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Pursuing My Ex Wife in a Blooming Spring Chapter 135


The air seemed to run still the moment Scott’s low voice echoed through the speakers.

Dylan grinned when he heard this. “Are you still busy? Do you want to have lunch with us?”

Before Scott could even reply, Dylan chirped on, “You can’t possibly want me to have one-on-one time with Naomi, can you? This doesn’t seem too appropriate.”

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Naomi did not even flinch when she heard Scott’s voice. She knew he was busy, and if anything, perhaps he was not even in Herland anymore.

However, she lifted her head to glance at Dylan when she heard him say this, but Dylan did not seem to notice anything was wrong. If anything, he was smiling even wider now.

Scott was silent for a few moments before finally saying, “I’ll only be free the day after tomorrow.”

Dylan froze momentarily, then replied, “Don’t tell me you’re already out of Herland! How dare you! You ba—”

Before he could even finish, he glanced at Naomi and clamped his mouth shut. However, Naomi did not even look up from her notes.

Dylan watched her for a few moments in surprise. Naomi did not seem at all bothered that Scott was out of town and would not be back for a few days. He turned his attention back to Scott and continued, “How can you be so flaky? You were practically begging me to help you last night, and now you’ve betrayed me! What am I supposed to do now? I’m going to get back at you for this, Scott.”

Dylan was rather annoyed at this. Scott requested his help the night before, but he disappeared without even returning the favor. This was extremely unfair!

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“Just do what you’re supposed to. Don’t stick your nose into anything that’s none of your business.”

Dylan did not know how to respond to this. He rolled his eyes and snapped, “Fine! Don’t come crying to me once you realize you didn’t get to spend time with your beautiful wife!”

With that, Dylan turned to Naomi and said, “Let’s forget about him, Naomi. I’m going to take you to all the best food places in town, and I’ll even show you what the men in Herland have to offer. I’d like to see Scott green with envy!”

With that, he hung up.

Naomi did not understand why Dylan appeared to be so invested in her and Scott’s relationship, but Dylan was an outgoing person and liked to joke around, so naturally she did not take much of what he said to heart.

She did not even think too much about what Dylan said to Scott just now. After all, they were just friends, and she did not expend too much energy overthinking her relationships with her friends. Meanwhile, in Allenstown, Scott did not move even as the elevator doors slid open. His hand was still gripped around his phone as the dial tone echoed in his ear.

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Pursuing My Ex Wife in a Blooming Spring Novel

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