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My Accidental Husband is a Billionaire Novel Chapter 82

82 Secret

Lewis stepped forward, intending to go in first.


But Keira didn’t wait for him to speak. She quietly pushed open the door.

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She didn’t trust her uncle very much, afraid that he would threaten or coerce her into some trap, so she

was very vigilant.

The room was dark, and the light was not turned on.

Keira slowly entered, and as soon as she walked in, she saw a dark figure rushing toward her. “Niece, if you don’t give me money today, you won’t leave!”

That threatening tone…

Keira squinted, sneered, and swiftly raised her foot to give the figure a heavy kick.


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The figure fell to the ground.

Hearing the noise, Lewis hurriedly pushed the door and entered. He couldn’t see what was happening and asked anxiously, “Is everything okay?”



“It’s fine.”

As these words fell, Tom, who was following behind, took out a powerful flashlight and directed it toward Keira, illuminating half of the room.

As Keira was alert for any movement from Finley, she glanced at Lewis and noticed that he was staring hard at something behind her, his pupils slightly dilated,

chin tense.

Keira frowned and turned her head involuntarily.

Lewis instinctively took a step forward, trying to block her line of sight.

But Keira shook her head slightly, avoiding his protection, and looked.

The next moment, she stood rooted to the spot in


Finley lay there face up, his eyes wide open, his body twitching slightly. His chest was pierced through by an

old steel bar!

His clothes were soaked with blood, creating a horrifying sight.

Keira’s heart sank a little. She hurriedly went forward



to check.

Just then, an impatient voice came from outside the door. “Dad, I am here.”

A man in his twenties, who bore a resemblance to Finley, rushed in.

Keira recognized him. It was Finley’s son, Connor.

He was one year junior to Isla and Keira, currently studying at Oceanion University.

Finley had once asked Keira for tuition fees when Connor got admitted into the university, but Keira refused.

She knew that even if she gave him, it would just end up fueling his gambling addiction.

Having such a father made Connor a rather gloomy person. He hardly socialized and even had a strained relationship with his family.

At this moment, his face was filled with anger. “I’ve borrowed twenty thousand from a classmate. I have nothing else. If you push me any further, I’ll go abroad and never concern myself with you again… Dad?!”

Upon seeing Finley, Connor froze in shock, dropping



the bag he was carrying. The twenty thousand scattered out of the bag…

Rushing to Finley’s side, he trembled as he touched his

father’s nose…

The next moment, he swiftly retreated and squatted on the floor. Then, looking at Keira, he shouted in terror, “You… Did you kill him?!”

He frantically groped on the floor for his phone, trembling as he dialed 911. “Hello, I want to report a case, My father has been killed!”…

The police arrived quickly. They located the power switch for the abandoned building. When they switched it on, the entire building lit up.

Keira and the others were being interrogated by the police.

Connor’s eyes were red, but he wasn’t crying. He looked somewhat relieved. “My dad sent me a message asking me to get five million for him, or else he’ll be killed. But I’m only a student. Where can I get that money?

“I managed to borrow twenty thousand from my friends thinking it would be enough to tide him over



for the time being…

“I didn’t expect that when I arrived, my father was already dead! That’s when I called the police.”

Tom was also giving his statement. “Mr. Horton and I had accompanied Miss Olsen here to meet with

someone. We decided to accompany her because the building was pitch dark. Miss Olsen entered the room first, then we heard a scuffle inside. Worried that Miss Olsen might be at a disadvantage, we went in… I opened my flashlight and saw him lying on the floor…”

The police asked, “Was he alive or dead before you guys entered the room?”

At this question, Tom subconsciously looked at Keira, feeling guilty.

The police stated sternly, “Bear in mind that perjury

a crime.”

Tom remained silent.

It was Lewis who spoke up. “Before entering the room, Miss Olsen knocked on the door, and a man’s voice

was heard from inside, telling her to come in.”

The police asked, “Was it the victim’s voice?”



Lewis stated honestly, “I don’t know.”

Eventually, the police turned to Keira. “Miss Olsen, whose voice did you hear? What exactly happened


“It was his voice,” Keira said, eyes fixated on Finley’s body in deep thought. “When I entered, I heard him threatening me and launching at me. I instinctively kicked him away, and then this happened.”

Before the police could speak, Connor immediately clenched his fists. “So, you didn’t do it intentionally? Was it self-defense gone wrong?”

Keira responded calmly, “I don’t know.”

The police were puzzled. “What don’t you know?”

Before Keira could respond, Lewis interjected, “It w dark in the room. Miss Olsen merely kicked the pers away. It’s unclear how he died.”

Lewis then turned to Keira.” Miss Olsen, think carefully Did you hear the sound of a weapon penetrating a body, or a knife going through? Did you hear his


Keira, who had been reviewing every detail prior to



the police’s arrival, immediately shook her head when

asked. “No.”

Connor stood still. “What do you mean?”

Keira looked at the police, her tone resolute. “I did not

kill him.”

The policeman hesitated for a moment.

A young woman would have vomited in terror after witnessing such a ghastly murder scene. However, this woman not only maintained a straight face, but she was also incredibly logical in explaining her thoughts. It was quite impressive.

He said straightforwardly, “We have recorded all the evidence at the scene and your statements. Miss Olsen, as it stands, you’re the prime suspect. Please

wait here for the forensic doctor to arrive and cond

an examination. If no new evidence is found, we’ll th let you leave.”

Keira nodded. “Okay.”

She and Lewis were also looking for clues.

The old factory was filled with dust, but Finley spent a day hiding there and touched many things, leaving



traces of his presence everywhere. This actually made it difficult to discern any leads.

Just then, a technical criminal police officer reported, “His mobile phone has been unlocked!”

Keira immediately looked over to see the officer walk over and take the phone, scrolling through the chat content and call history.

He appeared to have been pressing keys haphazardly and landed on a voice memo.

Then, his eyes lit up. “Just an hour ago, he saved a voice message!”

Upon finishing the sentence, the officer played the voice message. Coming from the phone was Finley’s voice. “Dear niece, about that secret…”

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