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Rejected Little Secret by Lisj Chapter 8

Chapter 8

“Hey there, stranger, The little girl’s words burst forth, her voice projecting with a playful volume. “I don’t think we’ve been properly introduced. And well, my brother would have preferred if we never met. I’m Axel, by the way”

Not expecting such a bold introduction, I blinked in surprise, my eyes widening.

“Um, hi, Axel. I’m Maya.”

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Her grin widening, Axel leaned in closer, making a show of sniffing the air with exaggerated gestures. My cheeks. burned with embarrassment as I finally caught on to what she was implying.

“Oh, um, that’s probably just… Look, I can explain-”

But Axel interrupted me abruptly, her face contorted in a disgusted scowl.


“Ah, I see how it is. You’re one of Axton’s playthings, aren’t you? I knew it!”

Alright, ouch.

Considering I had been Zeke’s plaything too, I didn’t really expect it to hurt, but the pain was sharp and unexpected. It’s probably not the smartest move to become someone’s plaything again, especially since it’s only been a day since the last time. I could feel the eyes of the surrounding pack members on us, and I desperately wished for the ground swallow me whole. I couldn’t help but notice how Axel’s laughter cut through the air, a clear indication of her enjoyment at my expense.

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“Hey, leave her alone, Axel.”

Letting out a sigh, Axton rolled his eyes and pinched his sister on the nose, unable to hide his amusement. Axel let out a piercing yip before attempting to sink her canines into Axton’s hand, but Axton managed to swiftly retract his hand just in time.

“Come on, Axton. Can’t I have a little fun? Besides, someone’s gotta keep you in check.”

Axton sighed, his eyes filled with regret as he shot me an apologetic look.

“Sorry about her, Chestnut. She’s always been a handful.”

I forced a smile, but it didn’t quite reach my eyes as I tried to hide the awkwardness.

“It’s whatever, Axton.”

“Seriously, though, Axton, you need to learn to control your urges. I can smell you on Maya from a mile away.”

I let out a silent groan, desperately wanting to vanish into thin air. Axel’s relentless teasing felt like a never–ending barrage, and I had a sinking feeling that she had no intentions of stopping anytime soon. Axton didn’t show any signs of being bothered; in fact, he even puffed out his chest as if seeking acknowledgment.

“Okay, t

that’s enough,” Not wanting things to get any worse, I swiftly stepped in to intervene. “I should probably find my seat before the ceremony starts.”

With a smirk on her face, Axel basked in the enjoyment of being the center of attention.

“Fine, fine. But this isn’t over. We’ll continue this later.”

Watching Axel strut off into the busy crowd, leaving Axton and me standing there, a wave of relief washed over me, making me feel lighter. After enduring her relentless teasing, I finally found solace in a moment of respite. While Axton tightly held my hand and guided me towards his pack, a sudden surge of panic coursed through my veins.

Chapter 8

“Um, what are you doing?” 1 stammered, my words stumbling over each other in a desperate search for coherence. Glancing back at me, Axton’s eyes held a look of curiosity. “I think I should sit with my pack. You know, not someone else’s”

Axton’s brows knitted together in confusion, but he decided not to delve further into the matter. Instead, he responded with a single nod and a comforting smile. “Of course, Chestnut. Whatever makes you comfortable. I’ll see you alter the ceremon

With that, he turned to wave goodbye, his hand disappearing into the distance, leaving me standing there with a lingering sense of bewilderment. It seemed strange to me that Axton was so insistent on us sitting together, especially given that we’re not friends. We had sex once, and we don’t really know each other. But I chose to ignore the thought. refusing to give it any more of my attention.

As I weaved through the bustling crowd, desperately searching for Sammy, a sense of isolation washed over me. The air was filled with laughter and excitement as everyone seemed to be paired off with their friends and True Mates. engaged in lively conversations. My heart ached for something similar, for the sensation of being nurtured and understood by those who cherish me.

I finally caught sight of Sammy across the square, sitting on the ground with her knees drawn up to her chest. People instinctively avoided her as she walked by, her scowl giving off an unmistakable warning. I felt an overwhelming sense of relief as I quickly made my way towards her, even though she gave me a cold stare.

“Hey, Sammy, I hope you saved me a seat.”

Gratefulness washed over me as I grinned, appreciating the fact that Sammy reluctantly scooted over, muttering to herself. Settling into the seat next to her, my eyes involuntarily darted back towards Axton, unable to resist stealing a glance at him. From across the square, his eyes were fixed on me, his lips curving into a gentle smile.

Despite the warmth that spread through me, I couldn’t muster a smile in return when I saw him. Instead of acknowledging him, I chose to casually tuck a loose strand of hair behind my ear, doing my best to ignore him.

Lost in my own thoughts, I barely registered when Sammy nonchalantly nudged me, directing my attention towards the stage.

“Look, Maya. They’re about to announce the new Alpha.”

My mind suddenly jolted back to reality, and I quickly shifted my gaze towards the stage. Zeke made his grand

entrance, and the air crackled with anticipation, everyone in the square turning their heads to catch a glimpse of him. But as the ceremony progressed, an unsettling atmosphere hung in the air, making me feel on edge.


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