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My Accidental Husband is a Billionaire Novel Chapter 97

97 Intergenerational Inheritance

Keira was slightly dazed upon hearing this.

Then, she lowered her head. “Actually, many people

have said that.”

Lewis didn’t say anything and quietly listened to her


Keira smiled. “When we were little, Isla hated me so much simply because when I stood next to Mrs. Olsen, people always mistook me as Mrs. Olsen’s daughter.”

Children didn’t know how to hide their true feelings.

Isla was very obviously targeting Keira back then. She

would push Keira, hit her, and have a bunch of other kids curse her. Keira had been severely brainwashed by Poppy at the time, always thinking that she owed Isla and forever keeping her head low in front of Isla, not knowing how to resist.

Keira’s eyes gradually became brooding. “In fact, I had thought that maybe the reason why Poppy was so bad to me was because I wasn’t her biological child at all. Unfortunately, I did a DNA test with her, and indeed,



97 Intergenerational Inheritance

I’m her daughter.”

She had been kidnapped and sold for several months at the time. Upon returning, the police station requested that she and Poppy undergo a DNA test to ascertain the child’s parentage. She wished at the time that she wasn’t Poppy’s daughter.”

Unfortunately, there was no such “if”.

“That’s indeed quite a pity.” Lewis’s voice was low and soft. “However, upon careful consideration, you and Mrs. Olsen don’t really look alike. It’s just that your temperaments are very similar.”

People who lived together tend to develop similar

habits over time.

When she was little, Keira’s favorite thing to do was to

observe Mrs. Olsen and learn how to interact with

people from her. It was also thanks to Mrs. Olsen that she was able to awaken and stop being manipulated by


She smiled. “I know we don’t look alike. If any of my facial features looked like Mrs. Olsen’s, I would have thought of Mrs. Olsen as my mother.”

This self-deprecating remark made Lewis chuckle



97 Intergenerational Inheritance


He lowered his gaze and said lightly, “Maybe it’s an intergenerational inheritance?”

Keira immediately looked at him. “What was that?”


Lewis felt that it was better not to say anything about the things that were uncertain, to avoid disappointing


Mrs. Olsen and Taylor rushed after Isla, who stormed


They saw Isla enter the parking lot and knowing that Isla wouldn’t run off somewhere, they heaved a sigh of


Mrs. Olsen showed a hint of hesitation. “Taylor, am I really favoring Keira? Am I neglecting Isla? Am I playing blatant favorites?”

“It’s not that bad,” Taylor, always putting her first, replied objectively. “You do like Keira very much, but you still have restraint. Isla is just a bit too jealous.”



97 Intergenerational Inheritance

Mrs. Olsen sighed. “Why has Isla become like this? Neither you nor I are petty people.”

Taylor then held her arm. “It’s all my fault. In other families, without an illegitimate daughter, the children all grow up to be cheerful and positive. Our family is different. Plus, Keira is now Dr. South, and she

outshines Isla, so Isla’s jealousy is understandable.”

Mrs. Olsen was silent for a moment. “The excellence of a person shouldn’t only be defined by capability, especially seeing as everything in the family is given to Isla first, then Keira. Since she was little, Isla has had everything Keira may not have. But everything Keira had, Isla definitely had it as well. So, what right does Isla have to blame Keira? And you too, pressuring Keira to confess just now wasn’t right.”

However, Taylor rubbed his forehead. “Shirley, you forgot that people have close and distant relationships! Keira is just Poppy’s daughter. In my heart, only your daughter is my daughter. If Isla and Keira’s lives lay before me and I could only choose one, I wouldn’t hesitate to choose Isla, let alone make Keira confess

her crime!”

He grabbed hold of Mrs. Olsen’s shoulder. “Shirley, you




97 Intergeneration

have to remember. No matter how outstanding Keira is, she has nothing to do with our family. Isla is our daughter! If Isla goes astray because you like Keira, will you regret it in the future?”

