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Pursuing My Ex Wife in a Blooming Spring Chapter 133


“What?” Dylan froze at this.

“There are plenty of things that science can’t explain. Including whether heaven truly exists or not, but in my opinion, our lives end the moment our hearts stop, and there’s no such thing as heaven.”

Dylan was speechless. He did not expect Naomi to take his words so literally. If anything, he was rather amazed at how effortlessly Naomi could spout out a reply to something he said off the top of his head. All of a sudden, Dylan recalled what happened the night before while he was in the car with Naomi. He could not help but wonder if Naomi was not as naïve as she made herself out to be.

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Naomi did not seem to notice Dylan’s silence. Instead, she looked at the queue outside the museum entrance, then glanced at the time and said, “Let’s go line up.”

With that, she turned and sauntered toward the entrance, leaving Dylan standing in shock.

It was no wonder Scott was obsessed with Naomi; she was indeed a rather unique person.

Naomi thought they would need to queue like the general public, but instead, Dylan led her to a side entrance where someone was waiting to bring them inside.

Naomi finally understood what Dylan meant when he referred to Herland as “my side of town.” It turned out he had connections everywhere.

The museum that Dylan brought Naomi to was the biggest one in Herland and was over 3000 square feet, spanning three floors in total. The different floors housed different exhibits, namely Herland history, cultural arts, and antique artifacts respectively.

Chandler’s aim of expanding the museum here at Herland was to spread the culture of black wood from Horizon City. Therefore, they were planning to use the original black wood exhibits in Horizon City as a reference for building the new one in Herland. This was a sensible thought, but Quentin gave a better suggestion: to combine the black wood exhibition with the local culture of Herland to create a fusion.

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In Quentin’s opinion, every place had their own unique culture, and by combining two different cultures to nurture a new one, they would be able to put up a more extravagant and memorable display. Chandler liked this idea very much, and after some careful consideration, he decided to split the new exhibits into two sections: one to display the pure black wood culture of Horizon City, and the other to merge black wood with the unique Herland culture as a fusion.

All of these changes were subject to the design of the artifacts that would be on display and did not affect the architecture of the building. Therefore, according to their plans, they would be building a replica of the museum in Horizon City.

As a wood carver, Naomi was in charge of designing items that could combine both cultures. Before she could start this project, however, she had to familiarize herself with Herland culture. This was why she found it extremely necessary to visit the museum to retrieve some inspiration.

The moment she stepped into the museum, Naomi began scrutinizing every artifact she could lay her eyes on. Meanwhile, Dylan took up the role of a responsible tour guide and introduced everything to her patiently, including the history behind the particular item. Naomi listened to him intently and even took out her notebook and pen to take some notes.

Dylan raised his brows at this. “You’ve certainly come prepared, Naomi.”

Naomi, who was in the middle of scribbling something, replied, “This is just part of my job.”

She was here in Herland for work, not for fun.

“Um,” Dylan rubbed his nose awkwardly. A strange expression crossed his face.

Her job?

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Pursuing My Ex Wife in a Blooming Spring Novel

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