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Rejected Little Secret by Lisj Chapter 34

Chapter 34
Like a dagger, the truth has the power to cut through the veils of falsehood we construct, leaving us exposed and vulnerable, it’s an undeniable truth that I don’t want to confront, a truth that weighs heavily on my conscience, filling me with shame and sorrow. Yet, in the depths of my being, I acknowledge that I cannot indefinitely avoid confronting it.
It’s the truth, I’ve been deceived by someone I trusted. The ones i thought would always have my back turned out to be the ones who betrayed me, shattering my trust. My True Mate, the person I trusted to always be there for me, betrayed me, shattering the notion of unconditional love and acceptance. However, he opted for someone else, someone superior, someone untouched by the weight of my flaws and imperfections.
Deep within me lies a truth that I’ve desperately tried to bury, hoping it would fade away and cease to exist. Lurking in the shadows of my mind, it’s a constant presence, haunting me with its bitter sting. In hindsight, I can’t lathom how I could have been so ignorant, so deluded to think that I was worthy of his love.
It’s a truth that stirs up a mix of anger, resentment, and an overwhelming feeling of solitude within me. Why would they choose to hurt me in this manner? How could they violate my trust and crush my heart, leaving it shattered beyond repair? I believed our connection was unbreakable, that wo were more than capable of overcoming any challenge together, I quickly realized that my previous statement was inaccurate.
And now, all that remains is the acrid taste of betrayal lingering on my palate, their deceitful words reverberating in my ears. There’s a harsh reality that I find hard to embrace, yet I understand its inevitability. I can’t continue evading it indefinitely, putting on a façade of normalcy while knowing deep down that everything is not alright.
But even as steel myself to face the truth, a part of me still clings to the hope that maybe, just maybe, things can be different. I hold onto the possibility that there is still a chance for redemption, a chance to heal the deep wounds that have plagued my soul. However, I can’t shake the feeling that certain wounds remain forever unhealed, and some betrayals are etched too deeply to ever fade away,
Frustrated, I sigh and absentmindedly tuck a stray strand of hair behind my ear. Glancing around, I turn left and right, making certain our voices won’t carry to anyone nearby. With certainty coursing through my veins, I turned and locked eyes with Uncle Gavvyn, ready to face whatever consequences
“Uncle, I will be completely honest with you, no matter what. But.. As I begin to speak, my voice gradually becomes quieter, fading away with every passing second. “Can we discuss this in your office? I’d prefer to keep this conversation between.us.
As Uncle Gavvyn looks at me, I can almost feel his eyes dissecting my every thought and emotion, I try my best not to let it affect me, but it always manages to find a way. He nods, his hand signaling me to follow him without uttering a single word, leading me to his office.
With each step towards Uncle Gavyn’s office, my heart Lightened in my chest, as if held in a vice. Each step I took felt increasingly burdensome, as if the weight of the truth I was about to reveal was physically pressing down on me. The feeling of dread gnawed at my insides, making it impossible to shake, as I contemplated the irreversible consequences of speaking the words aloud.
As I walked down the corridor, it felt like it went on forever, the walls pressing in on me, suffocating me with their oppressive silence. I couldn’t bring myself to meet Uncle Gavyn’s gaze, the weight of my confession searing through my expressionfike an indelible mark.
Finally r reaching Uncle Gavyn’s office, he swung the door open, motioning for me to step inside. As she entered the room, she immediately sensed an overwhelming aura of solemnity, as if the walls themselves were aware of the weight of what was to come.
Trying to calm my nerves, I took a deep breath before stepping inside, the air feeling heavy and musty. As I entered the room, the scent of leather and old books instantly filled my nostrils, providing a brief escape from the turbulent thoughts swirling in my head.
Uncle Gavyn closed the door behind us, his face a blank slate as he settled down in his chair behind the desk. Hesitation washed over me as I stood there, unsure of where to start. But then, a surge of determination propelled me forward and I finally found the courage to speak.
Uncle Gavyn, I’ll tell you the truth,” I whispered nervously, my voice barely audible. “But before continue, there’s something I need you to promise me.” Uncle Gavvyn regarded me with a mixture of Curiosity and concern “What is it, Maya? You know you can trust me.” Chapter 34 As I nodded, I could feel the lump in my throat, but I swallowed it down, determined to stay composed. “Can you promise not to judge when you listen? No matter how tough it may be, promise me that you’ll listen to me until the end.” Uncle Gavyn’s brow furrowed in confusion, but he nodded solemnly. “Of course, Maya. You have my word.” I took another deep breath, steeling myself for what was to come. “The truth is, Uncle Gavvyn, I’ve been hiding something from you. Something that I’m not proud of, but something that I can’t keep hidden any longer.” Uncle Gavyn leaned forward, his eyes filled with concern. “What?” “Zeke… he’s my True Mate,” I confessed, the words tumbling out in a rush. “We found out when we were teenagers, but we kept it a secret from everyone, even from him.” Shocked, Uncle Gawyn’s eyes widened and his brows furrowed in a puzzled expression. As I grappled with finding the right words to explain, tears started to well up in my eyes, betraying my emotions. “Ever since that moment, we have been inseparable. It’s our little secret, known only to him, me, and a select few of our friends, I avoid bringing up Nadia, as it would lead to a different topic of discussion that I wasn’t interested