Mrs. Olsen was stunned.

Taylor slowly said, “You might as well keep your distance from Keira in the future. The three of us will

live a calm life.”

Mrs. Olsen clenched her fists and slowly lowered her gaze, yet she felt a void in her heart.

When the two of them reached the car, Isla had

regained her composure.

The family of three set off for the hospital.

Today, the Allen family planned to return to Clance, and Mrs. Olsen took Isla to apologize.

Isla behaved herself very well. Only by obtaining the forgiveness of the Allen family would there possibly be hope that Jake won’t call off the marriage. These days, Jake had completely ignored her, which made her


The three of them arrived, and Mrs. Olsen apologized




The Allen family had prepared all their luggage and were waiting to go.

Rebecca craned her neck to look outside, anticipating

Keira’s arrival.

Keira had promised her that she would come to see

her off.

But the agreed time had already passed. Why hadn’t Keira come yet?

On the other hand, after Mrs. Olsen apologized to Mr.

and Mrs. Allen, she came over to Rebecca, took out a property ownership certificate from her bag, and handed it to Rebecca. “Miss Allen, Isla said something inappropriate that hurt you. I know that nothing can make up for the harm she’s caused you. I know the Allen family has everything, but this is a token of my goodwill.”

Rebecca was dumbfounded and looked at her father.

Mrs. Allen was also a bit upset, feeling that Mrs. Olsen was trying to get rid of people with money. She stepped forward to take the property certificate, intending to return it to Mrs. Olsen. However, she




suddenly saw the information on the certificate and was completely stunned.

Wasn’t it the most famous Golden Glory Mansion in


The price of this residential area wasn’t excessively high. Instead, the most valuable thing was the network of the homeowners in the residential area!

The Golden Glory Mansion was priceless! So many people wanted to buy property in that residential area but couldn’t…

Never did they expect Mrs. Olsen to possess property


She wasn’t just giving away a house, but a network of

connections in Clance!

Mrs. Allen was flabbergasted and looked at Mr. Allen.

Mr. Allen also tried to turn it down. “We can’t accept


However, Mrs. Olsen shook her head. “I’m now settled

in Oceanion and want nothing to do with the affairs in Clance. This is our apology, so please take it.”.

Only then did Mr. Allen accept.





After giving the apology gift, Mrs. Olsen left with Taylor and Isla.

After they left, Mrs. Allen couldn’t help but express her amazement. “Mrs. Olsen indeed does things big. She could give away such a significant property!”

Mr. Allen sighed. “You haven’t seen Lady South. Her demeanor is even better than Mrs. Olsen’s…”

Mrs. Allen frowned. “It’s just a pity. Despite the mother and daughter both being such promising individuals, Isla is such an embarrassment!”

Mentioning Isla, Mr. Allen frowned as well.

He suddenly thought of Keira…

Upon thinking, Keira indeed looked a lot like Mrs. Olsen’s mother, Lady South. He even initially thought that Lady South was Keira’s grandmother…

Mr. Allen paused momentarily, and then suddenly asked, “Where’s Miss Olsen? Hasn’t she come yet?”

“She can’t come anymore.”

Frankie held his phone and frowned, saying, “It appears that Miss Olsen has encountered some troubles.”



Rebecca said firmly, “I can’t leave. Miss Olsen is in trouble. I can’t leave her at such a time and return to


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My Accidental Husband is a Billionaire Novel by Mr Yan

My Accidental Husband is a Billionaire Novel by Mr Yan

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Keira Olsen got married, but she didn’t know that her husband-out-of-the-blue turned out to be the richest man! She’s an illegitimate daughter who can’t be recognized. She’s been clawing and scrambling her way up, struggling to survive since childhood. He’s the child of destiny, standing high and mighty. The two are worlds apart in status. Everyone was waiting for Keira to be swept out the door, but all they got was a post from the richest man on his social media account: “My dear wife, can we not divorce?” Everyone was confused.


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