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Scarred Alphas by Norisha May Chapter 3

With a scowl on his face, my mate stares down at me.

“Ezra, finally home!” the beta greets him.

Ezra rips his green eyes from me and gives him a nod. “Yes, finally home…for good.”

What?! That can’t be!

“I hear you finished your training?”

Ezra gives him a nod. “Yes.”

Lauren holds my hand and squeezes it. She is the only one who knows that Ezra turned out to be

my mate.

I start remembering how Ezra looked at me that day with so much anger as if it was my fault that we were mated to each other. I was so happy that day because I had finally found out when my birthday was. I never really knew so we celebrated it on a random day until I got my wolf on that autumn day. Then I set my eyes on Ezra and it all took a turn. He even fl*pped a car because of how angry he was but no one ever knew why. But he didn’t reject me and I was confused by this at first but not anymore. This is how he punishes me. I wasn’t what he wanted as a mate. He’s always shown so much disgust toward me but he has used this to torment me through the years.

Mates who find each other create an imprinting bond. With this, we can feel more attraction towards each other but we can also feel betrayal even when we are not marked, this includes unfaithfulness. He has made it his mission to make me feel pain every time he can just like this morning in the kitchen when he probably slept with one of the easy girls from the pack.

I knew it was a “welcome gift” from him.

He hates me. Even after I rejected him, he still won’t accept it just to make me suffer. All this because he blames me for it. Just because he is angry that I ended up his fated mate which I had no say in. He is the last person I would ever want. Not even the damn mate bond can make me craver

this man now.

I wish he could just reject me and find someone else. The thing is that even fated. mates don’t have to be together if they don’t want to. Most do stay together because they want that special bond with their significant other but we can create

Chapter 3

new bonds with those that are not our fated mates by marking. It is not the same as the real mate bond but it beats getting stuck to someone you dislike.

Now if only he would just reject me.

James starts to walk away from this conversation. I know he probably feels out of place. Lauren follows him and I turn on my heels and sprint away as well.

We head to one of the tables filled with drinks.

“I seriously don’t understand why Papa allows them to come to the festivals. Look at them, so filthy.”

I don’t have to see who is saying that to know who it is. Bryn, one of the twins. She and Miles are the youngest of the Alpha family. She is just like her older brothers but Miles is not. Miles is always engrossed in a book and really doesn’t bother me or any of the Omegas. But Bryn is another story. She is a real snob and thinks she is better than anyone else. Goes out of her way to make everyone feel inferior to her.

“They really should have their own festivals somewhere else away from the important people. Keep their filth away.”

What a b*tch. If the Alpha and Luna didn’t give the Omegas the scraps of everything, then maybe we would look like presentable people.

The Omegas are the ones that do the undesirable jobs around the pack and cater to the Gammas, Betas, and the Alpha family but this is only in this pack. Every pack is run differently depending on the Alpha of the pack.

Lauren, James, and I ignore Bryn as we always try to do.

I take a drink and bring my attention to the stage where the Alpha steps on to give his speech.

He is in his late forties and has dark hair with a lot of gray streaks, light skin, and

green eyes.

“Our sons and daughters are finally home!” He says lifting up a glass. “A joyous day indeed. Hug them and love them for tomorrow they could be gone. This war has taken many of our own. Our world is a cruel one indeed. I drink to my son Colt, who today we are not able to hug or talk to anymore. He was a casualty of this war. In his memory, love your children every day and value every second you have with them, you don’t know when they will not be here anymore.”

Colt…I disliked the guy but I did not wish him death. Out of the five

Chapter 3

siblings–excluding Miles- he was the least asshole though not by much. He died nine years ago. He was on the training grounds when they got attacked by the Dark Fang Pack.

He had his mate, Skye, with him. She was also like Bryn…a b*tch. But those two never left each other’s side and she was a warrior too. One morning, the camp was destroyed and the whole company was killed. The bodies were piled up, mutilated, and burned by the enemy.

That is what the Dark Fang Pack does. Our pack is not good either but in no way we are like them. The Dark Fang Pack is much worse, at least that’s what I’ve heard. There is a mystery surrounding that pack and it’s Alpha. They are a pack that has grown too big too fast.

There is a rumor that the Alpha of that pack has Alpha command. It is not rare but not many Alphas possess that ability. Our Alpha doesn’t have it. It is the ability to give a commanding suggestion to a pack member of their own pack. I say suggestion because you can refuse but it takes a strong–willed person to do so and if you do, you’d still have to face consequences.

