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My Accidental Husband is a Billionaire Novel Chapter 92

92 Mother

Apart from being abducted by traffickers at the age of four, she also remembered being beaten at three.

In reality, most children at the age of three should have little memory. She vaguely remembered being beaten at that age, but perhaps the memory was too profound that in her dreams, she could clearly hear Poppy’s scolding.

“Listen, my daughter should be living a life of luxury, and you, you only deserve to live forever in this filthy gutter, in the stinking sewer!!”

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Keira smiled bitterly.

She didn’t expect to have such a dream after so long.

Perhaps dreams revealed one’s thoughts. She often dreamed of being Isla and Mrs. Olsen being her


Matthew asked, “What about when you were three or



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Keira didn’t want to talk about the past.






Her condition was peculiar. After iron was introduced into her system, all symptoms of anemia gradually disappeared, and she was fully revitalized.

However, she still needed to store more iron, so she had to stay on an IV for a couple more days. Taking in too much in one day could overwhelm her body.

She picked up her phone and found a message on her


Her Twitter username was “Ms. S”, and she was fairly well known in the reporter circle.

The person who sent her the message was named Josh, who had been following her for over two years.

Josh wrote, “Ms. S, I won’t back down this time! I want to be like you, fearless in the face of authority, and brave enough to expose the truth to the public! If you can see this message, I hope you can give me your


Keira was perplexed.

As she was puzzling over it, there was a knock at her door.

Holly walked in with Connor Hill.




Connor kept his head down, looking as timid as ever.

When he entered the ward, he first glanced at Keira and then immediately lowered his head again. “Hello,


Keira wasn’t close to the Hill family members, and

Finley Hill had only sought her out for money over the years. This cousin of hers was quiet and studious. He managed to earn a spot at the prestigious Oceanion University through sheer effort.

She was still courteous toward him, “What’s up?”

Connor then spoke, “I, I came to deliver a letter of forgiveness.”

Keira was taken aback.

Connor then looked at Captain Lincoln, who had com in with him, his eyes teary. “I consulted with a lawyer. By submitting a letter of forgiveness, even if you’re sentenced, it can be reduced to within ten years.”

He bowed his head. “Keira, I was terrified when I called

the police… I didn’t mean to… My father wasn’t a good person. He got what he deserved… It was my fault that you ended up behind bars…



Captain Lincoln frowned. “Even if he was a bad person, he should have been punished by the law, not dealt with privately by you.”

Connor’s eyes were bloodshot, and he growled, “I did report him! When he was gambling, I called the police, but after you arrested him, he was only detained for a month, and then released. He continued to gamble. We lost our house, my mom ran off with someone else, and I had no place to live… I had no choice but to work my hardest. He even took my scholarship money! Even his own son was treated like this, let alone his niece! You don’t understand our suffering, so don’t stand on your high moral ground and judge us!”

He tried to wipe away the tears. “I know I shouldn’t say this, but when I saw he was dead, I was confused, but now I only feel relieved!”

After saying this, he covered his face and squatted down slowly. “I’m such a jerk. My dad’s dead, and I can finally breathe. Even though I have to repay his debt of five million, I see hope…You wouldn’t understand. When he was alive, he was greedy like a bottomless pit.”

His sobs choked his words.



Captain Lincoln stiffened but remained silent.

The only sound in the room was Connor’s stifling sobs.

Keira said nothing.

Others might think she had lived a comfortable life, but the truth was, her life hadn’t been any better than


At least Finley Hill had never starved Connor.

After a while, Connor finally stopped crying, wiped his tears, and stood up. “I’m sorry. I, I lost my composure.

“It’s ok,” Captain Lincoln patted his shoulder. “We


Keira then slowly said, “Thank you for your letter of forgiveness, but… I don’t need it. As I said, I’m not the


Connor was stunned as if he didn’t understand, “Keira, I, I asked about this. If you plead guilty and show remorse, you’ll at most be sentenced to three years, but if you insist on being innocent, you might be sentenced to over ten years…”

“I know.



