Pit Babe Novel English Chapter 1 | Part 1

Synopsis: Charlie wants to be a racecar driver, but he doesn’t have a racecar of his own. The only solution he comes up with is to make a bizarre agreement with king of the raceway Babe, nicknamed Pit Babe. Even stranger, Babe agrees to help Charlie realize his dream. Recently released Pit Babe Series is adapted from this Novel and that is why novel is becoming more and more popular.

pit babe novel

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Pit Babe Novel Chapter 1 | Part 1

Checkered flags waved as Latin music blared. The sound of luxury car engines accelerated like that of a roaring lion. These were all signs that the new season had begun. Young adrenaline seekers gathered at the famous racetrack dubbed by industry insiders as The Hollows, where all their rage can be unleashed and every wish can be fulfilled without limits.

The giant digital clock on the billboard at the edge of the stadium read 13:15, which meant there were only 15 minutes until the first round. As per tradition, the tournament starts with an opening match against the team with the best performance from the previous season. The names of the teams that were posted on the competition announcements attracted many people amid the hot weather where the skin almost burned.

“Welcome everyone to the Grand opening of the new season with the biggest, most exciting, and most out-of-this-world racing track… The Hollows!!!”

The commentary of a professional voice actor had the racers and spectators cheering loudly on the field. Young people who were scattered throughout the stadium compacted their space and came to take up seats in the stands, knowing that it wouldn’t be too long until the show began. The contestants in the first round would bring their expensive and precious children out to show off as a treat.

“If you think last season was fierce, let me tell you, this season is going to be more intense. We have both new and energetic teams coming to the field to compete with each other, such as T9, Million Miles, Six-Z, and rising stars who are favorites for the Summer League, Blackburn!!!”

The fans of the new racing team cheered loudly, awakening the fire for both fans and racers in the blink of an eye. The racers waiting on the sidelines turned to wave to the fans in large numbers. They were like new stars in the world of racing that are worth watching but compared to the seniors who have been in the industry for a long time, this level of popularity was not shocking at all.

“This season’s rookies can be said to be worth keeping an eye on in every team. Today, we don’t just have a new generation of energetic people but the senior teams that have created legends for many seasons and are still returning to create new legends this season. Shout out to Deadline, Quarterback, Race chaser…”

No matter what field the favorite was from, when it came to this field, the real king was still the real king all day long and would never let anyone easily overthrow them.

“And The legendary king of The hollows— X-Hunter!!!!”

The cheers of the entire stadium sounded crazier than before. It showed just how big the final team’s name was. Even if one was not a big fan, everyone who came to watch the match at this very stadium had one goal in common and that was to see a beautiful luxury car that other teams couldn’t reach and the famous racing skills of the team that was known as the real hunter.

“There’s still 10 minutes left.”

But it seemed the hunters who were supposed to be there were hunting elsewhere.

“Oh, they’ll come soon.” A tall figure in a racer’s uniform stood casually sipping his coffee while the track staff were sweating because a racer had suddenly disappeared 10 minutes before the start of the race.

“But he should be on standby now,” the seemingly new member of staff reminded the young racer with an impatient expression. “Besides, he has to check—”

“Is this your first day at work?” Way turned to smile at the new team with a closed-eyed smile that he had to admit looked good without teasing. But in the eyes of the newbies right now, it felt strangely creepy.


“Oh, I understand.” The young racer nodded lightly, slowly moving his legs closer to the other person and deliberately lowering his face to be at the same level as the technicians’ team. This made the new kid sweat profusely. “Don’t worry about checking the car. It was completed a long time ago. A racer cannot forget to check their car before racing, right?”

“But he…”

“I didn’t order you to answer.” The deep voice sounded soft to the ear but the words that came out caused goosebumps to run throughout his body and what was even eerier was the fact that in just a split second, the handsome face smiled widely and kindly again before continuing with his words, “In addition to preparing, the car racers must prepare their bodies and minds as well.”


“And now he is preparing himself in his way.”

The new kid froze as the famous racer’s strange stare seemed to pierce his skull. The fact that he was teased by his seniors for coming to look for famous racers on the first day alone was considered serious enough but who would have thought that meeting that person’s teammates would be just as bad?

“Then I suggest that we just wait here.” Way straightened up and returned to his normal position, smiling casually again. The other person’s attitude made him feel unfazed. It was as if this person intended to frighten him like that. “He will be here when it’s time.”


“We will definitely experience an exciting race.”

