecca’s brother. “Miss Olse could you please come by the hospital? Rebecca’s not doing well, and she insists on seeing you.”

Keira looked puzzled.

Rebecca’s brother… His name was Frankie Allen, wasn’t


My Accidental Husband is a Billionaire Novel by Mr Yan

My Accidental Husband is a Billionaire Novel by Mr Yan

Status: Ongoing Author: Artist:
Keira Olsen got married, but she didn’t know that her husband-out-of-the-blue turned out to be the richest man! She’s an illegitimate daughter who can’t be recognized. She’s been clawing and scrambling her way up, struggling to survive since childhood. He’s the child of destiny, standing high and mighty. The two are worlds apart in status. Everyone was waiting for Keira to be swept out the door, but all they got was a post from the richest man on his social media account: “My dear wife, can we not divorce?” Everyone was confused.


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