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Rejected Little Secret by Lisj Chapter 43

Chapter 43


“What?” he sputters, his eyes widening in shock. “You… you’re coming with us?”

Nodding. I feel my heart pounding in my chest, the intensity of the moment making my palms sweaty, as I meet his gaze head–on. I catch a glimpse of an inscrutable look in his eyes, but I pay it no mind.

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“Yes,” affirm, my voice tinged with determination. “I’ve made up my mind, Axton. Thomholde is no longer my home. If you’ll have me, I would love to join you guys back to the Blackacre Pack”

Between us, a moment of silence stretches, the weight of my words palpable in the stillness. In an instant, Axton’s face transforms, his eyes lighting up with a newfound understanding

“I see,” With a soft, melancholic voice, he speaks quietly, leaving me curious about the emotions behind his words. “Well, in that case welcome to the Blackacre Pack, Chestnut

His words wash over me, bringing a surge of relief and a comforting sense of belonging. With a grateful smile, I step forward and wrap my arms around him in a tight embrace, fooling the warmth of his body and the strength of his embrace.

Without warning, a soft tap on my shoulder breaks me out of my reverie, causing me to turn around in surprise. I turn around and suddenly find myself staring directly into the eyes of Axel, Axton’s sister, her presence catching me off guard. There’s a kindness that radiates from her eyes, immediately calming me.

“Hey, Maya,” Softly, she speaks with a sincere tone in her voice. With a smile that spoke volumes, she looked at me knowingly. “Is my brother the only one you want to hug? Where’s my hug? Are we not going to be packmates?”

As I nod, feeling a rush of gratitude towards this newfound sister, a soft chuckle escapes my lips, adding a touch of warmth to the moment.

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“Of course,” I reply, opening my arms to her “I’d love that.”

Axel steps forward, a warm smile lighting up her face as she pulls me into a tight embrace, her arms wrapping around my waist with a comforting strength. I feel an overwhelming sense of acceptance in that moment, as if all my doubts and insecurities have been washed away.

“Welcome to the Blackacre Pack, Maya,” Axel says, her voice radiating genuine warmth and kindness. “We’re glad to have you. Seriously, you’re way

more one of us than being here.”

Emotions flooded over me as I released myself from the hug, my eyes welling up with tears, touched by the unexpected compassion of these strangers- turned family.

“Thank you, Axel,” I reply, my voice thick with emotion. “I’m grateful you accept me.”

With Axel retreating, I am instantly embraced by the rest of the Blackacre Pack, their individual voices blending together as they shower me with greetings and encouragement. They approach me one by one, their arms open wide and their smiles radiating warmth, instantly making me feel like I’m part of their family. It’s a striking difference from the icy reception I encountered at Thornholde, and I’m overwhelmed with gratitude towards these warm–hearted people who have embraced me so kindly.

As I take in the sight of my new packmates, I feel a glimmer of hope ignite within me. Despite the uncertainty of the road ahead, I take comfort in knowing that I have companions by my side. With the unwavering support of my newfound family, I am emboldened to confront any obstacles that may

come my way.

As I turned to face Auton, my mind swirled with a flurry of questions, each competing for attention. His strange reaction caught me off guard when I informed him that I would be coming along with them. I couldn’t shake the feeling that something was amiss when his demeanor suddenly changed; it was as if a storm was brewing beneath the surface.

Before I could voice my worries, a subtle noise caught my attention, diverting my thoughts.

Chapter 43

As I turn around, the soft sound of sniffling catches my attention, drawing my focus away from the bustling activity of the pack’s preparations with a ma of curiosity and worry, I abruptly turn on my heels, carefully surveying the surroundings behind me. In the midst of rustling leaves and soft whispers carried by the wind, stands Sammy, her figure slightly hunched, her shoulders quivering with each stifled sob

A wave of compassion washes over me as I watch her, and I can feel my heart tighten with empathy. In this moment, Sammy, typically composed and strong–willed, seems delicate and exposed, her usual self–assurance shattered by the heaviness of her emotions.


With a soft voice, I call out to her, careful not to startle her, and take a cautious step closer. “Did you follow me here?”

The sound of my voice startles Sammy, causing her tear–streaked face to snap towards me, a mix of surprise and relief evident in her expression. Rubbing at her eyes with the back of her hand, she sniffs, attempting to mask her visible signs of distress.

“I don’t know why I followed,” Her voice trembled with uncertainty as she admitted. “But the thought of staying there and being alone… it’s miserable

The weight of her words reverberates within me, amplifying the sensations of isolation and dread that have plagued me countless times before. Without thinking, I extend my hand towards her, hoping to provide some solace in her vulnerable state. As Sammy spoke, her voice trembled with uncertainty and fear, adding a shaky undertone to her words.

“Maya, L. I don’t know if I’ll be of any use if I move someplace else,” she admitted, her gaze fixed on the ground. “I don’t know if I can adapt to a new environment.”

Seeing her vulnerability, my heartstrings were tugged, prompting me to reach out and gently squeeze her hand for reassurance.

“Sammy, you’re stronger than you think,” I said, my voice filled with conviction. “You’ve proven time and time again that you have the ability to overcome any challenge that comes your way. I mean, you made it through the challenges of looking after me and living together, right? That’s a whole lot!”

Etched in the furrow of her brow and the uncertainty in her eyes, Sammy’s doubts lingered, casting a shadow over her thoughts.

“That’s different, Maya. You were generally easy to be with, except for the occasional slip–up of forgetting to wash the dishes. But what if I’m incapable of doing what you do?” she whispered, her volke barely above a whisper. “What if I’m just a burden?”

