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Revenge is Best Served… After Reborn Chapter 1

Chapter 1
“Defibrillator! Now, increase the voltage!”

Chapter 1

“The patient is experiencing severe bleeding, and bags of type A blood were just urgently dispatched!”

The intern nurse was covered in blood, her voice trembling as she spoke.

The operating room was filled with the stench of blood. She had never seen so much blood before.

At that moment, a thought flashed through her mind. Who would suddenly take away all the type A blood

from the blood bank?

The woman lying on the hospital bed was pale, her lips dry, and her eyes beginning to lose focus.




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This time, the intern nurse heard her. The woman was calling for James.

James, the most powerful business tycoon in Devonport!

The doctor was on the verge of a breakdown. He dialed the wrong number three times before finally getting it right. He urgently spoke into the phone, “Mr. Burke, your wife is bleeding out, and the blood bank’s reserves have been taken. Please, come and see her one last time!”

The voice on the other end was tinged with cruelty and filled with Indifference. “She’s not dead yet? Call me when she’s gone.”

Beep beep-‘The call was mercilessly cut off.

Suddenly, all the light faded from the woman’s eyes. James, do you despise me this much? Even now, you won’t come to see me one last time?”

The machine emitted a steady, cold ‘beep-, signaling the end of the patient’s vital signs.

In a daze, Sophie felt her soul leave her body. Her emaciated, pale body lay powerlessly on the hospital bed. At only twenty-seven, she had died of severe hemorrhage due to childbirth complications.

In life, she had loved James deeply. As the only daughter of the Russell family, she should have enjoyed the best life possible. But to marry James, she had gambled herself and the Russell family’s fortune. Eventually, this was the tragic end she met.

Sophie slowly closed her eyes. If she had another chance to start over, she would never make the same mistakes.

“Madam, your husband wants to take you to the auction tonight. Which dress would you like to wear?”

Marian’s voice echoed in her ears.

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Sophie’s thoughts snapped back to reality. Everything around her was too familiar. It was her and James’

new home!

They had been married for a month, but James had hardly seen her.

She distinctly remembered that James was attending a land auction at that time, and he had only brought his wife along because it was customary.


Chapter 1

But that was all five years ago. How could it be…

Could it be that she had been reborn?

“Madam, your husband has never stayed overnight before. You must seize this opportunity.”

Marian picked out a white gown, hesitating. “Maybe this one?”

Sophie looked down, mocking herself inwardly.

Everyone knew James liked Nichole. In the past, Sophie had often copied Nichole’s style to please James. Nichole liked white dresses, so Sophie wore white dresses too, just to win a bit of James’ favor.

On the day of the auction, James had not informed Sophie that he was changing companions and brought Nichole instead. This made Sophie look utterly foolish because she was dressed in the same white dress as Nichole.

As she thought about it now, it really was ridiculous.

“No, I’ll wear this one.” Sophie casually picked out a bright red gown. She never liked plain clothes, after all. Nichole was just a poor college gir. Sophie must have been out of her mind to wear cheap street clothes just for a man.

Revenge is Best Served… After Reborn

Revenge is Best Served… After Reborn

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What do you do when your husband betrays you for another woman and leaves you to face death on a cold, sterile surgery table? Just when all hope seems lost, fate steps in, granting you a miraculous second chance at life. Now buckle up, because it’s payback time and you’re on a relentless mission to exact a deliciously sweet revenge on the ones who shattered your world and stirred a fire within you like never before.


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