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My Accidental Husband is a Billionaire Novel Chapter 89

89 Overbearing

Samuel was stunned.

When he regained his senses, he hurried to Lewis’s side. “Mr. Horton, are you planning on… breaking in?”

Without saying a word, Lewis walked straight from the lobby to the detention center at the back, answering

with his actions.

Samuel said, “You are quite bold! Surely, this isn’t acceptable?”

Without pausing, Lewis asked coldly, “What else can I do? Can your boss wait until tomorrow?”

“Definitely not!”

Samuel followed him. “She can’t last until tomorrow. There was this time when iron wasn’t administered in time, and she fell into shock. We barely managed to

resuscitate her…”

Having said that, he got anxious and added angrily, “Her illness is indeed strange. Anyone else would think we’re lying to them. We can’t wait any longer! For her,

let’s risk it!”


89 Ove

As he spoke to himself, Lewis had already rushed toward the detention center

The prison guards blocked the entrance. “This is a prison. Unauthorized personnel are not allowed in! Please leave immediately.”

Lewis ignored them and made his way inside.

Having sensed something was wrong from the

entrance, Captain Lincoln followed them and drew his gun at Lewis. “Mr. Horton, stop immediately, or I’ll


Lewis turned around and glanced at him, his expression calm.

Samuel was trembling with fear. Looking at the dark entrance, he felt his legs shaking.

It was so terrifying!

Seeing the two of them halt, Captain Lincoln breathed a sigh of relief.

He knew Lewis’s position. The person in charge of the Horton family couldn’t be arrested so lightly. He asked, “Mr. Horton, what brings you here?”

Just as Samuel was about to say that he was here for

12.14 )

89 Overbear

Keira, Lewis stopped him. “I was looking for the bathroom, but I ended up here by mistake.”

Samuel was dumbfounded.

He looked at Lewis in shock, his heart sinking.

Indeed, the marriage of Keira and Lewis was like a

joke. Faced with a gun, it made sense that Lewis didn’t want to risk his life.

But Samuel couldn’t abandon his boss.

As Lewis turned and began to walk away, Samuel stayed where he was.

Captain Lincoln frowned at him. “Mr. Morgan, aren’t you leaving with him?”

Samuel was terrified, but he took a deep breath. “I’m


Before he could finish saying “going,” disaster struck!

Lewis, who was standing next to Captain Lincoln, suddenly took action. He quickly moved to the captain, grasping the latter’s trigger hand. The captain’s hand went limp involuntarily, and the gun ended up in

Lewis’s hand.

12 14

Captain Lincoln tried to strike back and reclaim his gun, but the next moment, he suddenly felt an icy sensation on his forehead.

Lewis was pointing the gun at him.

Captain Lincoln was shocked.

He was completely dumbfounded!

When dealing with vicious criminals, he would never make such a mistake, but Lewis and Samuel were notable businessmen from Oceanion. They were the type who were always accompanied by bodyguards when they were out.

He never expected that Lewis would attack a police officer!

Samuel was also stunned, watching Lewis in a daze.

He was thinking that at worst, he could lie on the ground and refuse to move, forcing these people to draw blood from Keira!

But he didn’t expect Lewis to resort to this!

This was against the law!

“Mr. Horton, if you put down the gun now, I won’t hold

yousible.” Captain Lincoln held up both hands.

He was experienced and remained calm.

Lewis’s voice said, “Sorry, but I’m desperate to save


Without waiting for Captain Lincoln to respond, he commanded those in front of him. “Get out of the


The few individuals at the entrance of the detention center didn’t dare to stop him and hastily moved out of the way.

Holding Captain Lincoln hostage, Lewis walked straight inside.

Samuel, agape, followed behind him.

He didn’t know whether to laugh or cry; he felt like had been forced to participate in a criminal act!

Now, if he said he wasn’t an accomplice, these police officers certainly wouldn’t believe him!

Meanwhile, Keira was still lying on her threadbare bed. She looked at the two officers entering her cell. They

were there to take her and Poppy to solitary. confinement. She turned to Holly to explain once

89 Overbearing

again. “I really am anemic.”

Indeed, she looked pale.