As her words resonated in the air, I felt them penetrate deep within me, mirroring my own inner insecurities and worries. I was no stranger to the unsettling sensation of doubting myself and wondering if I had what it takes to navigate the unfamiliar. Nevertheless, I recognized that confronting the fear of what lay ahead could result in uncovering happiness and a place to call home.

Sammy, you’re not a burden.”

I watched as Sammy’s lips quivered, her conflicted expression revealing a delicate balance between skepticism and optimism. And in that precise moment, a spark of determination illuminated her eyes, piercing through any doubt.

“Maybe, just maybe, the thought of being with people who actually care about me makes it all worth it.”

“You mean…?”

With a newfound determination, Sammy met my gaze, his nod signaling his readiness as he took a deep, steadying breath.

“I want to come too,” she declared, her voice steady and unwavering “I’ve changed my mind.

The moment I wrapped my arms around her, a smile instantly appeared on my face, and I was flooded with a mix of gratitude and relief. The moment Axton came closer, a feeling of uncertainty settled like a heavy cloud around us. Glancing at each other, Sammy and I shared a silent understanding of the mix of excitement and unease swirling inside us, awaiting his words. Despite Axton’s easy smile, there was a flicker of unease in his eyes, leaving me with a lingering sense of something being off.

“I notice that your roommate, Chestnut, is coming along with us.”

Sammy’s checks turned a delicate shade of pink as she lowered her gaze, acutely aware of Axton’s intense scrutiny.

“Um, yes,” she mumbled, twirling a lock of hair nervously between her fingers. “It.. if that’s okay.”

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Chapter 43

Axton chuckled softly, his laughter reverberating through the palpable tension in the air.

“Of course it’s okay.” He reassured her, his smile growing wider and brighter. “At Blackacre, we extend an open invitation to anyone who wants to be a part of our pack. In our pack, we don’t have strict criteria for who can join us all are accepted. Besides, it’s considered unlucky to turn away those who come seeking refuge. These values are not the ones i wish Blackacre to be remembered for.”

I could feel his words resonating within me, bringing a sense of belonging and acceptance that I had boon desperately seeking. Despite the uncertainty and trepidation that lingered in the air, Aston’s reassuring presence added a comforting touch amidst the chaos.

Sammy’s eyes lit up with excitement as she listened to Aston’s words, a hint of a smile forming on her face.

“Thank you,” she said softly, her voice filled with gratitude. “I really appreciate it.”

Axton’s smile softened, his gaze warm as he placed a comforting hand on Sammy’s shoulder’s shoulder.

“You’re welcome,” he replied, his voice gentle, “I’m more than happy to welcome you bath to my pack.”

Watching the interaction between Axton and Sammy, a feeling of relief flooded over me. In the face of uncertainty, a faint spark of optimism for what lay ahead flickered in my heart. Together with Sammy, we were prepared to confront whatever trials lay ahead, our camaraderie serving as a source of strength.

Filled with a newfound resolve, I adjusted m

I my stance and confidently met Axton’s unwavering stare.

“Thank you,” Just like Sammy, I expressed the same feelings, my voice resolute and unwavering. I gingerly lift myself onto my tiptoes, leaning in to give Axton a tender kiss on the cheek. “For everything.”

A grin spread across Axton’s face, his eyes reflecting a spark of admiration.

“Anytime,” he replied, his tone sincere. “Now, let’s get going.”

“Oh, but… can I make a quick stop at the house and just pick up a few of my things?”

“Make it quick!” With a chuckle, Axton playfully shooed the both of us away, his laughter echoing through the air. “Can’t wait to give you both the grand tour of Blackacre!”

As Sammy and I exchanged amused looks, our laughter intermingled with the faint sound of leaves rustling above us. Eagerly, we exchanged a nod, silently agreeing to head back to my place and prepare for the adventure that awaited us with Sammy’s belongings

Just as we were turning to go, a sudden, unexpected movement caught my attention, causing me to stumble and nearly fall. In an instant, I found myself caught in the embrace of powerful arms, as they locked around my neck, leaving me unable to move. My heart raced in my chest, the thumping drowning out all other sounds, as I came face–to–face with Axton, and saw the fire in his intense gaze.

As Axton leaned in, time seemed to slow down, and the taste of his lips on mine filled every sense, creating an unforgettable moment. The world around us faded into oblivion as our bodies pressed together, and the crackling of electricity filled the air. In that fleeting moment, the only thing I could feel was the electric touch of Axton’s lips against mine, setting my entire body ablaze with a newfound passion.

Laughing, I leaned in and pressed my forehead against his.

“Why did you do that, you dummy?”

With a nonchalant shrug, Axton leaned in and placed a swift, affectionate peck on my lips, a goofy grin spreading across his face. Surrounding us, there were whistles and teasings, yet the bastard showed no sign of embarrassment. Even Sammy shook her head, avoiding our gaze, but a smile tugged at the comers of her lips.

“Just because.

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Rejected Little Secret by Lisj

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In a world where desire burns hotter than revenge, Maya Dalton’s lifelong fantasy collides with reality. Her dreams of proudly declaring her claim to Zeke Leblanc, her mate, are shattered when he betrays her in the most intimate way possible, forsaking their connection before the world as his once dirty little secret.Maya’s life, once consumed by Zeke, teeters on the edge of chaos until a fateful encounter with Axton Hunt in the heart of the forest during her heat. Axton ignites a passion that courses through her veins like molten fire, awakening a raw hunger within her. Unlike Zeke, Axton recognizes the untapped potential that lies beneath Maya’s surface. And as Maya seeks an instrument to exact her revenge, Axton willingly lets himself be used.


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