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Revenge is Best Served… After Reborn Chapter 14

Chapter 14
Sophie excused herself to the restroom during the event, but just as she rounded the corner, a hand shot out, pulling her into a hidden nook. Instinctively, she tried to scream, but the man behind her swiftly. covered her mouth.
“Don’t move.” His voice was a low whisper.
Feeling the heat of his chest against her back, Sophie regained her composure and bit down hard on the webbing between his thumb and forefinger.
“Ouch!” The man sharply inhaled from the pain. “Did you really bite me?”
He let go of Sophie..
Immediately, Sophie stepped back, creating distance between them, and when she saw who it was; she stared in shock. “Colby?”
“Who else did you think it was?”
“What are you sneaking around for?”
“I snuck in. I didn’t want to be seen.”
“Are you joking? Lennon was your…” She stopped herself, closing her mouth abruptly.
Colby raised an eyebrow. “What about Lennon?”
Avoiding his gaze, Sophie shifted uncomfortably.
In the past, after Lennon’s death, all his wealth had gone to Colby, something she had only found out afterward. Currently, no one knew that Colby was Lennon’s grandson.
I mean, Lennon was a kind man, and you, being a business magnate yourself, wouldn’t have, anyone dare to question your presence here even if you sneaked in.”
“Perhaps, but I prefer to play it safe.”
Sophie said, “Don’t tell me you snuck in just to talk about this.” She couldn’t believe Colby would be that trivial.
“For you.” Colby handed her a contract.
Sophie glanced down and saw a contract for a loan of eight billion dollars. “All that for this?”
Colby nodded.
“How mundane.”
Sophie signed the contract swiftly and tossed it back to Colby.
To think he had come all this way at night just to have her sign a contract, and right outside the ladies” room, no less!
“As your creditor, may I ask you something?”
“Go ahead.”
“Why spend ten billion on that piece of land?” Colby’s voice was deep, always carrying a hint of seduction
Chapter 14
that compelled an answer.
Sophie pursed her lips. “I can’t tell you now.”
“What if I insist?”
He could sense Sophie had other plans for the land. Yet, he couldn’t see what on the land could possibly be worth ten billion dollars.
It seemed like a losing deal, but through Sophie’s eyes, he felt the land’s future value far exceeded ten billion dollars.
“What if I told you, in six months, that land will be immensely valuable? Would you believe me?”
“No.” At least not yet.
“And what if I told you that upscale condominiums are about to be launched around that barren land?”
“What upscale condominiums?” Colby frowned. He had never heard of such a thing.
“You’ll find out soon enough.” Sophie smiled and then slipped past Colby into the restroom.
Colby, frowning, walked back to the lobby, where Adler asked, “All signed?”
“Why the long face?”
“Sophie bought that barren land because it’s surrounded by upscale condominiums.”
“There aren’t any.”
“Check who owns the land around that area. The sooner we get the results, the better.”
“That barren land is surrounded by a sewage network. There’s nothing to check. No upscale condominiums, let alone a basketball court, would be built there.”
Colby was taken aback. “A sewage network?”

Revenge is Best Served… After Reborn

Revenge is Best Served… After Reborn

Status: Ongoing Author: Artist:
What do you do when your husband betrays you for another woman and leaves you to face death on a cold, sterile surgery table? Just when all hope seems lost, fate steps in, granting you a miraculous second chance at life. Now buckle up, because it’s payback time and you’re on a relentless mission to exact a deliciously sweet revenge on the ones who shattered your world and stirred a fire within you like never before.


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