The locker room was dimly lit. There was only a little light that filtered through the open blinds. There should be no one inside because, at a time like this, everyone was supposed to gather at the edge of the field to watch the game. But let’s be real, even if one doesn’t go and reserve a space close to the edge of the field, it probably wouldn’t be a big deal because the main character who should be on the field right now was still calm. He even brought himself to relax in the locker room.

“Ah— ah.”

Moans and gasps were released without restraints, not caring if anyone walking by at the time would accidentally hear the embarrassing sounds. The needs that needed to be fulfilled right now were greater hence, getting caught in the middle of this very private activity was the least of his worries.

“Ah— Phi…,” a hoarse voice sounded in his ears. It sounded a bit annoying the way the tall kid kept calling him phi, phi, over and over as if he were having sex with a child. More like a high school kid. Do you think he was pleased doing something like that? Disgusting. “Are you not in a hurry, ah— you’re not in a hurry to compete?”

“Hurry up and finish this,” the young racer said in a cranky tone while leaving his back to the locker with one leg raised, making penetration easier. The team’s black racing suit with red stripes was carelessly abandoned on the floor. It was not of importance if the owner didn’t release stress once before competing, the feeling when stepping on the accelerator would still be terrible.

“Damn it,” the young boy cursed at the chance to savor the taste of someone everyone called a high-class person, a celebrity he had always looked up to from afar. Today, he was hugging and holding on to the tall and slender body, squeezing that thin waist with an oily hand and pushing his hardness into the tight channel, and it felt like he was floating in heaven. “I’m having so much fun— ah.”

The senior racer closed his eyes and forced himself to hurry to his climax but no matter how much he tried, the thing that bothered him right now was continuously hindering his happiness. The more the young man thrust harder, the higher the pheromones in his body became, the more it surged. The signature scent of the young alpha was released in full force. The room was closed on all sides with no ventilation and the stinking smell began to fill the room in no time. The pheromones of an alpha that had just entered puberty were already very strong and having sex passionately with another alpha did nothing but make the atmosphere denser with pheromones, such that if an omega walked past, they would be greatly affected.

But seriously, let’s not talk about Omega.

All of a sudden!


An alpha like him couldn’t stand it either.

The young boy screamed when he was suddenly pushed aside in the middle of his journey when he was about to reach his climax. The senior racer flipped his hair up and pursed his lips in an extremely irritated manner before bending down to pick up the racing suit that was on the floor and putting it back on, looking like he wanted to get out of there.

“Wait a minute,” the young man protested in confusion, “What is the matter? I’m almost finished.”

“Are you going to find something to rub it on or are you going to do it yourself?” The young racer furrowed his brow as he unzipped his racing suit.

“Hey, how can I—”

“Didn’t I already tell you that if you want to fuck me, don’t let me smell your dog’s curse?”

The young man didn’t dare speak further when he heard the decisive sentence that came with the famous senior’s angry tone. He had always heard of his reputation for having a hot temper that no one was skilled enough to extinguish and meeting the famous racer in person, he was indeed scary. He should be annoyed at being toppled from heaven in front of his eyes but he dared not argue.

The young man didn’t dare speak further when he heard the decisive sentence that came with the famous senior’s angry tone. He had always heard of his reputation for having a hot temper that no one was skilled enough to extinguish and meeting the famous racer in person, he was indeed scary. He should be annoyed at being toppled from heaven in front of his eyes but he dared not argue.

“It stinks. It’s good I didn’t throw up.”

The older man made a pouting gesture before walking out of the room, not bothering to look back at his partner whom he had just been cuddling with a few minutes before. Meanwhile, the younger man could only watch as the famous racer walked away like that, unable to demand anything.

Even if he was left in the middle of the road, he had to accept it. If the top racer was upset, then it would be bad to anger him even further as that would make things more difficult.

“In just a moment our first round of the competition will begin. Are you ready yet?!!!”

The main MC still gave a good speech to encourage the supporters. Meanwhile, the new team members were walking slowly, alternating with checking their wristwatches every second. There were now only 3 minutes left before the match began. The other racers had all arrived at the same time and there was only one person left who hadn’t shown his head yet. Seriously, if it were anyone else, there wouldn’t be any problem but this very person who disappeared was very important.

“Calm down, little one. He will be here soon.” Way, seeing the new kid walking around like a rat stuck in a stick, couldn’t help but laugh. He understood the kid was afraid the competition would have problems but for this matter, there was nothing he could do except tell him to keep waiting because, in the end, the only person who could control that bitch was himself.

