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Reclaiming The Rejected Omega by Dammylizzy Chapter 11

Chapter 11


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Jane cut the call on me.

But I didn’t try to stop her or explain anything to her. I did a bad thing and I was the most despicable scumbag to her, but I did nothing to change her mind, probably because I didn’t want to.

I had my

y reasons for rejecting her and that was certainly not because she was obsessed with me. If anything. I loved the attention she always gave me and the fact that she was always there when I needed someone to rely

She knew me more than anyone else, knew my pain points and my goals and strengths and she was definitely

not someone I would love to lose.

She wasn’t a weak and powerless wolfless Omega because the Jane I had known since I was a kid was strong and didn’t let the fact that she was wolfless hinder her from getting what she wanted.

However, I couldn’t be with her. I didn’t know why the Moon Goddess paired the both of us together, and as

much as I was in love with her, I couldn’t be with her.

That was another reason why I didn’t let her know that I was in love with her, because I somehow felt that things

wouldn’t work out between us.

She was cursed and would become a big disadvantage to me and the whole pack. I couldn’t let a woman with a cursed fate become the Luna of the pack just because of a measly feeling.

Right now, I hated her because I found out that her cursed fate was the reason why my father died, but I found it so hard to tell her that. Everytime I tried to do that, I always found myself backing off.

I had to protect my pack, even though it meant betraying the woman I loved. She was cursed and would lead to the fall of the pack if I let her stick around. That was why I had to send her away, rather than let the pack members find out about it and order her execution.

Lian was my

my wife now and the Luna of this pack, someone who had a better fate than Jane and who wasn’t cursed. Asides that, she was also powerful and influential and I could use her connections for the betterment of the pack.


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Emergency calls only bo

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She was indeed better than Jane, who was nothing but a woilless Omega, and it was better let go of her now to catch a bigger fish, Jane was my past and Lian was my present and in gang on be my future.


found Alpha John really strange, considering the fact that he was envestirapping on my conversation which

didn’t concern him..

Why were you eavesdropping on my conversation?” asked him as he stood up from the ground, still grinning.

I know it was very tude and unethical, but I couldnt helpbut get curious when I heard you crying. I also happened to overhear your conversation with himseltapethatdoesn’t bother you much,” he apologized in his own way, but it still felt rude to him.

“It is bothering me. I understand that i amimyourhouse and am a visitor here, but I also have my rights, especially when it comes to my personal life. You offered to let me stay here and I agreed, but that doesn’t mean you can overstep your boundaries. I have myownprivacyandil hope you can respect that, Alpha John, “1 reprimanded, trying to be as respectful as couldleventhough I didn’t care what he thought.

“Miss Jane, you’re crossing the line here.apoingize for mot respecting your privacy, but I was only concerned when I heard you crying when I clearty sadlyoushould be sleeping. Besides, why did you call him? If you knew. you were going to get emotional and ryliike a child, then why did you call him?” He retorted, raising his voice att


“What?” I asked in disbelief. “What in your business with whether I call him or not? He is my mate and the father of my babies away and I can call him wherever want to,” I snapped at him,

“It’s my business because you are under my care now and you are stressing yourself out when you aren’t supposed to as per the doctor’s instructions. Besides, he isn’t your mate anymore because he rejectedtymurand he has marked and gotten married to someone else, so I would suggest that you stop being obsessed withhim and get a grip on yourselff Youushould have deleted his number from the get–go, you having his numurant! calling him just proved that you are not just obsessed and cheap, but that he made the right choiceatrout choosing someone else, he sat out, hitting a soft spot in me.


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Chapter 11

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Alpha John, that was too harsh. You don’t know me enough to speak shit about me. I agree, I was too obsessed and cheap to give a fuck about what he thought and called him, but I just wanted to know what was so special about that bitch that he chose over me. Damien and I have gone through a lot together, he stayed with me when everyone abandoned me, he scolded me when I did something bad, he stood by me and protected me when I was being bullied, he made me feel special when I thought about ending my own life,” I cried, tears dropping from my eyes to my cheeks.

“What made you think I shouldn’t be obsessed? Why do you think someone who did all those things to me suddenly rejected me after we spent a whole year together, living as mates? Why didn’t he reject me when he found out I was his mate, why did he do that after a year of being together with me? I suddenly became suffocating to him after being friends with me for more than ten years? Does that make sense to you?” I yelled at


“Jane,” he tried to talk, but I wasn’t done.

Don’t bother answering, it’s not like you would ever understand the pain I am feeling right now, “I forced at smile at him, wiping off my tears and walking out on him.

There was no need for him to understand me, I was going to let go of everything now.




Reclaiming The Rejected Omega by Dammylizzy

Reclaiming The Rejected Omega by Dammylizzy

Status: Ongoing Author: Artist:
After being cast aside and betrayed by her own mate, Jane, an omega, seeks comfort and refuge in the embrace of another alpha. But when she discovers she is carrying triplets, her life takes a dangerous turn. Kidnapped by a perverted werewolf assassin, Jane must fight for her survival and the safety of her unborn children. Meanwhile, her former mate, Alpha Prince Damien, realizes the truth and embarks on a relentless pursuit to win back his lost love. In a world filled with secrets, manipulations, and a love triangle, Jane’s hidden pregnancy becomes the key to unraveling the tangled web of deception. Can love triumph over betrayal, and will Jane find redemption and a chance at a happily ever after?


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