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Reclaiming The Rejected Omega by Dammylizzy Chapter 17

Chapter 17


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Alec was more fun than I thought he would be. I was having so much fun as we exercised and also gisted. It surprised me so much that we clicked.

“Jane, are you going to be Luna, Beta female or Gamma female?” He asked and I smirked, staring at him.

Why don’t you try guessing? Who do you think I will be?” I teased and he shook his head.

I’ve tried thinking about it, but I just couldn’t get the answer. The Alpha seemed so overprotective of you, but he isn’t possessive, and an Alpha is meant to be overprotective and possessive of his mate. He watches out for you, but if he was truly your mate, then he wouldn’t have let me train you, he wouldn’t want to leave you for a moment especially since you’re pregnant,” he put forth and what he was saying made so much sense.

“As for Beta Stanley, he patted you on the head before leaving which showed the affection he has for you, but he isn’t the type to let his mate go while he does something else. He is caring, but at the same time, can be as possessive as the Alpha,

“As for Gamma, he is the one that I suspect the most as you have his scent on you. But, he should have been the one to talk to me and not the Alpha. Even when they were leaving, he only waved at you, when he should have kissed you or at least, patted your head like the Beta did, but he didn’t do any. One of them should be the father, but no one is acting like your mate,” he finished and giggled,

What makes you think that one of them is the father of my babies?” I queried.

“Because I have never seen you before and you hang out with the heads of the pack, of course, it has to be one of them,” he explained, but I shook my head.

“Well, it’s neither of them. The father of my babies is none of them,” I answered..

Who is he, then? And why are you hanging out with them instead of your mate?” He questioned.

“Because my mate rejected me, but he isn’t in this Pack, though, ” I answered truthfully and he gasped.

“He rejected you even though he knows you’re carrying his child?” He asked again and I shook my head..



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Chapter 17

“He doesn’t know and I intend on keeping it that way. He is married already,” I admitted.

He’s an asshole. But, how did you end up hanging out with the Alpha, Beta and Gamma?” He questioned and I resisted the urge to groan out in frustration.

I live with them. They saved me and I live with them. Since I’m new here, I either have to follow them everywhere, or stay at their house and get bored, “I responded, getting tired of his questions.

“But…..” he tried to say and I was quick to cut him off.

Enough about me, let’s talk about you now. Have you found your mate already?” I asked and he nodded.

“We found each other two years ago and we have been dating since then. We’re getting married before the year runs out,” he announced and I clapped.

Congratulations in advance. She must be so lucky to have you, you are a nice person, “I complimented, but he shook his head.

“I’m the one who is lucky to have her. She is nice, caring, sweet and fun as well. I don’t think I would be able to live without her,” he dreamily spoke out and I smiled sadly.

That was how it was supposed to be between mates, but Damien didn’t even let me enjoy the joy of having a mate, instead, he rejected me, leaving me with something to use to remember him.

Jane, “I heard Stanley call out and I turned to look at him, smiling as he waved at me.” Let’s go back, we’re done already,” he said, coming closer to me and I stood up from the floor, slapping off the dirt in my pants.

“Alec, thank you so much for keeping me company, I’ll be coming often so we can talk more. And my regards to your mate, tell her that I send my greetings, “I told him and waved before walking away with Stanley beside me.

“You must have had fun with Alec,” he pointed out and I nodded, grinning.

“I did. I didn’t know that he was so fun, easy–going and nice. It was as if I had finally found a friend, ” I replied, jumping as we walked up to where the remaining two guys were.

“Whoa! Someone seems really happy,” David noted and I laughed sheepishly.

“Thank you John, I was able to have a friend aside from Damien for the first time in my life and it’s all thanks to you,” I appreciated as we started walking back to the house.



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Chapter 17

So, what’s the next thing for us to do?” I asked, being super hyper and John faked a smile at me.

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“We’re going back home, you are going to take your bath and go to sleep. You weren’t able to sleep well yesterday, so you have to do that,” he responded.

“Why are you being so strict to me? Even my dad wasn’t this strict,” I whined, pouting my lips as I folded my


“Because you aren’t being careful with yourself,” he fired back and I sneered at him, making the others burst into laughter.

When will you two stop arguing about this same topic?” David asked, interrupting our conservation.

When she gives birth,” Stanley replied and both of them bursted into laughter, clapping their hands as they did even though I didn’t find it funny..

“You guys are mean,” I pointed out, still pouting, feeling annoyed.

We soon got to the house and I went straight to my room, hopping on the bed. Before I knew what I was happening, I closed my eyes and gave in the sleep that was coming.



Reclaiming The Rejected Omega by Dammylizzy

Reclaiming The Rejected Omega by Dammylizzy

Status: Ongoing Author: Artist:
After being cast aside and betrayed by her own mate, Jane, an omega, seeks comfort and refuge in the embrace of another alpha. But when she discovers she is carrying triplets, her life takes a dangerous turn. Kidnapped by a perverted werewolf assassin, Jane must fight for her survival and the safety of her unborn children. Meanwhile, her former mate, Alpha Prince Damien, realizes the truth and embarks on a relentless pursuit to win back his lost love. In a world filled with secrets, manipulations, and a love triangle, Jane’s hidden pregnancy becomes the key to unraveling the tangled web of deception. Can love triumph over betrayal, and will Jane find redemption and a chance at a happily ever after?


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