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Pursuing My Ex Wife in a Blooming Spring Chapter 137

Caleb: [Naomi, when are you free? I’m trying to keep track of everyone’s availability so that I can set a date for the reunion. Can you let me know when you’re available?]

Her old college group was unusually active recently, but Naomi did not have the time to check the hundreds of messages each day. Seeing that she did not reply to the group, Caleb sent her this message in private.

Naomi glanced at the time. The message was about an hour old. She tapped the message bar and typed a reply.

Caleb’s response came just a few moments later.

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Caleb: [I didn’t realize how busy you were. It’s fine, Naomi. You can let me know once you’ve confirmed your availability.]

Naomi told Caleb that she was unable to give him a confirmed time since she was still on a business trip in Herland. Therefore, she wanted Caleb to go ahead and set a date for the reunion with her other classmates. She would join if she happened to be free on that day.

Naomi gave him an “OK” and put down her phone, then continued to organize her notes from that afternoon.

The next morning, Dylan arrived at the same time to pick up Naomi. Then, they went for breakfast and visited the museum again. They spent yet another fruitful day at the museum. When night fell, Dylan glanced at his watch and beckoned to Naomi, “Time to pack up, Naomi!”

The corners of his lips were turned up in a gleeful smile.

Naomi nodded. “Okay.”

As soon as she got into the car, Naomi began brainstorming ideas that she could use for her designs. After spending two days in a row at the museum, she gained plenty of inspiration that she could incorporate into her designs.

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She was so immersed in her thoughts that she did not pay any attention to where they were headed, nor had she noticed the growing excitement on Dylan’s face.

All of a sudden, the car screeched to a halt in front of a building with glass doors. Dylan got out of the car and opened the passenger side door for Naomi.

Naomi’s thoughts were interrupted by the sharp screech of the brakes. She froze when she gazed out at the immaculate shrubbery, manicured lawn, and the gurgling stream sprawled before her. She was ever more stunned when she finally laid eyes on the building they were stopped in front of. “Is this-“

She got out of the car and gazed up at the building before her. Its architecture was a fusion of old Victorian with some hints of modern design. Although she stared at it for a long time, Naomi could not figure ou what sort of place this was.

It would appear like a manor, but on second glance, it did not seem to be possible.

Naomi’s gaze landed on the signage next to the front door. It was a wooden sign with someone’s intricate handwriting carved into it that read “Floral Lodge.”

Floral Lodge? This name did not give any indication of what the building was at all.

Naomi could not wrap her head around this.

Dylan was even more pleased when he saw the puzzled look on Naomi’s face. He grinned and offered her his hand. “Please, Naomi.”

Naomi turned to stare at him. She came to get to know him more over the past two days. Dylan was a man with two faces; he could carry a joke well, and yet be serious when he needed to.

The truth was, men like these were the most dangerous because you could never really tell what they were up to, but since he was Scott’s friend, Naomi did not have her guard up over the past few days at all. She trusted Dylan, but now, she could not help starting to feel frightened.

She wanted to turn Dylan down and go home instead, but she did not think it was appropriate for her to go back on her word. Besides, Dylan stuck to his word so far.

Therefore, Naomi clutched her bag close to her and followed Dylan into the building.

Dylan could tell that Naomi was uneasy, but he knew Naomi would not change her mind all of a sudden. She was a sensible and smart woman. As long as he treated her with respect, she would return the favor. People like Naomi were responsible and reliable once you got to know them. However, the key to winning their trust was to treat them with respect.

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