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Pursuing My Ex Wife in a Blooming Spring Chapter 140

However, it was understandable, since a full face and body pampering session would certainly require a lot of time.

Naomi glanced out the window. The night already fell and unleashed its unforgiving darkness over the entire Herland. The night sky was illuminated by the twinkling lights of the city. Naomi tucked her phone into her bag and stood up to get changed. She planned to return to her hotel room after this, finish up some work, then get to bed.

She stepped into the changing room, but all of a sudden, Madam Hilary appeared with a tray. “Miss Getson, these are the clothes that you will be wearing later.” Naomi froze, then glanced at the dress folded neatly on the tray.

It was an elegant, emerald green dress with pearl buttons and intricate gold trimming. Naomi furrowed her brows in puzzlement and gazed at Madam Hilary. “For me?”

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“Yes.” Seeing that Naomi appeared oblivious to this, Madam Hilary added, “Mr. Quinn instructed me to prepare this for you.”

Why did Dylan want her to wear a dress? Where were they going?

Naomi always loved wearing dresses, but she rarely wore them because they were inconvenient and would interfere with her work. Therefore, she only wore dresses for special occasions. Although she was married to Scott for three years, she never wore a dress in front of him at all.

Naomi did not know what tricks Dylan had up his sleeve, but the dress was not a particularly revealing one. it was a beautiful shade of deep emerald which accentuated its elegant cutting. It was not a dress for daily wear, but instead one that was usually reserved for special occasions.

All of a sudden, Naomi recalled what Scott said to her a couple of days ago. He mentioned that they would be meeting some of his friends but did not elaborate on where or when. However, considering that he was out of town at that moment, it was understandable that he would assign Dylan to this task instead.

Were they supposed to attend an event related to the museum’s exhibit? Did it have anything to do with the black wood exhibit?

Naomi could make an educated guess that this was the case. Otherwise, Dylan would not have gone to such lengths to bring her to a fancy spa.

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However, she did not want to assume wrongly, so she decided she would ask Dylan himself.

“Madam Hilary just put down the tray. I need to make a quick call first.”

“Alright.” With that, Madam Hilary set down the tray on a nearby table and excused herself. Naomi dialed Dylan’s number and waited patiently for him to pick up.

Dylan did not show up at all during her treatment, and he did not reply to her message yet. Perhaps he was still busy.

Although Dylan was an outgoing and playful person, Naomi could still tell from his expertise when explaining the ancient artifacts to her that he was a very serious person when it came to his work. “Sorry, the number you have dialed cannot be reached at this moment. Please try again later.”

Naomi put down her phone and, without hesitation, put the dress on.

Dylan was probably very busy. It would not be appropriate of her to bombard him with even more calls, and since he already made the necessary arrangements, she would just go along with it. Naomi changed into the dress and allowed Madam Hilary to enter the room. She then proceeded to help Naomi do her hair and makeup. Dylan clearly considered this beforehand. Naomi let her guard down and decided not to overthink this.

After about half an hour, Naomi stepped out of the room, all glammed up.

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Pursuing My Ex Wife in a Blooming Spring Novel

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