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Pursuing My Ex Wife in a Blooming Spring Chapter 102

Chapter 102

Under the streetlamp, Naomi could see Scott’s name clearly on her phone screen.

She did not expect him to call her, believing they would have no contact anymore except if they were in Herland.

Even so, Naomi thought there was no reason for them to keep in touch.

Staring in the direction Chandler’s car drove off, Naomi answered the call. “Hello.”

In the night, the black Benz drove quickly, passing by streetlamp after streetlamp.

Scott held his phone while flipping through the documents.

“Where are you?” he asked while his gaze was fixed on the documents intently. It felt like he had just returned from a business trip and finally had the time to call her. A seemingly normal phone call.

Naomi heard not only his voice through the phone but also the sound of him flipping through pages. If she tried to make out the sounds, she could also hear the car moving.

He was still busy. His call was most likely to ask about Chandler. After all, Chandler was leaving the next morning.

Naomi said, “We’re at Bleibstown. Sir Chandler just left after dinner.”

She kept him updated about the situation, but he should have known about this, technically speaking. He did not need to call her about it at all.

She had a little doubt in her heart, but she did not think much about that. Perhaps he had something else to talk about.

“Hmm,” he responded. That meant he already knew about it.

Upon closer inspection, he did not sound like he wanted to know about Chandler’s situation.

Naomi blinked. She thought for a while before saying, “Is there something else?”

“Wait for me there.”

“What?” Naomi was stunned.

Did he just ask her to wait for him?

Before Naomi could think about what he had just said, he added, “Send me your address.”

Then, he hung up.

Naomi was baffled. Did Scott mean he was coming to her? At this hour?

Chandler already left. Why was he coming?

Naomi thought for a while, but she still sent him her current location. “Quentin, I still have something to do here. You guys can go first.”

Quentin looked at the time and nodded. “Get home soon.”

“Okay.” The car drove off and Naomi stood there, seeing the car vanishing within her sight.

Chapter 102

She picked up her phone and looked at the time, realizing that it was almost nine. She did not know where he was coming from or when he would arrive.

Of course, it did not trouble her. Scott had just asked for her location, so she would wait for him.

The restaurant was next to a river in a small town, and a farmer’s field was nearby. It looked quite beautiful under the moonlight.

Naomi walked out of the parking lot and stood under a streetlamp. That way, he would be able to spot her. Unfortunately, she quickly grew bored since she had no one to talk to. She also did not have the habit of playing on her phone. However, she soon thought of something.

She still had not decided on Scott’s suggestion -the one where he suggested that she should stay in Herland for a year or two.

She truly liked the job. All this while taking Chandler around in Horizon City, showing him the culture of black wood, she understood how much Chandler valued this matter.

It was just like what Chandler said: one had to do something meaningful in life so that it would not be in vain.

However, if she had to pick between work and family, she would no doubt pick family.

A job and an ideal career could slowly take time. After all, a person would always have time, and a person’s life was most definitely extensive.

The same could not be said about family; time with relatives would always be precious. Only with family could one go forward in life.

Family, to Naomi, was extremely important.

She was not asked to be in Herland for the rest of her life. It was only a year or two. It was neither long nor short. This was what she was conflicted about.

She had been so busy showing Chandler around that she did not have the time to think about this matter.

As she stood under the streetlamp, however, she finally had time. She lowered her head and started to ponder about it.

Minutes later, her phone vibrated.

Naomi picked up her phone.

Pursuing My Ex Wife in a Blooming Spring Novel

Pursuing My Ex Wife in a Blooming Spring Novel

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