in. “But things happened, and he wanted to keep our relationship a secret from the world. And well, uncle, I understand why he feels that way. “Maya…” As Uncle Gavyn leaned forward, his hand found mine on the desk, providing a reassuring touch. “I apologize, I was unaware. If only I had known, we never would have arranged for him to be mated with… M-my sincere apologies, my dear…” Nodding in gratitude, I felt the burden of my confession becoming slightly less heavy as I spoke it aloud. Despite my attempts to find comfort in Uncle Gawyn’s words, a persistent doubt gnawed at the depths of my thoughts. Deep down, I couldn’t deny the truth. “hurts,” I whispered, my voice barely audible above the quiet hum of the room. “It’s a painful realization to understand that he has no want for me. He doesn’t see me as worthy enough for him.” As he looked at me, Uncle Gavvyn’s expression transformed into one of compassion, his eyes conveying a profound understanding. “Listen to me, Maya,” he said, his voice filled with desperation. “You are more than enough, and the world is lucky to have someone as talented and remarkable as you. You are, indeed, a force to be reckoned with. You possess strength, kindness, and bravery. And anyone would be fortunate to have you as their True Mate, with your unwavering loyalty and unconditional love. When it comes to intelligence, my nephew unfortunately falls short. How could he not see the priceless treasure that lay within arm’s reach?? His words of reassurance hit me like a wave, causing tears to well up in my eyes as I struggled to keep them at bay. As his kindness enveloped me like a soothing balm, the gnawing feeling of inadequacy persisted. No matter how hard Uncle Gavyn tried to offer solace, the painful truth remained Inescapable. “Thank you, Uncle Gavyn,” With a murmured word, I managed to conjure a weak smile, my cheeks still wet from the tears 1 hastily wiped away. “It all makes sense to me now, I understand. I understand why Zeke rejected me. It’s unfair to hold him responsible for my own feelings of being unlovable” With a furrowed brow, Uncle Gavvyn’s eyes narrowed in a mix of concern and anger. Without warning, he abruptly stands and crosses his table, coming to kneel directly in front of me. The extraordinary sight of a former Alpha, who once led a formidable pack, humbling themselves by kneeling before your is a rare occurrence. I quickly shake my head, my hands reaching out to steady him and encourage him to stand up. “Maya, no,” Urgency laced his voice as he protested. Gripping my hand with strength, he stares deeply into my eyes. “Unless you give me your attention, I won’t move an inch, and you ought to There is love for you, and you are not without it. Love and happiness are your birthrights, and you are worthy of both. Please, don’t ever doubt it for a moment. Remember, under no circumstances should you ever forget this. You understand?
I could see the pain in his eyes, a reflection of the sorrow that weighed heavily on my heart.
“I’m sorry, Maya,” Uncle Gavyn murmured softly, his voice thick with emotion. “I’m sorry that you’ve had to go through this alone, If I had known… if had known the truth, I would have never allowed my nephew to be mated to someone else.”
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Chapter 34
Like a knife, his words pierced through me, his voice carrying the weight of guilt and regret. I longed to convey to him that he shouldn’t blame himself, as there was no way he could have foreseen the events that unfolded. The words I wanted to say were trapped in my throat, suffocated by the overwhelming sense of despair that engulfed me.
Helt Uncle Gavyn’s touch as he reached out, his gentle fingertips brushing away the tears that had left stains on my cheeks.
Although he spoke with conviction, I struggled to trust his words. How could I, when the one person who was supposed to love me conditionally had rejected me so cruelly? The sting of his words echoed in my mind. I shook my head, my doubts weighing heavily on my mind, but I couldn’t muster the courage to speak them.
Uncle Gavyn’s worried expression was evident as he furrowed his brow, desperately seeking reassurance in my eyes.
“Maya, listen to me,” With a gentle but firm grip, he implored me, his voice filled with sincerity. “If my nephew’s presence only causes you pain, it might be healthier to remove him from your life. You deserve someone who will cherish and adore you, someone who will shower you with love and affection every single day.”
My mouth involuntarily releases a gasp of surprise. “Uncle-”
“Maya, I am fully aware of the statement I made,” With a smile on his face and tears in his eyes, Uncle Gavyn repeats the words, his emotions evident. “My intention in bringing you into this pack was not for you to endure pain or difficulty. I long for you to live a life filled with boundless joy and success. And in the event that the happiness you are entitled to cannot be found here, just say the word and I will make it right. If you ever decide to leave and pursue the happiness and love you deserve, even if it hurts me, I will grant you the freedom to do so.”

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Rejected Little Secret by Lisj

Rejected Little Secret by Lisj

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In a world where desire burns hotter than revenge, Maya Dalton’s lifelong fantasy collides with reality. Her dreams of proudly declaring her claim to Zeke Leblanc, her mate, are shattered when he betrays her in the most intimate way possible, forsaking their connection before the world as his once dirty little secret.Maya’s life, once consumed by Zeke, teeters on the edge of chaos until a fateful encounter with Axton Hunt in the heart of the forest during her heat. Axton ignites a passion that courses through her veins like molten fire, awakening a raw hunger within her. Unlike Zeke, Axton recognizes the untapped potential that lies beneath Maya’s surface. And as Maya seeks an instrument to exact her revenge, Axton willingly lets himself be used.


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