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Rejected Little Secret by Lisj Chapter 18

Chapter 18

Nadia shakes her head, chuckling softly, as she closes her phone, her smile never wavering.

“I’m afraid he’s in a meeting at the moment,” With a tone full of feigned concern, she uttered the words, her voice dripping with insincerity. “But feel free to stay here with me if you’d like.”

I clench my teeth to suppress the urge to roll my eyes. The thought of staying in the same room as her for even a second longer was unbearable. But I need to talk to Zeke, and it seems like I have no other choice. Plastering a fake smile on my face, I sit down and try my hardest to block out the feeling of Nadia’s eyes watching my every action.

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Nadia’s charade of politeness continues unabated as I sit there, her words dripping with insincere concern, like venomous honey,

“You know, Maya, I’ve always admired your confidence,” Looking me up and down, she utters her words with a façade of sincerity. When she leans back on Zeke

table, I feel a sudden wave of anger wash over me. I vividly remember being twisted into all sorts of shapes by Zeke on that very table, just a few weeks ago. “It must be difficult for you, being so… different from the rest of us.”

With determination, I pressed my teeth together, suppressing the impulse to deliver a cutting retort. I know exactly what she’s up to attempting to provoke a reaction from me – but I won’t give her the pleasure. I make a conscious effort to remain calm, even though her words are like nails on a chalkboard to me.

“Ah, well, I’ve always had a knack for staying strong and resilient in tough situations.”

“Well, you’ve also been known to explore places off–limits to others. Maya, do you realize how dangerous that is? I have your best interests at heart as your best friend, which is why it’s vital that you trust my judgment.”


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As Nadia prattles on, her high–pitched voice becomes increasingly irritating, resembling the screeching sound of nails. on a chalkboard.

“Oh, but let’s not waste any more time discussing that. Get ready to celebrate because I have some incredible good news to share! Maya, you should see the way Zeke’s face lights up with a smile whenever he looks at me.” Her voice dripped with sickening sweetness as she spoke. “We’re planning our future together, you know. His dedication to me is unparalleled.”

I plaster a forced smile on my face, desperately masking the tempest of emotions brewing inside.

That’s… great.”

I manage to say through gritted teeth, but inside, I’m seething with a toxic mix of jealousy and anger. Our souls were intertwined, as Zeke and I were fated to be each other’s True Mates, connected by an unbreakable bond. Yet here he is, showering Nadia with affection, as if she’s the missing piece he’s been yearning for. And he rejected me, shattering my heart into a million pieces.


“I am sorry for not having the chance to personally tell you.” Nudia says, her voice barely audible over the rustling of her hair as she tucks it behind her ear. Clinging to herself, she forced fake tears to well up in her eyes. “I know that there was something between you and Zeke, whatever that may have been. Going against my father’s orders, let alone the command of Alpha Gavvyn, is simply not an option for me. I do hope you understand the importance of this, don’t you?”

Struggling to maintain my composure, I tightly clench my fists, trying to control the trembling in my hands. How could everyone fail to see through Nadia’s facade and understand her true intentions? It’s clear to me that she’s trouble, through and through. Yet everyone remains oblivious, easily swayed by her honeyed words and insincere


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“I’m sure you wouldn’t have agreed if you had any other options.”

With an effort, I reply, my teeth grinding together and my voice strained to sound polite. Each word spoken by Nadia Ignites the flames of jealousy deep inside me, seething with resentment.

“Honestly, I was hesitant about sharing this with you. I had absolutely no idea they were gonna announce it during his Alpha Ascension” she says. “I didn’t know if it would actually happen even. Ever since we were kids, it has been a topic of conversation that never seems to fade…”

As Nadia’s words hit me, I feel like I’ve been sucker–punched by life itself. The air gets heavy, like the whole room is pressing down on me, and I can barely breathe, She’s telling me that the arrangement of me and Zeke’s marriage was planned long before I even set foot in this pack. Planned by our families, no less! It’s like a bad joke, and I’m the punchline.

I can feel my blood boiling as anger bubbles up inside me. How could they do this to me? Didn’t they think I had a say in my own future? I’m not some pawn to be moved around on a chessboard! But before I can even open my mouth to say something. Nadia keeps talking, like a faucet that won’t turn off‘.

I choose to ignore her, turning my gaze away and focusing on anything else but her face. I can feel her eyes boring into me, like daggers stabbing into my skin, but I refuse to give her the satisfaction of seeing me break down.

But even as I try to block out her words, they echo in my mind like a broken record, replaying over and over again. The realization sinks in, heavy and suffocating, like a weight pressing down on my chest. I’m trapped in a situation I never asked for, with no way out in sight.

I can feel a lump forming in my throat, threatening to choke me as tears well up in my eyes. But I refuse to let them fall, refusing to show any weakness in front of Nadia. Instead, I clench my fists, digging my nails into my palms until I can feel the pain grounding me in reality.

Nadia’s voice fades into the background as I retreat into my own thoughts, trying to make sense of this mess I’ve found myself in.

How could Zeke do this to me?

Doesn’t he care about my feelings at all?

“Maya, I’m sorry if this is making you feel upset. I had never wished for this outcome.”

As Nadia kneels in front of me, I can see the tension in her face as she tries to offer me a reassuring smile, but it only intensifies my anger. She’s attempting to portray herself as a caring friend, but I can easily see past her mask. Just like her smile, her apologies are nothing more than a facade, and I won’t be fooled by her manipulative behavior.