“But there’s only 3 minutes left. Oh, not yet.”

“Oh…” The young racer lightly patted the new kid on the shoulder in sympathy before he smiled and from the corner of his eye, he caught sight of someone coming up from under the stands, looking sullen. “No need to cry! My sister survived.”


“Non,” Way nodded with a smile on his face, “The naughty bitch has arrived.”

The arrival of the real King made everyone excited about the match happening in the next few minutes. To see a number one racer who aside from his unparalleled skills, had an appearance that was striking enough to attract people who have no interest in racing cars at all to stare at him was remarkable. He was 180 cm tall with honey-colored skin and a unique facial shape. His figure was so thin that people always used him as the subject of gossip. What kind of alpha was this stubborn? But the words from those crab-mouthed snails didn’t bother him in the slightest.

Even though he knew he was being watched, the famous racer didn’t seem to care at all. That expression of annoyance confirmed that his irritability and difficult-to-please personality were more than just rumors.

Some men raised their hands in irritation as pit babe rushed towards them after entering the field. Way saw that and immediately walked over to his closest teammate and hugged him by the neck, leading him away from the flies gang immediately.

“What’s wrong?” Way whispered to his friend, laughing softly when he saw the other person’s sullen face. “Did you like it?” That was him being curious about his friend’s hook-up with an alpha.

“It was fine at first but later, I felt like I was going to vomit,” the top racer said, arching his neck as if he was about to throw up, causing Way to laugh at the funny mocking gesture. “He smelled like a dog.” The famous racer added.

“Are you not a dog too?”

“I’m a perfumed dog,” the famous racer shrugged nonchalantly. At least he didn’t have a strong pheromone scent like the other alphas. He had said from the beginning that if the smell wouldn’t upset him, he would gladly go till the end but the thrilling activity always ended without a climax because these dogs couldn’t keep up with the agreement.

“Is it fragrant? Let’s try—”

“You can get in the car now.”

Way just laughed a little annoyed at being interrupted again by the new kid before he could smell his best friend’s sweet neck. Meanwhile, that sweet-smelling person turned to raise an eyebrow at him knowingly and a little with satisfaction.

The famous racer took the gloves from his assistant and put them on familiarly, followed by getting his trusty helmet to hold then walked towards the luxury racing car that was already waiting.

“Now our racers are all ready. All cars are in place on the track. Starting with the first car from the Deadline team— Geneva!!!!”

The cheering of the team’s fans was loud as well as the sound of the engine revving up to win and dwarf the opponent at the same time. The bright blue Bugatti looked like it was going to be fun to watch. There was news that during the season break, the owner of the name ‘Geneva’ went out and hunted quite a few small fields. Looked like today he probably brought a hundred percent confidence.

“Second one from Quarterback— Red Syria!!!”

The fiery red Lamborghini showed off its hotness. Usually, in the racing industry, every racer has a stage name that they call each other in the race to make them memorable. As a result, only close people knew and called each other by their real names, like Red Syria, which was the same. That’s the name people are going to remember when that racer took his car down the track.

“The third one from the Race chaser— Zero One!!!”

The excitement continued to build as three of the four drivers were finalized, with the famous yellow Hennessy Venom also taking to the track for the first round. In addition to the car looking beautiful and outstanding. The handsome racer’s female fan base was quite large. It was therefore not surprising that the Zero One young man received cheers that sounded sweeter than the other racers.

“And one last shout out to King of The Hollows from X-Hunter— Pitbabe!!!”

The sound of the expensive luxury car revving up was as loud as the cheers of the entire stadium. Even if you’re not a fan of the team, no one could resist the thrill of seeing the legendary driver of the famous track. The only shiny black SSC Tuatara in the country doesn’t have to try to compete with anyone. Just by hearing the sound and seeing its beautiful appearance, one could probably guess that this beautiful rodent was not only good in price and beauty.

After the team on the field checked everything for the final time. A beautiful woman in a tight dress held up a signal sign before the countdown signal began. Each car began to accelerate, ready to leave the starting point. When the countdown signal ended, the launch signal sounded and the green flag waved. The four luxurious cars sped off from the starting point in that second, with no one waiting for anyone.

