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Redeem My Rejected Luna And Genius Quadruplets Chapter 19

Chapter 19


Anger was an understatement to how I felt I was seething with rage.

I had dozed off for a few minutes and Sky had to go out of the room which was assigned to us and not just that, he had to meet with the man I dreaded. I didn’t want a relationship between Adrian and the children. It was for their own good, I didn’t want them to get too attached to someone who wouldn’t be there for them.

Walking briskly, I went back to the med bay where the patients were to check up on them but it seemed someone had beat me to it Will Will’s hands had stopped abruptly in mid air from where he was feeling the pulse of a patient and I knew that it was because he was aware of my presence.

He stood up, turned to me and made to walk out – it was so funny how he was trying to avoid my presence like the plague

I grabbed his arm before he could leave and gently pulled him back.

“What’s wrong?” I asked as I pulled him back, my fiery eyes were searching his for even a bit of shock or uncomfort but I found none it was almost like he had gotten over my arrival.

“Yes, Tessa?” He asked, looking into my eyes.

“You seemed quite nervous a couple of hours ago to see me but it seems that you’re quite relaxed now” I noted, my hand on his shoulder

“Is there a reason why I’m supposed to be bothered, Tessa?” He said it with so much cool but I couldn’t miss out on the tiny

note of nervousness.

“Depends, 6 years ago, you did something, something that I’m here for” I said smiling.

Colour drained from his pale face.

“So you’re here to kill me? I would have expected better from someone who is a medic” He said slowly choosing his words.

I laughed quietly so as not to disturb the sleeping patients.

“Kill you? That would be far too nice of a punishment” I said smiling ruefully at him.

I knew I got him right where I wanted him and it gave me a sense of triumph.

“Cat’s caught your tongue….. Will?” I slurred

That was the last straw, Will looked so done, he shot me a look and walked out.

I didn’t bother to watch him go rather I focused on the sleeping figures of the wolves.

“Everything seems fine” I muttered under my breath.

I turned to go and was startled by the person at the doorway watching me – The Luna

“You startled me, I didn’t realize you were there” I said clutching my chest – literally, I didn’t realize she was there, no scent and it was like she moved in air.

She pushed herself off the doorway, her cat eyes watching over me in a way that made my skin crawl.

“Don’t be, I move around quite quietly” She said and I must say that if it was another person, they may have fooled by the sweet alluring voice she had. I almost got swayed honestly.



Chapter 19

“It’s quite late, what are you doing here?” I asked looking around nervously. I didn’t like the way her venomous eyes were on

“I needed to speak to you” She said.

I struggled to look at her.

“What about?” I asked.

She gave a smile that I didn’t like, it was one that masked what was really hidden deep down.

“Well, you know I was here yesterday to meet my husband” She said stressing the word ‘my husband‘

I ignored those words and simply nodded

“So Adrian was so bothered by your arrival so of course I did what a doting wife would, I did my research about you” She said looking intensely at me and it was not a friendly gaze.

I licked my dry lips and forced a smile wondering where this conversation was going.

“You’re Tessa. I heard of you when I newly got here, not from Adrian though, he hated speaking about you then now you’re back and I found out that you were the one that cheated on Adrian” She said with a side smile.

My fists clenched by my sides – she was fast testing my patience and I didn’t want to snap first because I didn’t want to land. a slap on her dolled up face.

“I’m guessing you didn’t just fish up this information in one day” I said.

She moved closer to me and I noticed that she was a bit shorter than me.

“Smart girl, you’re right. I did do my research a lot more earlier, then I had to come see who the woman who had an affair outside her marriage was” She said and I wanted nothing than to smack the smug smile off her face.

Guess we’re introduced now, huh?” I said

She pointed an incredibly long and slim finger to me.

“I guess so, I was surprised to know that you were the medic, wow the Goddess really thought this true. The banished Luna is back” She scoffed.

Daphne was just as angry as I was and I couldn’t help but have this thought there was no one around so I could kill her and no one would know. It was a comforting thought honestly but I swallowed the thought down.

“I’m sure you’re not just here to remind me of my past” I noted raising an eyebrow.

She pouted

“You’re really smart…”

“Doesn’t take a brain to think of that I cut her off

She scowled at me

“I’m just here to put you in your place, don’t you dare think of seducing my husband” She said in a low tone.

I felt my eyes roll on impulse.

“Excuse me, I’m not here for Adrian. I could have ignored your pitiful call for my help but I chose to come, I can leave whenever I want and leave you and your husband to deal with this but I won’t cos that’s not what I was taught. Stop being delusional” I said with flames burning in my eyes.


Chapter 19

Her eyes darkened at my words and she moved away.

“I’ll take your word Tessa but just…” She began to say.

I didn’t let her finish when I pushed past her to go, she grabbed my arm as I tried to leave and I could feel her nails digging into my skin.

“Don’t you dare walk out on me, do you know who I am?” She asked, with her nostrils flaring

I flung her hand away.

