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Pursuing My Ex Wife in a Blooming Spring Chapter 130

Chapter 130
Dylan smirked in delight when he saw it had worked. He quickly got the chauffeur to put the luggage down and leave, closing the door behind them.

There was a floral scent in the room, making the room feel more romantic than it was.

Naomi was stunned, and her mind blanked.

Although she was once married and shared the bed with Scott for three years, they had never been intimate. They had never even held hands.

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However, at that moment, she was leaning against him. Their bodies pressed tightly against each other. His masculine scent overwhelmed her, and she did not know how to react.

Her heart was beating wildly, and her body stiffened like a log. She had never felt like that before.

The air was deadly silent.

The room had brilliant soundproofing. There was not even a peep from the bustling city below.

They could hear their breathing and their hearts beating clearly.

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Scott grabbed onto her tightly, wrapping his huge hands around her slender arm. He felt the warmth from her body.

He said nothing nor moved. His gaze merely darkened.

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A phone suddenly vibrated.

The initially quiet vibration was magnified under that situation. Naomi jolted and came to her senses.

She immediately let go of Scott and took a few steps back. She looked flustered, but she tried to calm herself down. “I-I’m sorry.”

She scanned her surroundings and saw her luggage by the side. She immediately said, “I’ll go get myself another room.”

Then, she grabbed her luggage and left.

Dylan was the one who deliberately planned for that to happen. It was pointless of her to explain. All she could do was apologize and distance herself. That was what she should do.

Naomi had basic manners and morals. She and Scott were already divorced. She should not have any physical contact with him if she could avoid it. That was for the best.

However, due to work, they had to be in contact. She had to watch out and behave to ensure she did not cross the line.

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The incident that happened a moment ago was a huge no-no. That would cause misunderstanding. Someone would get hurt, especially someone she cared about. It would be bad if her friends here were to find out about it, too.

Naomi quickly left the room and entered the elevator, heading down.

Scott stood in the same spot, listening to her getting further away from him before disappearing. He looked at the floor to ceiling window. Through the reflection, he noticed white roses and romantic candles scattered all across the room.

The slender figure that was once in the room with him vanished from his sight.

His gaze darkened gradually.

He answered just as the caller was about to give up. “Hello?”

“Mr. Lawson, we found out who was the one who leaked your whereabouts. It’s the deputy manager in charge of the collaboration project with Carver Corporation. What do you want us to do?”

Scott looked ahead without any ounce of compassion in his eyes. “Fire him.”


He hung up. He looked out at the night skies.

Fortunately, there were still empty rooms in the hotel. Naomi booked a single room on the 32nd floor.

She took her keycard and headed to the room. She started washing up. By the time she was done, it was past 11 at night.

Usually, she would be extremely exhausted, yet she was not sleepy that night. On the contrary, she was wide awake.

She sat in bed and leaned against the headrest, deep in thought.

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