Fueled by anger, I strike out, the force of my hand meeting Nadia’s check echoing through the air. Her face contorts in shock as she instinctively covers it with her hand, but she remains passive. Instead, her eyes widen as she stares at me, seemingly unable to comprehend the recent events.

“How dare yo

you,” My face turns red with anger, my voice quivering with rage. “You think you can just waltz in here and pretend to care? You stole my True Mate away from me, and now you have the audacity to act like you’re sorry?”

For a brief moment, Nadia’s smile falters, but she swiftly recovers, her expression returning to an artificial, mask–like grin. “Maya, I didn’t mean to–”

“Don’t even try to deny it,” I cut her off, my voice rising in volume. “I saw the way you looked at Zeke, like he was some prize to be won. You knew he was mine, but you went after him anyway. You betrayed our friendship, Nadia, and I’ll never forgive you for that.”

My eyes well up with tears, but I muster the strength to keep them from streaming down my face. I won’t let Nadia see the tears welling up in my eyes, denying her the satisfaction she seeks. Instead, I stand my ground, my fists tightly clenched at my sides, my eyes locked in a fierce glare.

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Nadia’s smile finally fades, replaced by a look of genuine hurt.

“Maya, please, I never meant to hurt you,” she pleads, reaching out for me. But I jerk away, unable to stand the sight of her false sympathy any longer. “Maya-”

“You’ve done quite enough already,” I snap, my voice dripping with disdain. “Just stay away from me, Nadia. I don’t want to see your face ever again.”

It’s like my words are falling on deaf ears as Nadia ignores everything I say. She tries to grab my hand once more, but my fury takes over and I violently push her, causing her to plummet to the ground.

I can see the shock and fear in her eyes as she lands with a thud, but she doesn’t fight back, just clutches her cheek where I slapped her.

In that moment, a heavy silence hung in the air, interrupted only by the sound of Nadia’s trembling breaths and my own labored inhales.

Suddenly, the door bursts open, causing a loud bang that echoes throughout the room. Zeke bursts into the room, his gaze heavy and accusing, making me feel the weight of his stare. The sight before him leaves him in utter shock. Nadia is sprawled on the ground, and I am standing over her, my hands trembling with a mix of rage and disbelief. “What’s going on here?” Zeke demands, his voice laced with frustration. “Did you hurt her?!”

As his words landed, it felt as though my breath had been knocked out of me, leaving me momentarily frozen in shock. He has the audacity to point fingers at me, completely ignorant of the fact that Nadia has been weaving a web of lies and manipulation. Without giving me a chance to collect my thoughts, Zeke’s demeanor quickly shifts from urgency to genuine concern as he moves towards Nadia.

“Nadia, are you okay?” Crouching down beside her, he softly asks and tenderly brushes his fingers against her cheek. At the sight, my heart shatters, and inside me, my wolf whimpers in pain “What happened?”

Nadia’s tears flow freely now, and she sniffles as she looks up at Zeke, her eyes wide with feigned innocence. Her tears glisten on her cheeks.

“I was just telling her what happened, Zeke,” Tears streamed down her face as she let out a trembling cry, her voice filled with overwhelming emotion. “I was honest with her, but she wasn’t happy. I didn’t want us to have a fight. I’m sorry, Maya. I’m sorry.”

I can feel my blood boiling as I listen to her lies, my anger reaching a boiling point. How dare she twist the truth like this, painting me as the villain when she’s the one who’s been scheming behind my back all along? I clench my fists, my nails digging into my palms until I can feel the sharp sting of pain.

But even as the anger pulses through me, I know that I can’t let it consume me. I have to stay calm, to find a way to prove my innocence and expose Nadia for the manipulative liar that she is. With a deep breath, I force myself to speak, my voice trembling with suppressed rage.

“That’s not true,” I say, my words coming out in a low growl. “Nadia started it. She’s lying to you, Zeke! She’s been lying this whole time-!”

Zeke’s brows knit together in a puzzled expression as he scans the room, his eyes desperately seeking clarity amidst the chaos. As Nadia plays her part, her tears flow profusely, resembling a rushing river, while she tightly holds onto Zeke’s hand, her trembling fingers adding to her fabricated vulnerability.

“I dow

know what you’re talking about, Maya,” Zeke let out a sigh, his voice filled with doubt as he finally spoke. “Nadia would never lie to me.”

His words hit me like a ton of bricks, sending a chill down my spine and filling me with an overwhelming sense of fear. How can he be so oblivious to her manipulations, so readily accepting her lies instead of my honest words? I am consumed by a powerful mix of frustration and helplessness, as if I am being pulled under by a current of despair.

“So, let me get this straight, you’re saying that you trust her version of events over mine?”

Zeke’s intense gaze locks with mine, piercing through me.

“Trusting his Luna is a fundamental principle that every Alpha should uphold, no matter what, Maya. Now please, leave immediately, or I will be forced to take action.”


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Rejected Little Secret by Lisj

Rejected Little Secret by Lisj

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In a world where desire burns hotter than revenge, Maya Dalton’s lifelong fantasy collides with reality. Her dreams of proudly declaring her claim to Zeke Leblanc, her mate, are shattered when he betrays her in the most intimate way possible, forsaking their connection before the world as his once dirty little secret.Maya’s life, once consumed by Zeke, teeters on the edge of chaos until a fateful encounter with Axton Hunt in the heart of the forest during her heat. Axton ignites a passion that courses through her veins like molten fire, awakening a raw hunger within her. Unlike Zeke, Axton recognizes the untapped potential that lies beneath Maya’s surface. And as Maya seeks an instrument to exact her revenge, Axton willingly lets himself be used.


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