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Pursuing My Ex Wife in a Blooming Spring Chapter 3

After Irene left, Naomi sat there thinking for a long time before getting up and leaving the study.
Everyone was an early sleeper. By ten at night, they all returned to their bedrooms and got ready for bed.
Maya wanted to sleep with Naomi. Her mother, Clara, had to persuade her for a long time before getting her to go to bed on her own.
“Good night, Aunt Naomi!” Maya waved at Naomi happily.
Naomi waved her hand and smiled gently, “Good night.
Clara tucked Maya in bed before she went to wash up. Jasper just returned. She could no longer hold back the question on her mind. She asked, “Naomi and Scott
have been married for three years. I see that Naomi likes children. Why don’t they have a kid of their own yet?”
Jasper took off his jacket. Clara took his jacket and hung it up for him. “We married early but didn’t plan on having Maya. We waited two years to have a child, but it’s been three years for them, and yet nothing. I saw Aunt Irene pulling Naomi aside today. I’m guessing they must have talked about children.”

Clara was not one to gossip. She only suddenly brought up this question because she often saw Naomi playing with Maya, yet Naomi never had a kid of her own.
Jasper understood Clara. He thought for a while before saying, “Perhaps, it’s Scott’s problem. He’s been focusing on his career all these years.”
Clara sighed. “Scott is a great guy, but he’s just too busy.”
Jasper found it rare that Clara would worry about other people, especially when it seemed that Clara was
complaining a little about Scott. He chuckled. “What? Are you standing up for Naomi?”
Clara could hear the teasing in his tone. She rolled his eyes at Jasper and took off his watch for him. “It is important to learn how to live with your sister-in-law. Naomi has a great character. She treats everyone well. Other than her family background, she is not any worse than the other wealthy heiresses.”
Then, Clara suddenly thought of something. She went in closer to Jasper and said quietly, “Do you want to hear something?”

Hearing the seriousness in her tone, Jasper asked solemnly, “What is it?”
“I recently went back to my mother’s place. She told me that Aunt Irene has recently been quite close with the Carvers’ daughter.”
“The Carvers? Olivia Carver?” Jasper furrowed his brow. Olivia was Scott’s classmate. They grew up together. If it were not for Edith, Olivia would have married Scott.
After Scott got married, Olivia left the country and did not return for three years.
“She’s back?”
Clara nodded, looking serious. “I heard my mother say that Aunt Irene’s planning on getting Olivia to marry Scott.”
“She’s not married yet?”
Clara rolled her eyes at Jasper. “Do you think they wouldn’t have informed us if Olivia was getting married?”
“You’re right.”
“You’re always at the hospital, only caring about your patients. You don’t even care about anything going on outside.”

Jasper knew that Clara was complaining that he did not spend much time with her, so he immediately hugged her. “Don’t get angry. I’ll find some time for you.”
“Hmph! Who needs you? Get off me!”
Naomi returned to the bedroom, but Scott was not there yet. Edith must have called him to see her. They were most likely talking about the business.
Although Edith was old, she still had a clear mind. She always paid attention to the business world. Every time Scott returned home, she would find some time to
speak to Scott alone. Edith thought highly of Scott. She had high hopes for him.
Naomi washed up and laid Scott’s change of clothes out in the bathroom. She tidied up the countertop and placed his things neatly on them. After doing that only then did she return to her bed and cover herself under the sheets.
Late at night, even with the rain going on, the silence was deafening.
“Tomorrow morning.” Scott was talking on the phone as he opened the door to the bedroom. The dim warm lights made him seem less authoritative.

“Hmm. That’s all for now.”
Naomi was not asleep yet. She heard the door close and Scott talking on the phone while he entered the room.
He had a melodious and deep voice. It was rich, mature, and sonorous. Just like him.
Naomi said nothing. She did not move as well. She was lying on her side, facing the window wall.
She shut her eyes, pretending to be asleep.
Scott ended the call quickly and placed his phone on the coffee table. He walked into the bathroom.
After coming out from his shower, he headed to bed and lay down next to Naomi.
He always had a good sleeping posture. He lay flat on his back and tucked himself under the covers. The lights switched off automatically.
It was complete darkness.
Scott closed his eyes.
“Let’s get a divorce.”

Pursuing My Ex Wife in a Blooming Spring Novel

Pursuing My Ex Wife in a Blooming Spring Novel

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