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Pursuing My Ex Wife in a Blooming Spring Chapter 99

Chapter 99

It had been more than seven hours since Charles last texted Naomi. Alas, no replies from her yet.

He barely slept the night before. He worked until early in the morning and headed straight to campus.

He had been waiting for her message. He had no idea if she was awake or if she had seen his text


Based on his understanding of her, Charles knew that Naomi should be up already at this hour. She also should have seen the message and replied to him, but…

Charles did not dare to continue the thought. He pulled out his car keys and got out of the car.

Amelia told him that Naomi and that man were no longer in contact. After the divorce, they were barely even friends. Naomi was serious when she wanted to split ways with him.

Amelia told him to go for her with all his might.

Charles trusted Amelia. He also trusted Naomi.

He told himself not to be anxious. He needed to be patient. She would reply to his message, and all he needed to do was wait.

Shutting the door, Charles took his phone and documents and headed into the building.

Right at this moment, the phone in his palm vibrated. He stopped in his tracks and immediately picked up the phone. It was a message from Naomi.

[I’m so sorry, Charles. I slept last night, so I missed your message. Are you busy right now? If you’re free, let me know.]

Charles stopped on the stairs to read the message. A grin slowly appeared on his face.

His fingers fled across the screen. In less than a few seconds, he made a call.

Naomi waited by her phone after sending the text as she was worried Charles had an emergency.

When her phone finally rang and she realized it was Charles calling, Naomi sighed in relief. Luckily, he was not busy at that moment.

She answered the call calmly, “Hey, Charles.”

At that moment, Charles, who had been worried the entire night, felt relieved.

“Have you had your breakfast?”

“I just had. What about you?”

“I… Me, too.”

Charles had not eaten anything. All he could think of was her. He did not have any appetite at all. It was only when he heard her voice that he felt a pang of hunger. It was time for some food.

Naomi heard the pause in his response. “Did something happen?”

Naomi quickly continued, “I’m really sorry. I was too exhausted last night, so I ended up in a deep. sleep. I didn’t hear my phone vibrate. You can tell me now if anything’s bothering you. Did something happen?”

She sounded serious and sincere. There was a hint of apology in her tone as well, tinged with worry.

She was afraid that it affected him somehow because she missed her message.

Charles blinked and smiled. “Yes, but it was nothing serious. I took care of it.”

“For real?”

“Yes. Don’t worry, it wasn’t anything serious. I only remembered about it while working late at night last night. Don’t worry.”

“I see. Well, Charles, if you need me next time, you can just call me. Don’t send me messages. I’ll pick up if I hear the phone ring.”

She only set her phone on silent mode or shut it off under special circumstances. Otherwise, she would typically put her phone on ring and vibrate mode, even at night.

She was afraid that she would miss important calls.

Charles smiled. “Alright.”

All his worry and fear vanished just in one phone call. Charles‘ mind was no longer in a mess at that



Pursuing My Ex Wife in a Blooming Spring Novel

Pursuing My Ex Wife in a Blooming Spring Novel

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