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Revenge is Best Served… After Reborn Chapter 23

Chapter 23

Sophie knew it was all just a show for Bea’s benefit.

James’ parents had passed away when he was young, and Bea had raised him single-handedly. James held a deep respect and always looked after her.

Sophie didn’t expose him. Instead, she played along with James at the right moments.

“What are you planning to do with that piece of land?” Bea suddenly asked.

Her question was directed not at Sophie but at James,

James, sitting in front, glanced at Sophie in the rearview mirror and said, “That’s Sophie’s purchase. She’ll

handle it.”

Bea looked toward Sophie and said, “Let James manage the land matter. The most important duty for a woman is to support her husband and nurture her children.”

“Grandma, the affairs of the Burke family are indeed managed by James, but this land was bought on behalf of the Russell family. It’s intended for my family’s use, so it doesn’t require my mediation.”

Hearing Sophie’s response, Bea changed her tone. “In the future, try to stay out of such matters. You’re married to James now, and everything you do represents the Burke family.”

“I understand, Grandma.”

Sophie acknowledged each point. She knew all too well what kind of person Bea was. If Bea learned that she was planning to start her own business, Sophie feared big trouble would ensue.

“James, I have a chess game tonight, so you’ll drive Sophie home. Let work wait. Taking care of your wife

is most important.”

Bea’s words carried an underlying message.

James frowned but didn’t show much dissatisfaction. “Understood, Grandma.”

Sophie caught James’ expression in the rearview mirror and knew he had once again managed to shift the.

blame onto her.

Sophie took a deep breath and forced down the bitterness. If being disliked meant she could get a divorce

sooner, so be it.

Sophie had planned to visit Russell Enterprises during the day, but Bea dragged her around the mall the entire day until it was dark before finally allowing Sophie to return home.

In the car, Sophie and James didn’t speak.

“I have to stay at the office tonight. I won’t be coming home.”

“When have you ever come home?”

Sophie asked casually, and James was at a loss for words.

Apart from the few times he had come home during the billion-dollar deal days ago, he hadn’t spent a night there since. She had enjoyed some peaceful days.

As the car pulled up outside the Burke family home, Sophie grabbed her bag and got out, but her expression soured when she saw a pile of shopping bags in the back of the car.



Chapter 23

Bea was truly c u n ni n g. She knew James might not want to accompany her home, so she had intentionally bought so much stuff. It was impossible to carry alone.

Sophie glanced at James in the car. “Mr. Burke, could you lend a hand?”

James rubbed his temples. He should have l eft Sophie by the roadside halfway through the ride!

James got out of the car, carrying five or six bags, with Sophie following behind him.

Just as he opened the front door, James froze.

Sophie was blocked outside. She was puzzled and called out, “Hey! James! Just go in.”

Revenge is Best Served… After Reborn

Revenge is Best Served… After Reborn

Status: Ongoing Author: Artist:
What do you do when your husband betrays you for another woman and leaves you to face death on a cold, sterile surgery table? Just when all hope seems lost, fate steps in, granting you a miraculous second chance at life. Now buckle up, because it’s payback time and you’re on a relentless mission to exact a deliciously sweet revenge on the ones who shattered your world and stirred a fire within you like never before.


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