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Reclaiming The Rejected Omega by Dammylizzy Chapter 15

Chapter 15

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I woke up earlier than I expected, unable to sleep again. I decided to freshen up and go downstairs while waiting for the others to wake up.

I went downstairs and I saw that the lights in the kitchen were turned on which meant that someone was there. I walked inside, only to see Stanley cooking.

Good morning, Jane,” he greeted me as soon as he saw me and I frowned at him.

Why are you cooking so early? Everyone is still asleep or are you going somewhere?” I asked but he shook his head.

“I cook early like this because we all wake up by six to start preparing for work,” he answered and my lips curved to form an ‘o‘. It was four in the morning and it was pretty normal for him to wake up by this time to cook.

“What about you? You should be resting, so why are you here?“.

I woke up and found it hard to sleep again, so I decided to come downstairs to watch a movie before you guys. woke up. I didn’t know that I was going to meet you here,” I answered him.

“Can I help?” I asked after a moment. It didn’t feel nice that he was cooking while I was doing anything.

“No. You should go sit down or better still, go watch your movie,” he suggested, but I shook my head, pouting.


“I don’t feel comfortable letting you cook while I watch, I’m not used to being taken care of, so I want to help, “I argued, but the look on his face showed that he wasn’t going to let me.

“You can help me after you have given birth, Jane, but I can’t let you do that now. You might get nauseous just by the scent of the food and I can’t let that happen for your sake, my sake and the sake of the food,” he explained, dismissing the topic with a wave and continued what he was doing.

I sniffed, staring at him with puppy eyes. Tears rolled down my cheeks as he looked up at me, his eyes widening

in surprise.

Jane, why are you crying?” He asked, worry written all over his face, but it only made me burst into tears. I was



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Chapter 15

feeling very emotional and I was pretty sure it was because of the pregnancy.

*043% 12:39

“I don’t know. You didn’t let me help you and it made me sad,” I whined and he scoffed, handing me a knife.

“Fine, go cut the veggies. But if you try to throw up or cut yourself, then I would never allow you in the kitchen even after you give birth, “he threatened and that was enough to brighten my mood.

I vigorously nodded and stood up from the chair I was sitting on, rushing to where the washed veggies were, washing my hands before I started working on them.

How was your job hunting?” He suddenly asked and I shook my head.

It didn’t go as I expected. Like you said, no one accepted me because of my pregnancy,” I answered.” But, John has agreed to find a job for me, so I am counting on him,

“He should have let you rest at home, why let you work?” He muttered audibly.

“I was the one who pressured him to do so, you don’t have to blame him, “I confessed and he sneered at me.

“I called Damien yesterday, “I informed after a moment and he snapped his head to look at me.

You still have his number?” He asked and I snorted.

“You’re asking the exact same question John asked me, “I uttered. Yes, I couldn’t bring myself to delete the number and I still can’t. He was the only friend I had since I was a kid, it didn’t feel right that I was going to abandon him just because he did the same to me, “I admitted, but he only scoffed at what I said.

“You’re damn loyal after all he has done to you, “he tutted. “So, why did you call him and what did he say?”

“I was trying to sleep and I could because flashes of his face appeared every time I closed my eyes. So, I went. ahead to fill up my curiosity and called him, wanting to know why he rejected me after a year of being together and maybe if he gave me a reasonable answer, I could tell him that I was carrying his baby,”

“But?” He raised a brow and I chuckled. Stanley was one person that always knew what I was thinking.

But, he insulted me instead, calling me obsessed, weak and unworthy of him. I ended up cursing him while crying, only to find out that John had been eavesdropping on our conversation. That led to a fight between the both of us with more tears from me, until he came to apologize. “I expounded and he giggled.



Chapter 15

*043% 12:39

“Why have you been acting so emotional? Is it because of the baby?” He asked and I shrugged.

If only I knew, but I think so. Anyway, I don’t think I would ever be calling Damien again. I believe I have been humiliated enough by him,” I stated.

“Of course. You should even delete his number if you can, he isn’t worth any of your tears. You should start a new life, delete his number from your phone and memory, work hard to make money to be able to take care of your kids and start living for yourself now,” he advised and I nodded, liking that.

“Of course. I would delete his number when we’re done cooking, “I responded and he smiled at me.

“You have us now, we’ll always be here for you no matter what,” he assured and I nodded again.

There was no need for me to be so worried, I have gotten a new family for myself now and I was pretty sure that I would enjoy my stay here while it lasted.

But.I couldn’t rely on them like I did with Damien and my parents, I couldn’t make that mistake twice or else, I would be disappointed again.



Reclaiming The Rejected Omega by Dammylizzy

Reclaiming The Rejected Omega by Dammylizzy

Status: Ongoing Author: Artist:
After being cast aside and betrayed by her own mate, Jane, an omega, seeks comfort and refuge in the embrace of another alpha. But when she discovers she is carrying triplets, her life takes a dangerous turn. Kidnapped by a perverted werewolf assassin, Jane must fight for her survival and the safety of her unborn children. Meanwhile, her former mate, Alpha Prince Damien, realizes the truth and embarks on a relentless pursuit to win back his lost love. In a world filled with secrets, manipulations, and a love triangle, Jane’s hidden pregnancy becomes the key to unraveling the tangled web of deception. Can love triumph over betrayal, and will Jane find redemption and a chance at a happily ever after?


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