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Reclaiming The Rejected Omega by Dammylizzy Chapter 3


I got out of his house, my small bag strapped at my back. I expected to be rejected but what I didn’t expect was to be banished from the Pack.

That was when it dawned on me that he did the right thing and was at least considerate enough to send me away.

I thought of what would have happened if he didn’t banish me. I would have to watch the both of them try to become the perfect mates and leaders of this pack while I suffered with the humiliation he had bestowed upon me, living as an Omega who was rejected by her Alpha just because she didn’t have a wolf.

They still continued with the ceremony even after they had humiliated me and Lian was crowned the Luna of the Bluemoon Pack, right in front of me, her blood being spilled on the statue that represented the Pack.

I no longer felt a bond with the Pack again nor did I carry its scent as the bond had been broken and I knew I had to leave fast before being caught by guards and taken to the dungeon,

Jane!” I heard my Mum and Dad call and stopped walking. I couldn’t bear to face them, I had brought disgrace:

to them.

I didn’t visit them before leaving for a reason, they should have understood that rather than coming here to meet me, they were trying to make things more difficult than it already was.

My daughter,” my Mum said, placing a hand on my shoulder as tears welled up in my eyes again. I thought that by now, I would be too exhausted to cry, but I was surprised as to where the tears kept coming from.

Jane, it’s not your fault and you know that,” my Dad said and I turned to look at the both of them as beads of tears kept falling from my eyes.

“Then, whose fault is it? Yours? I couldn’t even keep my mate in check and I brought disgrace upon our family, “I cried, but they shook their heads, opposing what I was saying.

No, Jane. It’s not your fault but Damien’s who couldn’t see the value you possess, who couldn’t see your worth and treated you like you were a nobody, just because of your status and defect,” Mum explained, soothing me.



“And to think that I lost my wolf because of that asshole, lost my strength while trying to save that piece of trash from rogues. He would have been the one in my position if not for what I did for him,” I cried, the tears refusing to stop no matter how I tried to stop it.

“You’re not to blame yourself, Jane, Damien has prevented us from leaving with you, but just know that no matter what, we’ll be praying for you. Be safe and healthy. “Dad said and I hugged both of them before leaving the Pack that I spent all my childhood and teenage years in.

I wiped the tears off my face as I crossed the border of the Pack, becoming a rogue. I had to survive no matter what, that was the only way I would hear Damen beg me for forgiveness.

I thought of my next destination as I walked, entering into the woods. There was no Pack that was going to accept me as a member without a referral from my Alpha, so I canceled the thought of becoming a pack member. I also couldn’t become a rogue since had no wolf and it would be difficult for me to fight and survive with no strength in me.

I had only one option left and that was to become a lone wolf and go into the human world. It would be difficulti to get my scent if I mixed them..

It was already getting dark, soll went to a nearby town, being careful enough not to cross the border of any Folk: as I could be killed for trespassing first went to a restaurant as I was starving. The ingredients I bought to mak for Damien was in my bag,, limade sure to take it before leaving as it was my money and not his.

After ordering for food waited patiently for my food to be brought to me until I felt a shadowabove me.

“Luna?” I heard a familiar voice call and I looked up to see the guy I met at the supermarket, staring at me. To say I was embarrassed wars at understatement, I felt like killing myself right at that moment.

“You look worse tham) saw you earlier. I wouldn’t have recognized you if not for the clothes you were wearing. he said and instinctively looked at my clothes before raising my head to smile sadly at him.

“Are you okay? “He asked, taking a seat in front of me, his voice laced with worry andil wanted to tell him to leave me alone, but nodded instead, trying not to be as rude as I had already been.

“You look like youre traveling. Where are you headed?“.

“I have no destination, I was banished from my Pack, “I revealed and his eyes widemedin surprise, his eyes

furrowed like he didn’t believe what I was saying.


“Are you not the Luna of your Pack? Why would you be banished in less than five hours of our meeting?” He asked curiously and I shook my head, smiling sadly.

“I told you I was mates with the Alpha, I never said I was the Luna. I was publicly rejected and banished by my mate, who was holding a ceremony for the Luna while I was in the supermarket, buying what we’ll eat for lunch, “I explained to him and he let out a sigh.

“I’m sorry you had to go through that. So, how do you plan to survive?” He asked and I shrugged since I hadn’t thought of that yet.

I’ll find a place to lay my head tonight and tomorrow, I’ll start looking for jobs to feed, “I responded and he nodded his head. “Enough about me. What are you doing here?“.

This is my Pack, the Greenwood Pack, “he responded and I stood up abruptly and began packing my things. Why? What’s wrong?” He asked, taken aback by my sudden actions.

I must avoid packs as I’m already a rogue. You also shouldn’t be seen with me or people will begin to spread rumors about you, “I explained and he bursted into laughter, urging me to sit down, which I did.

Like I said, this is the Greenwood Pack and not the Bluemoon Pack. We are welcoming as long as you don’t pose yourself as a threat. You can stay here as much as you want and yet, no one would notice you,” he explained to me and my eyes brightened as I felt like the Moon Goddess hadn’t left me yet.

“C’mon, eat and I’ll give you a place to lay your head for the night. You can then find how you’ll survive from tomorrow,” he offered and I smiled, fireworks going off in my head as my heart leaped with joy.

He got up from his seat and walked to the counter to order for food and cans back shortly. We talked about other things and how my life at the Pack was, especially as Damien’s mate until the waiters came with both of our


I picked up my spoon and began eating, but all of a sudden, I felt the urge to puke. I excused myself and Stanley looted me with worry as I left for the bathroom.

After doing my business, I walked out of the toilet, just to see him standing in front of the female section, his

arms folded to his chest.

On seeing me come out, he walked to me and supported me until we got back to our table. The food now felt disgusting to me, I had no appetite anymore and my mouth felt bitter.


Reclaiming The Rejected Omega by Dammylizzy

Reclaiming The Rejected Omega by Dammylizzy

Status: Ongoing Author: Artist:
After being cast aside and betrayed by her own mate, Jane, an omega, seeks comfort and refuge in the embrace of another alpha. But when she discovers she is carrying triplets, her life takes a dangerous turn. Kidnapped by a perverted werewolf assassin, Jane must fight for her survival and the safety of her unborn children. Meanwhile, her former mate, Alpha Prince Damien, realizes the truth and embarks on a relentless pursuit to win back his lost love. In a world filled with secrets, manipulations, and a love triangle, Jane’s hidden pregnancy becomes the key to unraveling the tangled web of deception. Can love triumph over betrayal, and will Jane find redemption and a chance at a happily ever after?


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