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Pursuing My Ex Wife in a Blooming Spring Chapter 13

Chapter 13

though Maya was only three years old, she had a smartwatch. She would sometimes call Naomi

when she missed her.

However, Naomi was no longer her aunt.

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Naomi blinked and answered the call. “Hey, Maya.”

“Aunt Naomi!” Maya’s childish voice rang out.

Naomi’s gaze turned tender instantly. “Have you had your dinner?”

It was April. The weather warmed up quite a bit, even where Lawson Mansion was in the countryside was not that cold anymore.

It was still bright at six–something in the evening. After dinner, when one had nothing to do, they went for a walk.

In spring, everything came to life. Even as the night progressed, life was still all around.

Maya was on a walk with Clara, Edith, Scott, and Jasper.

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They were walking ahead while Clara was holding Maya’s hand, walking behind them. When Naomi’s gentle voice rang out from the smartwatch, Clara subconsciously looked at Scott in front of her, next to Edith.

They had another family dinner once more, but this time, Naomi was not there. Ever since Naomi married Scott, she never once missed a family dinner, except this time.

Everyone was surprised, but Scott did not offer any explanation. Although they were family, if Scott did not want to tell them, they would not press on.

Even Edith did not ask him about it.

Maya, on the contrary, directly asked Scott when she saw that Naomi was not there. Scott only said that Naomi was busy, and she could not come.

It was obviously an excuse. Maya bought it, but the rest did not.

Coincidentally, Maya was making a fuss. She insisted on calling Naomi on their walk. Edith said

nothing, and neither did Scott, so Clara let Maya call Naomi.

Hearing Naomi’s usual gentle voice, Clara looked at Scott, who was a man of few words ever since she knew him. She was thoroughly curious as to what could have happened that Naomi could not attend the family dinner.

Maya had no such thoughts. She was just purely missing Naomi and wanted to hear her voice. When she heard Naomi’s voice, she’was so happy she started jumping.

“Aunt Naomi, I really miss you!”


Date 13

Maya placed the call on her smartwatch on the loudspeaker. That way, it would be easier for her to speak. Everyone could hear Naomi’s voice.

The people who were in front of Maya gradually grew quieter because Edith stopped talking.

Clara looked at Maya. Seeing how delighted Maya was, she must have really missed Naomi.

Naomi smiled happily. “I miss you too, Maya.”

Maya suddenly pouted and said unhappily, “You say you miss me, but you’re not here. You didn’t come for dinner tonight. You promised me that you’d play with me. You lied!”

Children had a great memory. Especially when an adult promised them something. They would always remember it.

Naomi’s lips quivered. She looked guilty and apologetic.

She was just thinking about getting the divorce done and leaving, so she forgot about her promise.

She was silent.

On the other end of the line, everyone was silently walking too as if waiting for her response.

“I was busy, so I couldn’t come, but I’ll fulfill my promise. But you might have to wait a while.” Soon after, Naomi’s response rang out from Maya’s smartwatch.

This was the first time she hesitated so badly. They could hear her difficulties and concerns.

Clara frowned. She had a bad feeling that something happened. She could not help but look at Scott. Even Jasper was looking at Scott.

Something happened between the two of them.

Edith, on the contrary, was just walking calmly without any hint of expression on her face.

Scott continued walking. Since the weather was warmer, he was no longer wearing a jumper, but only his shirt and pants.

The back of his shirt looked a little crumpled as if he just came directly from a flight instead of heading home to change first.

Gone was his usual casualness whenever he came to the family dinner. At that moment, he just looked exhausted from work.

How strange! Clara did not see him for only a month, but he looked like a changed man.

In what way? It was the difference between having a wife and not having one.

When Scott still had his wife, he looked more homely and approachable. It was all gone now.

“Ah, how long do I have to wait? I want to eat your pastries and play with you. Can you come tomorrow?”

21 ate 3


Maya did not sense the change in the atmosphere, she continued talking to Naomi as usual.

Naomi could hear the unhappiness in Maya’s tone. She lowered her head. She could not look for Maya the next day. She had to work.


Ring! Ring!

A bicycle bell rang. Naomi was so engrossed in thinking about a response that would cheer Maya up that she did not hear the bell.

Naturally, she did not realize a bicycle was coming at her.

Charles noticed. He immediately yelled, “Be careful!

He pulled Naomi over. She fell into his arms with a slight groan.

Charles heard it. He thought that he must have pulled her into his arms so quickly that she got hurt from crashing into him.

He ignored the cycler and immediately lowered his gaze, looking at Naomi in his arms. “Are you hurt?


tone was filled with concern and worry.

Charles’s voice was caught on call. Everyone heard him clearly via Maya’s smartwatch. At that moment, they were dead silent.

Everyone looked at Scott.

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