Loud cheers echoed across the field. Teammates waiting in the holding zone on the sidelines were excited as if they were competing themselves. Spectators in the stands rose from their seats in excitement, not wanting to miss a second of the action. Even someone who had been sitting with their heads down since before the game started couldn’t help but raise the brim of their hat to watch the thrilling action wanting to know how well that black rodent would perform today.

The competition was as fierce as expected when there were only the crown jewels on the field that everyone was watching. Each car took turns passing without anyone giving in. The winding tracks could be quite intimidating for supporters and even beginner drivers. Every curve was a real risk. A risk of being overtaken easily by the slightest loss of control or risking your life if an unexpected mistake occurs.

Way, who was watching the race from the pit, looked less excited than the others. It wasn’t because the game was boring or anything like that but he thought the four cars were evenly matched. You could tell from the loud cheering all the time. But if we were to speak honestly, it could not be denied that he knew the results from the moment the start signal sounded.

Looking at the race from the beginning until now, he wanted to bet all his money that Babe would be the winner. That one would have to take the new record and go home to cuddle with him.

The impressive opening match ended amid cheers from the crowd. The results of the competition did not exceed the expectations of those in the industry at all. The track king and his favorite SSC Tuatara crossed the finish line beautifully with a new record prominently displayed on the billboard screen for the envy of the competitors.

“Nice race as always, Babe.”

Way, who was waiting at the end of the pit lane, praised with a proud smile. Babe performed well as usual despite being upset before the game started. It’s no wonder everyone calls Babe King.

“Thank you.” Babe casually tossed a helmet to the kids on the team before walking over and hugging his tall best friend’s neck and kissing him softly on the cheek as a reward for being the sweetest person and the least annoying person in his life. “Did you see the final arc?”

“I’m always watching. Why don’t you see?” Way replied, bending down to smell Babe’s body as soon as he had the chance. Of course, he never thought about what he would say because he thought it was fun to see the glances of other people who were suspicious about their relationship. “It was very beautiful. It didn’t cost me any effort to teach you how to drift.”

“Whoever learns to give to whoever speaks well.” Babe squeezed Way’s sharp chin lightly before shaking his hand and walking away, not wanting to pay attention to the showoff’s words. He took off both of his gloves and threw them into his shoulder bag then unzipped the front of his racing suit in discomfort.

“Are you leaving now?” Way asked when he saw the other person acting as if he was going to leave as soon as he finished competing.

“Oh, I’m sleepy.”

“Don’t you want to stay and watch me compete?”

“You’re competing so boringly,” Babe pursed his lips as he lifted the strap of his bag over his shoulder. “Just step on and in the end, you’ll win. Why do you need me to see that?”

“Very spoiled.”

“Thank you for watching my race.” The famous racer bowed like a ballerina before shaking his butt off. He walked out the back door of the room without really thinking about waiting to watch him compete as he said. This guy had almost no interest in watching anyone compete. Even the round that he had to compete in came in at the last second. He truly was someone who was born with talent.

“See you at the same place tonight!” Way shouted after him. Meanwhile, the bitch didn’t turn around to answer. He playfully covered his ears like he didn’t want to listen anymore. Way saw this and could only laugh and shake his head lightly at Babe’s lack of interest in the world as he didn’t know what other people would think. But for him, it gave him the energy to do crazy things every day.

Babe walked unhurriedly down the walkway under the stands. This zone was quite dark and not as crowded as the outside was. Only drivers and staff could pass therefore, he felt more comfortable than being in a field full of people who were just watching. His body was so sensitive to everything and it was making him tired more easily than usual even though he didn’t do anything more than anyone else.

While he walked, his slender hand picked up the phone and looked at it, moving his finger to scroll blankly on the screen. Right now his concentration wasn’t focused on what was on the phone but the strange feeling behind him.

He heard footsteps, breathing, and the rustling of clothes. He could feel his body temperature and a certain mass of sensation that had been following him for a while now.

But the strange thing was that he couldn’t smell anything.

It was just a few meters before he got to the exit of the amphitheater and he thought that if the person intended to follow him, there was no way he would let him walk to the door. If he let it be, the final result probably wouldn’t be very good.

Open first has an advantage. Today he would adhere to that motto.




A cry of pain rang out when the famous racer suddenly turned around and grabbed the arm of the pervert who was following him and threw him with all his might until he lay on the ground and when he saw that the other party was in a disadvantageous position, Babe immediately went up to sit on top of the pervert to prevent him from being able to stand up and retaliate against him.

