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Rejected Little Secret by Lisj Chapter 20

Chapter 20

With each step deeper into the woods, the aroma of pine and earth grew stronger, creating a sensory symphony that heightened my sense of freedom. In this secluded spot, surrounded by the towering trees, I reveled in the freedom to unleash the intense passion that coursed through my veins. I didn’t have to think about Nadia or Zeke; all that mattered was the comforting presence of someone who looked at me with affection.

As Axton pulled me closer, his touch sent sparks of electricity through my skin, igniting a fiery trail of kisses down my neck. Surrendering myself to his touch, I felt a rush of anticipation, my heart racing in my chest and my body tingling with excitement.

“How about it, Chestnut? How about we have some fun together here?” Filled with desire, Axton’s voice murmured softly, its husky timbre adding an extra layer of intensity. My lips involuntarily let out a moan as he tightens his grip on my hip, eliciting another deep, rumbling laugh from Axton. “Your moaning is music to my ears, but I really need an answer, Chestnut. I don’t wanna make you do anything you’re not comfortable with, no pressure.”

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Our eyes locked with an intense resolve, my gaze filled with a fiery passion as I nodded in agreement.

“I want this,” My voice was barely a whisper, filled with longing, as I gently tugged him closer, our lips so close they almost touched. As I stare at him through my lashes, I feel a hitch in my breath when I realize he has been staring back at me. “I want you.”

Axton’s lips met mine with a gentle growl of approval, his kiss igniting a fire within me as his tongue traced every contour of my mouth, matching my hunger. In his embrace, I lost myself completely, the sensation of his hair entangled in my hands intensifying my desire for him.

Lowering me onto the forest floor, Axton ensured that the ground beneath us was soft and yielding. His hands roamed freely, worshipping me with tender kisses and caresses that left me breathless and longing for more. The slightest touch sparked a delightful shiver that coursed through my entire being, my body responding by arching towards him, eager for a deeper connection.

The dappled light filtered through the trees, casting shadows on Axton’s face, accentuating the hunger in his eyes as he stared down at me, his desire for me radiating from within. My heart raced and my body ignited with desire as I laid eyes on him, my senses overwhelmed by a longing that only he could fulfill.

With a sense of urgency, Axton quickly discarded his clothes, his fit and toned physique highlighted by the gentle radiance of the surrounding forest. I couldn’t tear my eyes away from him, captivated by the exquisite sight of his bare body, leaving me speechless with wonder.

The moment he lowered himself onto me, a rush of heat coursed through me, the heady scent of his skin and the weight of his body against mine overwhelming my senses. With trembling hands, I reached out to him, feeling the warmth of his touch as I pulled him closer, losing myself in the bliss of our union.

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Axton’s hands explored every inch of my body, his touch sparking a passionate flame that consumed me entirely. As I melted into his arms, I became overwhelmed by the intoxicating sensation of desire, as his lips caressed my neck, igniting a wave of pleasure that rippled through my body.

“God, Chestnut, you drive me wild,” His voice, thick with desire, Axton whispered softly and planted a trail of kisses down my chest. “I can’t get enough of you.”

My eyes involuntarily rolled, but a gentle chuckle escaped as my body hummed with anticipation. I couldn’t resist the urge to reach out and pull him closer.

“Yeah, yeah, because I have such an irresistible charm.”

With a chuckle, Axton’s fingertips danced along my skin, leaving a trail of tingling sensations, before he pressed his lips against mine in a fiery kiss. With his lips pressed against mine, I could feel the warmth of his breath against my skin, sending shivers down my spine.

“You certainly are.”

Each lingering kiss, each tender stroke sent shivers down my spine, propelling me towards a state of euphoria, my senses completely captivated by the electrifying connection we shared. Surrendering myself to the pleasure, I entwined my fingers in Axton’s hair, savoring the silky texture as I pulled him closer.

“Please, Axton,” As I pressed my naked body against his, I whispered in a barely audible voice, my words barely escaping my lips. “I need you.”

With an eager nod from Axton, I can feel the unmistakable sensation of his cock teasing my entrance. I can’t help but emit a gentle mewl as my arm instinctively encircles his neck, bringing him closer to me. I press my body against his, our sweat intermingling, creating a rhythmic sound,

I could feel his desire in the low, guttural moan that escaped his lips as he pressed himself against me, his hands tracing the curves of my body.

“You’re so beautiful,” I could feel the intensity of his desire in Axton’s husky voice as he murmured against my lips, his lips caressing my neck with gentle kisses. “I’ve been dreaming about being inside you all f*cking day.”

In response, a soft moan escaped my lips as I felt my body arching towards his touch, relishing the exquisite sensation of his lips caressing my skin.


With a single, fluid motion, Axton thrusts himself deep inside me. Our moans blend together, his groan vibrating against my neck as his forehead comes to rest against it. For a few minutes, we both remain motionless, giving me the opportunity to familiarize myself with his impressive size. His cock made Zeke’s look minuscule, it was absolutely insane.

“God, you feel so good, Chestnut.”

With a deep, throaty groan, Axton started to move inside of me. My moans escaped from deep within me, my body quivering with desire as I lost myself in the exquisite ecstasy of our connection.

“Don’t stop, Axton,” I pleaded, my voice laced with desperation. “Harder- Ah! Faster-”

Axton’s lips curled into a mischievous smile as he increased the pace, his movements growing more intense as he pushed us both towards euphoria.

“Whatever you want, baby,”


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Rejected Little Secret by Lisj

Rejected Little Secret by Lisj

Status: Ongoing Author: Artist: ,
In a world where desire burns hotter than revenge, Maya Dalton’s lifelong fantasy collides with reality. Her dreams of proudly declaring her claim to Zeke Leblanc, her mate, are shattered when he betrays her in the most intimate way possible, forsaking their connection before the world as his once dirty little secret.Maya’s life, once consumed by Zeke, teeters on the edge of chaos until a fateful encounter with Axton Hunt in the heart of the forest during her heat. Axton ignites a passion that courses through her veins like molten fire, awakening a raw hunger within her. Unlike Zeke, Axton recognizes the untapped potential that lies beneath Maya’s surface. And as Maya seeks an instrument to exact her revenge, Axton willingly lets himself be used.


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