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Pursuing My Ex Wife in a Blooming Spring Chapter 125

Chapter 125
Only Jonas remained calm and seemed to have known for some time.

“Wait, how could you two… ” Dylan was always the quickest to speak. However, he could not process what was happening. He thought back to their interaction that night, and they did not seem like a divorced couple.

Dylan also noticed how much Scott cared for Naomi.

Scott was concerned about Naomi. If that was the case, why would they get a divorce? Why would they also pretend that they were still married?

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He was perplexed.

Dylan’s mind was in a mess as he looked at Scott.

Suddenly, he thought of something. He looked at Jonas, who had been eating calmly, unfazed by the news. He immediately asked Jonas, “You knew?”

Andy looked at Jonas.

Jonas chewed slowly and swallowed his food. He took a napkin to wipe his mouth before saying, “Yes.”

“W-When… did you find out? How come I don’t know about this?”

Then, Dylan looked at Andy. Seeing Andy’s confused expression, he said, “Andy, you didn’t know?”

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Andy shook his head and looked at Scott.

Scott remained calm in the midst of their questions. No one knew what he was thinking or feeling at that moment.

Dylan asked, “Scott, what were you thinking?”

No one knew if Dylan was asking why he divorced Naomi or what was going on with their situation at that moment; after all, their actions that night said otherwise.

Dylan no longer wanted to guess. He looked at Scott intently, waiting for his answer.

Jonas was also looking at Scott.

They had to know what his plan was moving forward.

Scott looked at the wine in his glass and said, “I don’t know what falling in love feels like. I just thought marrying her was a task I had to complete, just a stage I needed to go through in my life. I thought I needed to marry someone suitable at the right time. I was sure I wanted to marry her from the moment I met her.”

The lights shone on Scott’s face, but his gaze was darkened. At that moment, he spoke so softly that the entire surrounding atmosphere quieted down as well.

He continued. “After we got married, she was just as I expected. She managed the house really well. She had never given me any trouble or burden. I could focus on my career without any worry. I never needed to worry about home. It was just as if I had never gotten married.”

“She was dispensable. I even thought that she was not important. Sometimes, I would even forget that she exists.”

He swirled his wine glass.

Scott looked at his glass and continued. “I thought we would continue on this way forever, but we got divorced. I thought that nothing would change. Everything would resume back to before I got married. Again, I was wrong.”

He stopped swirling his glass.

“My bed felt empty. The house felt empty. Everything changed. Initially, I thought I was just not used to it and that I just needed to give it time.

“When I saw her standing next to another man and how that man looked at her, I changed my mind. I don’t want her to be with another man. I don’t want her to smile at another man. I don’t want her to put her attention on another man.”

He paused for a while. He rubbed his fingers against the stalk of the glass, and his gaze darkened.

“I want her and no one else can take her away from me.”

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