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Pursuing My Ex Wife in a Blooming Spring Chapter 6

Chapter 6


Amelia Reed spat a mouthful of water out.

Thankfully, Naomi reacted quickly. She picked up a folder and blocked her face with it, preventing herself from getting splashed.

Amelia coughed so violently her face reddened. Naomi quickly got up and patted her back while handing her tissues.

After a while, Amelia finally calmed down. She looked at Naomi as if Naomi went mad. “Divorce? Are you nuts? Why are you divorcing Scott?

“Naomi, I’m telling you. You better go home right now and take a cold shower. Once you’ve cleared your mind, come and look for me. No. No. Don’t look for me to be your divorce attorney. Go to a different law firm. Goodbye! Have a nice day!”

Amelia started wiping her wet desk, completely ignoring Naomi.

Naomi said helplessly, “He agreed to it already.”

Amelia paused what she was doing. She looked at Naomi seriously as if trying to read what was on her mind. She was wondering what on earth could happen that Naomi would ask for a divorce.

Naomi sighed. “It’s been three years. He doesn’t like me at all. Continuing this marriage will just be a waste of everyone’s time. It’s much better to get a divorce.”

“Did he have an affair?” Amelia narrowed her eyes, clearly not buying what Naomi said. She stared at Naomi intently, trying to have a read on her.

Naomi chuckled. “No. He’s not that type of person.”

“Then what is it? Don’t tell me that you suddenly had an epiphany or whatever crap that you’re about to say. I won’t buy it. I know you better than your mother! Come on, fess up!”

They were best friends since they were kids. 20 years of friendship in total. Amelja was indeed one. who knew Naomi the best. Since Naomi went to look for Amelia, naturally, she was not planning to hide anything from her.

What she said to Amelia was not a lie. It was just not the entire truth.

Rome was not built in a day. Things did not just happen overnight.

Naomi thought for a while and said, “We’ve been married for three years and he never once touched.


Amelia thought of all the possibilities, but never would she have thought that it was this!

She widened her eyes in disbelief and asked loudly, “What did you say? He never touched you?”

hate 3

Amelia’s voice was so loud she attracted the attention of the other colleagues. She quickly covered her mouth and went in closer to Naomi. She said, “Are you sure? Naomi, don’t joke.”

Naomi found it amusing seeing how Amelia’s eyes were so wide with shock that they were almost going to pop out. She smiled and looked at Amella tenderly, “Perhaps I’ve already thought of divorcing him a long time ago. Or perhaps I knew that the person that he liked returned. She waited for him all this while not getting married. This was why when his mother talked to me about not having children after three years, that gave me the strength and opportunity to ask for a divorce.”

“He’s very obedient to his family, so if I didn’t ask for a divorce, he’d never bring it up. For the past three years, I was initially hopeful, but then it turned to worry. Right now, I’ve resigned to my fate. I have accepted it. Now is the time.

“Amelia, please help me come up with a draft of the divorce papers. I don’t want anything. It’s much better this way. I wish him all the happiness in the world, at the same time, I wish it for myself too. As long as we are both doing well.”

Naomi said with a faint smile. There was no hint of complaint or resentment in her tone at all. She was extremely calm.

Amelia furrowed her brows tightly, not saying anything.

Three years. A husband never touched his wife once. Other than the fact that he did not love her, what

else could it be?

A woman surviving in a marriage without feelings for three years was not easy at all.

“Alright! I’ll draft the papers for you. Once you divorce him, you’ll surely get to marry a better man!”

“Haha, alright.”

Pursuing My Ex Wife in a Blooming Spring Novel

Pursuing My Ex Wife in a Blooming Spring Novel

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