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Revenge is Best Served… After Reborn Chapter 26

Chapter 26

Colby settled into his office chair, “So, what’s the situation?”

Sophie stepped back to gather her thoughts.

Ryan, after all, was a small to medium-sized entrepreneur. A few hundred million was within his reach, but to invest all his assets in a piece of land plagued by pollution was akin to a death wish.

It had to be for Colby’s sake.

Sophie stated, “If the polluted land is needed for commercial use, it will require a massive cleanup operation, which would cost a fortune. I guess you’re interested in that plot simply as a means to launder more money, to legitimately transfer more illicit funds from abroad, right?”.

“But now, this land is in your possession.”

This was the part that Colby couldn’t quite understand. If spending a few hundred million on the land was indeed worthwhile, spending ten billion was a huge loss.

“To be honest, the Russell family isn’t what it was under my father’s leadership anymore. Nowadays, the Russell family is merely a shell. I need the funds to keep things moving, so I must acquire that land.” Sophie was earnest.

Her words were a mix of truth and deception. The Russell family truly wasn’t what it used to be, which is why, in her past life, James had grown increasingly cold towards her.

For James, the marriage was merely a business arrangement. Once she lost her utility to James, she was nothing.

In her past life, the Russell family had completely fallen into bankruptcy, and James discarded her like, trash.

“You’re planning to manage the Russell family? Don’t joke with me.”

Adler was cut off mid-sentence by a stern look from Colby.

Adler quickly watched his words. “Ms. Sophie, no disrespect, but you don’t have a background in finance or any experience in managing a company. Even if the Russell family is just a shell now, it’s a big business, and convincing those old timers will be tough for a young woman like you.”

“I know that.”

“You know, and yet…”

Adler was silenced once more by Colby’s warning glance, and he weakly added, “Managing the Russell family just doesn’t seem feasible.”

“The Russell family is the legacy my grandfather left behind, and I’m determined to protect it, Though I haven’t formally studied it, I have my ways.”

“What ways?”

“Why not just go to school?”

“School?” Adler was baffled by Sophie’s thought process.

“The finance school is funded by James. I should be able to pass the entrance exams.”


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⚫ Chapter 26

“Are you sure?”

“I am.”

Sophie spoke lightly, but in reality, the school James had funded was an international finance school, filled mostly with financial prodigies. It was not a place one could easily enter.

After decades of the school’s operation, only Nichole had been an exception, thanks to her exceptionally high scores and James’ recommendation.

Sophie lacked a foundational background, making admission far from easy.

Adler couldn’t help but ask, “Are you thinking of pulling strings?”

“Even if I could pull strings now, could I rely on that forever?”

Sophie wasn’t naive. Her confidence stemmed from her past life when she had learned a great deal about finance to please James. She had even consulted many financial experts.

In the end, her knowledge and practical experience in finance were quite mature. Still, unfortunately, she never got the chance to showcase her capabilities to James before the Russell family fell into crisis.

“Don’t worry, I’m confident in this area,” Sophie said. “Besides inquiring about Ryan’s situation, my visit here was to discuss the polluted land. If you trust me, this will be my first project, and I’d like to collaborate with you, Mr. Colby.”

Hearing this, Adler shook his head vigorously at Colby.

“No, no! This is definitely a losing deal! Have you forgotten the lesson from that ten billion? It was a total


Colby ignored Adler’s frantic gestures and smiled, “If I’m interested, I’d be very pleased to collaborate with


“Thank you, then I’ll be going.” Sophie gave Colby a mischievous smile as she left.

After Sophie departed, Adler jumped up and down in frustration. “You agreed again! Like it’s not even your money being tossed around in Devonport!”

“Do you know why I agreed?”


“She’s the woman who earned her master’s degree at seventeen.”

Revenge is Best Served… After Reborn

Revenge is Best Served… After Reborn

Status: Ongoing Author: Artist:
What do you do when your husband betrays you for another woman and leaves you to face death on a cold, sterile surgery table? Just when all hope seems lost, fate steps in, granting you a miraculous second chance at life. Now buckle up, because it’s payback time and you’re on a relentless mission to exact a deliciously sweet revenge on the ones who shattered your world and stirred a fire within you like never before.


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