“Only staff are allowed in here,” Babe said quietly, staring at the suspect wearing a black cap and matching mouth mask. Plus, there were eyeglasses as well. No matter how pretty he looked, he deliberately covered his face. “How did you get in?”

The pervert refused to answer and just lay there as if he didn’t know what to do next. His attitude made Babe think that this guy must have been a shoddy amateur who just wanted to go after a famous person because he just threw him all at once and fell silent, didn’t respond to anything at all. He trembled as if he was afraid of Babe.

If you came after others, why was he afraid?

“I’m asking nicely so why are you not answering?” Babe kept his voice low, purposely forcing the ant-hearted giant to open his mouth and say something. “Or do you want me to ask another question?”


“Alright, I’m not stuck anymore—”


Even the way he responded was not as good as he had thought. The guy opened his mouth and spoke without even waiting for him to do something more drastic. Seeing this made Babe even more confused as to how someone so cowardly could think of daring to come after him.

While he kept wondering, his slender hand then reached out and pulled off the giant’s hat and at the same time pulled off the mask covering his mouth to see clearly who the person who thought of doing something like this was and where they came from. But the results didn’t help much because even though he could see his face, it didn’t make him know much. He had never known or met this person before.

Or did they ever have an encounter?

Babe stared thoughtfully at the boy with glasses and tried to remember where he had seen. Suddenly, it hit him.


“You were on the stand just now, right?” Babe interrupted before the accused could say anything. The question caused the tall figure to furrow his brow in surprise and the eyes behind the glasses widened like he had seen a ghost. When he heard the next sentence, “Stand A, top, right side, that’s where you were, right?”


Babe was slightly startled when the accused person who had been lying there shaking suddenly sprung up and looked wide awake, causing him to sit on top of him. He had to get up quickly because if he continued to sit in that position, it might become even more strange.

“What do you want?” the famous racer asked with a confused look on his face. The stranger suddenly became excited because Babe could tell where he sat earlier.

“It’s true when they said you have a hundred eyes!”


“You can see everything. You have a hundred eyes!”

“Me? I have a hundred eyes?” From the beginning, Babe thought the boy was going to say something serious but now he was beginning to think the staff must have accidentally let this young fan in. What kind of idiot would say that other people have 100 eyes with such excited expressions?

“How could you see where I was sitting?” Babe took a step back. This reminded him of the times when young children’s fans stood up and rushed towards him with expressions like they had seen a famous star wearing a superhero costume.

Babe didn’t know how to answer that question at the moment. His senses were many times faster than anyone else’s. He could see things that others didn’t notice and could recognize them in incredible ways. He smells things that other people don’t, and recognizes very soft, complex, and detailed sounds. He can distinguish a lot of flavors and is very sensitive to touch to the point where Way even once called these abilities Characteristics of Super-Heroes but for him, It was just an annoyance that made life difficult.

“It’s my business,” and that was Babe’s final answer. He answered in a calm voice before shaking his head lightly, as if he had just realized he accidentally wasted his time on an unimportant matter. This kid was just an ignorant fan and there wasn’t anything as scary about him. “Leave now before I call the guards to drag you away.”

After saying that, Babe immediately made a move to walk away but was held back by the young man who grabbed his arm. The other person had a brave expression, like he wanted to say something but was still hesitating whether to say it or not.

“What else?” Babe shouted as he was starting to get annoyed. What’s wrong with this you? If you’re a fan, you probably know I don’t have a lot of patience so why don’t you stop irritating me already?” Even though he gave the kid a threatening stare, he still wouldn’t speak and just stood there shaking, “Ah, if you don’t talk, I’m going to call the guards.”

“No— Wait.”

“Then what the hell do you want? Why are you afraid and can’t speak? I haven’t done anything to you yet.” Babe let out in annoyance, seeming to be so irritated that they had forgotten that he had just thrown someone else on the ground with all their strength. “I don’t have time to play with you all day. I’m going to sleep—”

“Can you help me join the team?”

Babe frowned from the first moment he heard that strange sentence. The giant child seemed to use all his courage to say it but Babe could only think in his heart, would you rather use your courage to do something else?

“Does my face look like a Recruiter’s?” Babe pointed a finger at his face with an expression of complete incomprehension. “If you want to join, go apply to that team. Don’t fucking come to me.”

“I have already applied many times already,” the tall young man stammered. The more he got scolded, the more felt even more nervous than he already was but if he did not say it now, he was afraid he wouldn’t have the chance again. “But they sent me back, not allowing me to test drive.”

