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Pursuing My Ex Wife in a Blooming Spring Chapter 146

Chapter 146

Dylan captured a shot. He smiled and quickly fiddled with his phone. A few seconds later, he sent the photo.

He noticed that the photo was successfully sent, much to his joy. He placed his phone into his pocket and quickly walked up to Naomi.

“Naomi, let’s go. I’ll take you in.”

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Naomi did not notice what Dylan was doing. She entered, and what she saw inside stunned her.

She thought that this place was a large space suitable for events or gatherings, something like those that hotels offered. She never expected to see walls of glass that opened like a fan the moment she walked in.

Looking through the glass, she saw what was inside.

It was an open-air courtyard with assorted plants, rockery, and even a tiny brook. Designer furniture had been placed all around. The scenery was beautiful.

People dressed up to the nines chatted away in their seats. Some of them were standing in pairs, drinking. It looked like some party or something.

However, this party was vastly different from the ones that Naomi knew. She noticed that all of them had different colored drinks in their hands. Perhaps it was because she rarely attended parties like this, so even if this was different from what she knew, she did not give it much thought.

Dylan noticed Naomi looking around. He did not offer to explain. He merely said with a smile, “Naomi, this way.”

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Naomi nodded.

They headed forward into a glass corridor. They could see outside clearly.

Naomi walked in silence, looking around. She never asked Dylan what they were doing there. She trusted Dylan.

They headed upstairs. Contents belong to NovelDrama.Org

At the same moment in the airport, Scott had just walked out with Jay following behind him carrying the luggage.

Suddenly, his phone beeped, which indicated a new message.

Scott took his phone and looked at it. Then, he stopped in his tracks.

Jay had been following after Scott. Since Scott always strode with big steps, there was some distance between them. Due to that, Jay did not bump into him when Scott abruptly stopped.

Jay immediately stopped and saw Scott looking at his phone.

He wondered what message it was. From his angle, Scott had an extremely calm expression. It was not terrifying or intimidating. Scott looked calm.

Was it…good news?

Scott looked at the photo. In an elegant hall, she was dazzling. She was no longer in her usual loose shirt and pants, but a light green gown.

The gown was gorgeous. It hugged her body well. She looked graceful and beautiful. Her long hair cascaded down her shoulders, elongating her neck. She was in high heels and a white clutch.

For a moment, he could barely recognize Naomi. It was as if she had just stepped out of a painting.

Scott’s heart skipped a beat. Then, a warmness flowed through him.

He put his phone down and looked ahead before moving forward. This time, his steps were much quicker than before.

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Pursuing My Ex Wife in a Blooming Spring Novel

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