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Reclaiming The Rejected Omega by Dammylizzy Chapter 5


043% 12:37

I woke up the next morning feeling more energized than last night. I didn’t even know when I slept off, the last thing I remembered was thinking of how the next day was going to be.

I stood up from bed and went straight to the bathroom, freshening up before going downstairs. I perceived the aroma of food and my stomach growled in response, reminding me that I had just only an apple yesterday after ! had thrown up the food at the restaurant.

“You’re awake,” Stanley stated as soon as he saw me and I nodded, walking to him. “I saw you were sleeping and I decided to make breakfast before you woke up,” he told me and I nodded in approval.

“Good morning to you too, Stanley, “I greeted, smiling softly. “Thanks for yesterday and letting me stay in your house, “I added and he smiled back.

“It’s nothing, the house wasn’t in use anyway and it seemed dead to me. It feels more alive now that you’re here,” he told me and I nodded in understanding.

We stayed silent while I watched him make breakfast. After he was done, we went to the dining room and began devouring the food..

“What do you plan on doing now? Have you thought about it?” He asked and I nodded.

I want to work, “I replied. “I was supposed to work when I came here and that’s what I want to do now, “1 elaborated.

“Won’t that be too stressful for the baby? And it would be difficult for you to find a place where they accept pregnant women. I don’t think that’s a good idea,” he expressed his thoughts and I exhaled.

But that’s what I want to do. I have never worked in my life before and I want to try that out. This is my first time being apart from my parents and Damien, so I have to do all that I have always wished to do,” I pressed on, praying silently to the Moon Goddess that he accepted.

I wasn’t going to do it if he didn’t want me to. There was no need to do it if he didn’t accept it. Right now, he was my guardian and I couldn’t do anything that would make things difficult for the both of us.


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Chapter 5

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043% 12:37

“I don’t really know. It’s up to you and you have every right to make your own decision. It’s just that I’m worried about you,” he explained.to me and I resisted the urge to coo at that moment.

“Even though I don’t know why you are worried about a stranger you just met, I’m still glad to know that I have someone who has helped me. I didn’t know I would be able to survive Damien’s rejection, but here I am now, still able to eat,” I told him.

Talking about eating, I hope the food is to your liking? You don’t feel nausea or anything, right?” He asked and I nodded. “Thank goodness, because I had to research food for pregnant women before I started cooking,” he confessed and I chuckled, amused and at the same time, thankful.

After breakfast, we went outside the house and I started searching for a place where I can work full–time from there.

Despite Stanley’s plea to let him go with me, I refused, knowing that he also had to work and I couldn’t let him sacrifice his day for me.

After a lot of arguments, I finally won and he went his way, promising to check up on me at night. I began walking with no particular destination in mind, but my feet ended up taking me to the marketplace.

I began searching for places, hoping to see just one place that would accept me. Even if the pay wasn’t much, I was willing to do it.

Unfortunately, none of the places I saw were willing to accept a pregnant woman to work for them, just like Stanley said.

I was beginning to get tired. I had searched more than ten places that were in need of a worker, but they refused. to accept me because of my predicament.

Despite that, I wasn’t going to give up. I was going to search until I had gotten what I wanted.


All of a sudden, I heard distant screams and a lot of people were running towards me. I contemplated if I should run as well, but I kicked against the idea.

Given my current state, I was not in the right position to run with them. I had to do everything I could to protect my baby, and I couldn’t risk life right now.


043% 12:37

Chapter 5


I took a few steps back as I saw that they were almost where I was. I wanted to find out what was happening as my curiosity popped out.

As they ran, I heard some of them talking about robbery and terrorism by a group of rogues that were always attacking the marketplace.

I also heard that people had to run for their lives in order to avoid being beaten to death and the Alpha had been trying so hard to find them, but they were like ghosts.

I soon saw them, they were coming with a SUVend my eyes locked with one of them. I immediately lowered my head and shifted back to avoid creating unwanted attention for myself, but it was too late.

The yan stopped in front of me and two able–bodied men came down from the van and walked towards me, a. scowl on their faces.

We need you to come with us,” one of them said in a deep voice and I raised my head, biting my lips as I began to panic. The marketplace was silent as everyone watched, but they were too scared to help.

For what?” I managed to ask without stuttering and before I knew what was happening, I was being pulled into the van, a handkerchief used to cover my nostrils.

I knew what it was and the moment I breathed into it, I slipped into darkness, going unconscious.



Reclaiming The Rejected Omega by Dammylizzy

Reclaiming The Rejected Omega by Dammylizzy

Status: Ongoing Author: Artist:
After being cast aside and betrayed by her own mate, Jane, an omega, seeks comfort and refuge in the embrace of another alpha. But when she discovers she is carrying triplets, her life takes a dangerous turn. Kidnapped by a perverted werewolf assassin, Jane must fight for her survival and the safety of her unborn children. Meanwhile, her former mate, Alpha Prince Damien, realizes the truth and embarks on a relentless pursuit to win back his lost love. In a world filled with secrets, manipulations, and a love triangle, Jane’s hidden pregnancy becomes the key to unraveling the tangled web of deception. Can love triumph over betrayal, and will Jane find redemption and a chance at a happily ever after?


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