The senior racer tilted his head in surprise when he heard that. “Did you not pass the qualifications?”

“I was told if I want to take the exam, I should go get a car.”

“That’s it. They gave you a test. You bring the car.”

“I don’t have a car.”

Babe clutched his temples when he heard that answer. He looked like he was on the verge of a nervous breakdown. From the beginning, he thought meeting strange fans was pointless enough but now he was standing and talking to a crazy kid from somewhere who wanted to apply for a racing team but didn’t have a car for himself.

“Go rent one outside. They have cars for rent.” Babe waved his hand with a tired expression on his face.

“I already asked but was told if you don’t belong to a team, you can’t rent them.” The strange boy answered with an innocent face. It looked so sincere that Babe thought it couldn’t be a joke, even though it looked like it.

“Then what do you want me to do?” Babe asked, still not understanding why he was telling this story to someone who never knew him as he did. “If you don’t have a car, how will you race? And how do you know you can drive?”

“I’m sure I can drive.”

“Confidence means…”

“Can I borrow your car?”

The more they talked, the more Babe’s headache intensified. “Do you think my car is worth 2 bahts? You suddenly came to ask to borrow something this expensive?” Babe lowered his voice, wanting the other party to know his seriousness and let this kid realize he was not a playmate.

“I know it’s expensive but right now I don’t have any money,” the young man said with an expression like a child trying to ask his mother for money to buy a robot. The expression of being both afraid and wanting was funny in Babe’s eyes but that was no reason for him to lend him his car. “But I want to join your team. You can let me do anything. I can do it all.”

“Why do you want to join my team?”

“Because I want to be like you.” This time, the tall boy’s eyesight and tone seemed different. Of course, that fear hasn’t completely disappeared but when he said that sentence, Babe sensed the ambition. “I want to be a king that everyone accepts like you. Others said that I want to be like you, I have to join your team.”


“And if I want to be King, I only have to drive your car.”

Babe couldn’t help but laugh because of that strange answer. He didn’t understand what this kid was babbling about but it looked amusing.

“What do you know?” said the senior racer, still laughing at the sight of the stupid, clueless kid. “Anyone who says they want to be like me has to do things like me…”


“And I’ll be teaching you to be a loser.”


“Do you want to be a loser?”

The big eyes behind the glasses seemed to tremble slightly at those words from the person who was known as his Role Model. He thought that what Babe said was right but he didn’t know why in his heart he still didn’t want to give up on his first intention easily.

“If following you is called being a loser, then I’m a loser.” The answer, accompanied by the kid’s determined look surprised Babe. He thought it was crazy for the boy to obey everything he said.

This kid had a mind of his own.

“So?” Babe just chuckled.

“I know I will never be able to do it like you do even if I follow you every step of the way, I probably won’t be able to do it.”


“But I want to do it.”

Babe suddenly felt like it was fun. He had no idea why this kid seemed so focused and obsessed with his business and he didn’t care if it looked strange to other people. He believed every person had something that was preoccupied in their hearts and it depended on what it was or whose story it was. Therefore it was not strange to him. On the contrary, it still looked very interesting.

Besides, his life in this period was starting to feel boring and needed some entertainment.

Finding something unusual to do wouldn’t be a bad thing, right?

“What’s your name?” Babe asked softly. Meanwhile, the other person had a blank expression on his face as if he didn’t expect to be asked that question by the senior racer.


“What is your name?” Babe repeated impatiently.

“Oh, my name.” The young man looked like he had just understood the question by repeating it. “My name is Charlie.”

Babe nodded slightly before smiling and slowly taking a step closer to the tall boy. His slender hand slowly raised to caress Charlie’s jawline as he carefully examined the face behind the glasses. He looked like he had a pretty face as well. Even though he looked a bit dull because of his timidity and unsure attitude. But he couldn’t deny it was interesting.

“Are you an Alpha?” the famous racer asked, running his palms down Charlie’s neck and chest.


“Good.” Babe’s voice sounded different from the beginning. which made Charlie uncontrollably get goosebumps. Babe’s attitude made him not even dare to move. “You said that if I gave you a car and then took you to the team, you’d accept everything, right?”

“Yes, I can do it all.”

“Then I can help you.”

“Really?” Charlie’s eyes widened in excitement. But he seemed more excited about Babe squeezing his chin sharply to tell him to calm down before he got annoyed again.

“But I’ll help you only if I’m sure you’ll be useful to me.”





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