“But I didn’t kill him. If I didn’t kill them, I can’t admit to anything,” said Keira flatly

Connor didn’t say anything. After a moment, he turned toward Captain Lincoln to ask a stupid question. “As my father’s son, can I choose not to pursue this


Captain Lincoln said, “This is a criminal case. Even if you don’t pursue it, we still will.”

Connor tightened his jaw and looked at Keira. “Then I can’t help you.”

Keira shook her head. “That’s alright.”

Again, Connor lowered his head. “Keira, get some rest. I… I have to leave now…”


Connor took two steps away and suddenly turned to Captain Lincoln. “Captain Lincoln, about the money that was found at the scene, could you give it to me now? I borrowed it from my classmates…”

The money was scattered on the ground, and some of it was stained with blood, so it was used as evidence




and kept at the police station.

Captain Lincoln shook his head. “The police department has its rules. It’s evidence, and we can’t give it to you for now. Only after we have confirmed that there are no clues can it be returned to you.”

Connor then hung his head. “But that’s next month’s living expenses of my dorm mates…I promised them that I would return it as soon as possible.”

All of them had worked part-time before, and they knew that the students needed their every

hard-earned penny.

Suddenly losing twenty thousand was bound to cause strain among these students

Keira narrowed her eyes.

All of a sudden, she said, “Wait.”

Connor then turned back.

Keira picked up her phone. “I’ll have Samuel give you twenty thousand for your emergency needs.”

Connor’s eyes lit up. “Thank you, Keira. As soon as the money at the police station is returned, I’ll give it back

to you.”



Keira sent a message to Samuel.

Not long after, Samuel walked in with twenty thousand in cash and handed it to Connor.

Connor’s eyes stung.

He took the money. “Keira, my father has borrowed a lot of money from you over the years. Don’t worry. Once I start earning money, I’ll pay you back.”

“Don’t worry about it. He is he, and you’re you.”

Just as Keira finished saying that, there was a sudden

click at the door.

Everyone turned their heads to see a thin, unfamiliar man, nervously clutching his mobile phone, having captured the earlier moment.

When everyone noticed him, the man immediately charged in. “Connor Hill, I knew there must be a financial transaction when you granted forgiveness to the murderer of your father! You are not worthy to be

a son!”

After he finished speaking, he turned his gaze to Keira.

Noticing her healthy complexion without any signs of anemia. he scoffed. “What’s all this about being on bail

12:23 (→)



pending trial due to a near-death condition? Is this what a near-death condition looks like?”

He took out his phone and shot a video of Keira. “So, wealthy people have privileges, right? They can find a way to get bail, no matter what?”

He turned to Captain Lincoln. “Is this how you guys uphold the law impartially?”

Captain Lincoln frowned, and declared sternly, “Journalists are not allowed in here. Please leave!”

“I’m not leaving!” The journalist was very agitated as he directed his camera at them. “I’m live-streaming! All

these procedures are being broadcast live, and I’ll

expose you!”

Captain Lincoln immediately made a move to stop the man. “You are invading other people’s privacy!”

“When cases are not clear enough, many people are getting away with it. As a citizen, I have the right to know the truth of any case!”

The young journalist was fearless.

Unfortunately, Captain Lincoln had already taken his mobile phone, cutting off his live-streaming. Captain




Lincoln was furious. “What’s your name? Which newspaper are you from? I’ll hold you responsible!”

The young journalist lifted his chin and sneered. “Don’t try to scare me. My idol is Ms. S, who bravely reported on a certain company’s pollution discharge despite the strong power at the time. I’m afraid of nothing but only seeking the truth!”

Hearing these words, Keira was perplexed.

Suddenly recalling the message on her Twitter from earlier, she was greatly amazed. “Are you Josh Josh?”

The young journalist was surprised. “How do you know


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