Holly hesitated once more.

At that point, Poppy collapsed onto the floor. “I’m the same. Oh my, I’m so dizzy… I’m about to die… Help


Holly really couldn’t tell who was faking it anymore.

Poppy’s performance was very convincing.

Keira didn’t seem to be pretending either…

As she hesitated, footsteps and startled exclamation from the other officers rang out outside the door!

Holly promptly turned her head, only to see Lewis holding Captain Lincoln hostage as he walked in.

His gaze quickly locked onto the jail cell where Keira was held. His eyes pierced through the iron bars and fixated on Keira herself.

Her face was as pale as a sheet, and she lay weakly on the bed, seemingly without the strength to even lift a



89 Overbearing

Lewis’s pupils constricted.

She always bravely stood tall, regardless of the


She never bowed her head.

Yet now, she couldn’t even sit up due to her frailty!

Concerned, he said furiously, “You’re abusing a suspect! I’ll hold you responsible for this!”

Holly retorted, “We didn’t! They fought with each other. Everything we’ve done is according to regulations!”

Samuel, following Lewis, saw how frail Keira was, and his eyes welled up with tears. “Boss, we’re here to h


He glared at Holly. “My boss is on her deathbed, and you still want to punish her? Do you even have humanity left?”

Captain Lincoln scoffed. “I’ve never heard of a woman dying from her period. If you’re pretending to be ill, at

least choose another disease to fake!”

Holly took a deep breath, agonizing for them. She

looked at Keira. “Keira Olsen, there’s no use running if



89 Overbearing

committed the murder! If you didn’t kill the person, we’ll restore your innocence! Even if you don’t

trust us, you should trust these officers! Why make such a fuss?”

She continued earnestly. “Mr. Horton, please back down. I’ll plead on your behalf, and Captain Lincoln won’t pursue your responsibilities, but if you really break out of prison, the consequences will be unimaginable! Keira, stop pretending to be ill!”

Keira gave a bitter smile. “Holly, you keep saying I don’t trust you. But what about you? Do you trust me?”

Holly was taken aback.

Keira says, “You don’t.”

But Holly’s eyes went red. “Why don’t I trust you? It’s because you continuously deceived me! It happened years ago, and it’s happening again now! Haven’t you tricked me enough?”

Keira didn’t speak anymore.

Lewis, still holding Captain Lincoln hostage, entered the infirmary. “Can you walk? Let’s leave.”


89 Overbearing

“I can.”

Keira, trembling, tried to get up from the bed but found that she just couldn’t muster the strength.

Lewis immediately looked at Samuel. “Come over here.”

Samuel walked to his side.

“Do you know how to use a gun?”

….. Yes.”

Lewis kept the gun pointing at Captain Lincoln while handing it to Samuel, who took over as Captain Lincoln’s captor.

Samuel was dumbfounded.

As he marveled, he saw Lewis walk to the bed, bend

over, and picked up Keira.

Immediately after, he turned around without hesitation and left.

Samuel, dragging Captain Lincoln with him, followed closely behind.

Holly and the rest of the officers immediately trailed

after them.

12:14 – .

89 Overbearing

The large group created a commotion as they arrived at the hospital.

At this point, Keira was unconscious, and the doctor took her blood for an urgent test.

Holly immediately followed the doctor and instructed the other officers, “I’ll watch the whole process to prevent them from bribing the doctor to tamper with the blood test report!”

With so many officers surrounding the hospital, all doctors were very nervous.

So, the urgent blood test results came out in ten


Holly immediately snatched it and looked at the


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My Accidental Husband is a Billionaire Novel by Mr Yan

My Accidental Husband is a Billionaire Novel by Mr Yan

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Keira Olsen got married, but she didn’t know that her husband-out-of-the-blue turned out to be the richest man! She’s an illegitimate daughter who can’t be recognized. She’s been clawing and scrambling her way up, struggling to survive since childhood. He’s the child of destiny, standing high and mighty. The two are worlds apart in status. Everyone was waiting for Keira to be swept out the door, but all they got was a post from the richest man on his social media account: “My dear wife, can we not divorce?” Everyone was confused.


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