“You’re my replacement….don’t try to boss me around because you’re a Luna” I said through gritted teeth

Her eyes widened and she scoffed.

“I could make your life a living nightmare” she said.

It was my turn to scoff.

“Go ahead, I’ll walk out. You can boss everyone here around but not me. You’d be surprised what I’d do ” I smiled at her

Her lips curved up in a sneer.

“Wow, if you were this fierce then why did you get kicked out of the Pack? Oh, I remember, you went about spreading your legs to every lowly omega in the slums” She taunted.

I could feel my temper snapping so I did what a good person would do I wanted to leave before a fight would ensue. I could probably teach her a lesson, Fenrir had taught me things in fighting

“Don’t walk out on me. Tessa” she said trailing behind me as I walked out of the med bay.

I kept silent and kept walking when she pulled my hand back to face her. The sentinels around knew better than to interfere.

“Hey! You slut!…” That was as far as she got. I gave her a resounding slap.

Her face remained twisted at an angle as she was dazed, the sentinels around began moving closer to separate us.

She flung her hair back and laughed maniacally, her face red and swollen.

“You” she cursed raising her hand to slap me when we heard a voice.

“Giselle, enough!” It was a voice I knew all too well – Adrian’s.

We both turned to look at Adrian, his face with red with anger at who? Me? Giselle?

Giselle turned her mask of anger to one of contorted pain.

“Adrian, she hit me” She whined.

Adrian wasn’t looking at her, his eyes were staring right through me. He moved closer to Giselle and looked at my palm imprints on her face.

“She’s a mere medic, how dare she?” Giselle said hissing.

Adrian bottom lip quivered.

Tessa, why did you slap Giselle?” He asked trying to use his authority.

I rolled my eyes.

“Why don’t ask your Luna?” I said tauntingly.


00:10 Thu, 11 Apr

Chapter 19

He didn’t even look at Giselle.

“I’m asking you, Tessa” He said, his voice a tad higher..

I scoffed.

“Don’t you dare shout at me nor do you have the right to question me. You wouldn’t even believe me anyway” I said walking away with a few gasps behind me.

I walked away trying to go back to my children as fast as possible had I made the right decision by coming back? Why was my first day filled with so much drama?

A hurried footstep behind me made me increase my pace because I knew who was behind me. I was fast but he was faster and soon stopped me.

“What?!” I asked looking into Adrian’s eyes.

He was staring down at me.

“You’ve changed” He muttered.

I swallowed heavily.

“Living in the wild for so long is bound to change someone” I said scoffing.

His eyes roved over me.

“Look, about what Giselle did, I’m sorry. I know you’re not at fault but it’s weird to have accused her in the presence of people” He said scratching his neck.

I felt a faltering smile appear on my face.

“You’re right, you wouldn’t want to offend your Luna…” I muttered.

“Tessa, I’m sorry. Why don’t you want me to see my kids, I want to make it up” He said breathlessly.

I glared at him

““Stay away from them, Adrian” I warned pushing past him when he pulled me back – why was everyone pulling me back?

“Tessa….just list…”

I cut him off

“Just shut the hell up, Adrian. I’m not here to make things right with you, I have a job and I’m leaving when I’m done. Don’t try to force yourself back Into our lives after kicking us out” I almost yelled.

His eyes misted up.

“It was a mistake” He croaked.

I forcefully pulled his hand away from mine.

“Then this isn’t cos I’m sure of it. I don’t want you In my life” I said In a conclusive tone.

Everywhere was silent.

“Avoid us, Adrian” I said and walked out on him.

I felt tears prick my eyes as I walked off – I wasn’t as strong as I made out, I hated him, I did but there was an attachment and it was one I wanted gone. He was despicable and I was going to be here for just a short while so I just need to hold out


00:10 Thu, 11 Apr D

Chapter 19

till then

Oh Gabe, where are you? I need you, you’re my confidant so please hurry and join me here.

I walked fast to my children’s room and bolted the door behind me and fell to the ground.



I had wolves to take care of, that was my main goal, the second was to get rid of Will and expose him and the third, the third was Adrian.

Tomorrow would be a busy day as we would begin to expect changes from the treated wolves and I was looking forward to

Sleep soon fell upon me and I dozed off, a figure sitting on the floor against the door. I was ready for everything the pack had to offer, I want to prove that I’m more than the person they kicked out years ago.

Redeem My Rejected Luna And Genius Quadruplets by Big Baby

Redeem My Rejected Luna And Genius Quadruplets by Big Baby

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Tessa Hearst, the Luna of Silvermoon Pack, has no reason to wake up one morning, showing pregnancy symptoms and realizing she’s a few weeks pregnant.Her mate is impotent and she never cheated on him, so why is she pregnant? Her unexplainable ordeal stirs up an endless trail of rumors and she gets rejected and almost killed Five years later, she returns to the pack as a renowned doctor, with triplet sons that have a striking resemblance


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