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My Accidental Husband is a Billionaire Novel Chapter 84

84 Interrogation

Holly slowly said, “It is a voice message left for you, so it’s your right to be informed.”

Keira asked, “What did he say?”

Holly replied formally, “The department’s regulations don’t allow suspects to hear about the evidence, but don’t worry, once the trial results come out, whether you are the murderer or not, I’ll tell you.”

Keira was speechless.

Holly the little stickler knew how to tease people now.

Stepping back, Keira sighed.

Holly warned her again, “Stay here and believe in us. We won’t wrong any good people.”

Leaving these words, she turned around and left.

Although she was already off work, Holly didn’t leave but went straight to the morgue of the forensic department.

When a duty officer saw her, he immediately asked, “Dr. Sims, why are you here so late? Isn’t the case not



84 Interrogation

urgent? Why not dissect the body during the day tomorrow?”

However, Holly said, “The earlier the cause of death is figured out, the sooner the suspect is cleared.”

The officer immediately said, “What you mean is, the suspect didn’t kill this man?”

In front of Keira, Holly always had a fierce image, but now she said, “She’s not that kind of person.”

Leaving this sentence behind, she went straight into the morgue.

After all, the detention center was too plain, and it was uncomfortable to live in. The earlier she could clear Keira’s name, the sooner she could be released.

Holly yawned, took a glance at the body on the dissection table, and opened a drawer. She took out a small loaf of bread, took a few bites, and then started

to work.

She hadn’t had time to eat dinner tonight.

Sitting in a single cell of the detention center, Keira quietly pondered the events of the day.



84 Interrogation

The death of Finley was indeed a surprise, catching her off guard.

It couldn’t have been any of her subordinates; they

wouldn’t set her up.

Who was it?

Keira furrowed her brows, suddenly thinking of a person: Isla.

With Finley’s secret, Isla could spend 150,000 each. month to silence him. She failed to come up with this five million now, so she ended up taking the desperate measure of killing him. Was that it?

Exactly what Finley had on Isla to make her so ruthless?

No, that wasn’t right.

When Keira left the Olsen family house, Isla had already run up to the upstairs room and remained


She must have had an accomplice!

Keira’s thoughts were very clear. However, she was confined here, and her cell phone was confiscated, so she couldn’t contact someone outside. Her hone was



84 Interrogation

on Holly.

She didn’t know how long it had been, but suddenly there were many footsteps approaching.

Soon, several policemen stood outside her door.

The young officer who arrested her today reported to another officer, “Captain Lincoln, this is the murder suspect, Keira Olsen.”

Captain Lincoln was a man in his thirties. His piercing eyes scanned her from top to bottom, and then he snapped at the young officer, “With the evidence of this case already being so clear, what are you doing not interrogating the suspect immediately?! Bring her to the interrogation room.”

The young police officer hurriedly opened the do and asked Keira to step out.

Just as she stepped out, Captain Lincoln immediately pushed her. “Stop dilly-dallying like this! Do you think you can escape the law?”

Keira staggered a bit, slightly knit her brows, then she looked at Captain Lincoln coldly.

“What are you looking at? Move!”



84 Interrogation

Keira clenched her jaw, knowing better than to argue with him. She picked up her pace to the interrogation


Captain Lincoln grabbed her arm, shoving her onto the interrogation chair, and then with a click, he secured the security buckle on her. At this point, he was treating her like a violent criminal.

Keira clenched her fists.

Captain Lincoln sat across from her and asked formally, “Name.”

“Keira Olsen.”


“22 years old.”


Keira took a deep breath, knowing that Captain Lincoln was insulting her. She wanted to get angry, bu

she held it back. “Female.”

Captain Lincoln took a look at her and continued to ask, “What is your relationship with the deceased?”

Keira said, “He was my uncle”



84 Interrogation

Captain Lincoln looked at the information in his hands. “The deceased has been asking you for five million to pay off his gambling debts. So, you resented him, and when he was close to you, you kicked him away?”

Keira took a deep breath, feeling the malice from the other party.

She looked at Captain Lincoln and slowly said, “Is that supposed to be a leading question?”

Captain Lincoln immediately looked at her. “I am but stating facts. You just need to say yes or no!”

Keira lowered her gaze. “I have the right to remain silent until my lawyer arrives.”

“You have the rights, my ass!” Captain Lincoln angr slammed his notebook on the table and glared at h “This is Crera, every citizen has the duty to coopera with us in our investigation! Especially suspects like you! Answer my question, now!”

He stood up. “We have all the material evidence, and there were no fingerprints other than yours at the

scene! Finley was punctured from the back with a steel bar, so if you don’t admit to accidental



84 Interrogation

manslaughter, we will have to suspect you of

premeditated murder!”

He came in front of Keira. “Tell me. Do you hold a grudge against the deceased?!”

Keira gritted her jaw, raised her head, and looked at Captain Lincoln, saying, “No.”

“You’re lying!” Captain Lincoln shouted, “If you didn’t hold a grudge, when he charged at you, the

subconscious reaction should be to evade. Why did you kick him?!”

Keira clenched her fists.

She moved out of the house when she was in middle school, so she had no sense of security and knew no one would protect her. When others showed aggression, her intuitive action was not to evade b


But she knew that whatever she said now, it would b

useless, so she simply kept her mouth shut.

Seeing her like this, Captain Lincoln sneered/ “Well, you think you can get away with just staying silent?”


He immediately walked over and suddenly turned on a


84 Interrogation

bright light, shining it directly into Keira’s eyes!

The light was so bright, and it made one subconsciously want to shield their eyes, but Keira’s hands were pinned to the interrogation chair, so she couldn’t protect her eyes.

She slightly tilted her head, but she couldn’t avoid the piercing light.

Even with her eyes closed, they were still getting red.

Just after five minutes, her eyes started to dry and sting, and she unconsciously shed a tear.

The voice of Captain Lincoln came. “Speak. Do you admit to accidental manslaughter or not?!”

Keira took a deep breath. “I didn’t kill anyone.”

Captain Lincoln sneered. “Still playing tough? Ther let’s shine the light for two hours! If you still don’t confess, then you can spend the night here!”

Keira’s eyes hurt more and more. Tears uncontrollably streamed down, making her want to rub them.

Only a dozen minutes had passed, and it was already

like this.


84 Interrogation

If it was really going to blare at her all night, her eyes might be ruined!

Meanwhile, outside the police station.

Lewis arrived with a lawyer.



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My Accidental Husband is a Billionaire Novel by Mr Yan

My Accidental Husband is a Billionaire Novel by Mr Yan

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Keira Olsen got married, but she didn’t know that her husband-out-of-the-blue turned out to be the richest man! She’s an illegitimate daughter who can’t be recognized. She’s been clawing and scrambling her way up, struggling to survive since childhood. He’s the child of destiny, standing high and mighty. The two are worlds apart in status. Everyone was waiting for Keira to be swept out the door, but all they got was a post from the richest man on his social media account: “My dear wife, can we not divorce?” Everyone was confused.


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