As for the feud between our packs, none of the other packs want to get involved. There are no alliances here. Everyone has to fend off for themselves so they stay

out of the way.

I look back at the stage and now Kaecy is up there giving a speech. He is the next one to be Alpha since Colt is no longer with us but it is obvious to everyone that he doesn’t want the job. He doesn’t hide how much he despises it.

A hand clutches me by the shoulder, abruptly turning me around.

“You weren’t there to greet me this morning.” Ezra says, crossing his arms.

I roll my eyes. “Not that you wanted me there.” I look at Lauren and James who walk away without noticing that I am not with them.

“I kind of did.” he says. “I wanted you to see the babe I had in my arms.” He looks at my clothes and winces as if he dislikes what I am wearing.

“Do you really think I would have cared?” I ask.

I have never shied away from talking back to him though it does get me into a lot of trouble.

He leans in. “Do you know how humiliating it is to have you as my mate?”

“You tell me every time. But if it’s so humiliating, then reject me!”

Chapter 3

“No, I am not done with you.”

“Why are you so cruel?”

“A mate is supposed to be a gift.” he says as he looks at me and then shakes his. head. “You are no gift. You are a punishment. And as I have been punished, I will also punish you.”

Bryn suddenly pops out of nowhere. “What, do you have a crush on my brother now?”

I laugh, mockingly. “I rather have a crush on a frog.”

“Ugh! You are so nasty. You shouldn’t even be allowed to breathe. You know, that’s probably why your real mother died. She died on purpose just to be rid of you.” She says.

Suddenly her nose is bleeding because of the sucker punch I just gave her. It was so fast that neither of us realized what just happened.

She holds her nose and stares at me with shock.

Now the anger inside of me rushes through my b*dy. “Pitty, clearly the wrong sibling died! It should have been one of you!” I shout.

I really shouldn’t have said that and I regret it the moment that it comes out of my mouth.

As my guilt starts to sink in, I am slapped.

“How dare you!” the Luna shouts at me.

“I-” Before I can say anything, I am slapped again but this time it draws blood. from my mouth.

“Shut your mouth!” She says.

Ezra looks a bit surprised that she came out of nowhere but then smirks behind


Many people look our way.

Does this piss me off? Yes. Do I want to punch the Luna? Oh yes but if I do, I would be signing my death sentence. So I hold back my anger as much as I can.

“Nothing I do ever works on you, you horrible girl!” she screams.

Lauren and James rush over.

Chapter 3

I shake my head at Lauren telling her not to do or say anything. The last thing I want is for her to be punished too for my stupid mouth.

“Bring her!” As the Luna starts to walk, one of the warriors grabs me by the wrist and starts to drag me with him, following her.

I don’t fight it and make sure to keep up. The Luna leads us to the back of the pack as she curses under her breath. She stops in front of the door that leads to the basement from the outside.

I inwardly sigh.

She’s taking me to the cells. I have seen this place many times when I am. instructed to clean it but I have never been a prisoner before. Usually, I am dealt with with a whip but I guess she has no time now because of the festival.

She takes a lantern that is on the wall at the top of the stairs, then we go down a flight of stairs and then turn to the right hall that leads to the cells. There are six cells but three of them have prisoners. One of the prisoners I have seen before. It is a rogue that was captured a few weeks ago. But the other four, I have never


Must be the prisoners they brought from the fort camps. The four other men are nked, drty, and beat up. There are two men in each cell but one of the new four men seems unconscious. The rogue is the only one alone.

“Keep her in here until I decide what to do with her after the festival.” The Luna


the cell that is next to the unconscious man. The other two are in the cell in front of them and next to them–in front of my cell–is the rogue.

The warrior guard takes me into the cell and then they close it.

The Luna holds the bars of the cell as she looks down at me. “You are cruel. The things you say–losing a child is no joke! I’ve already lost one child and now you wish me to lose another!”

I want to say I am sorry for what I said but if I do, I am sure she will come in here and beat me. So I stay quiet.


“If it was up to me, I’d let you rot in here for the rest of your miserable existence.”

gets even closer. “Maybe I’ll do just that. Rid me of you.” She mutters before leaving and as they leave, so does the light. The only lights left are the one from the hall we just came from and the moonlight that comes from small barred. rectangular windows.


Chapter 3

I slide to the back of the cell and sit, resting my back on the wall while I bring my knees to my chest. I can feel the men in the room watching me..

“What did you do?” one of them asks from the cell next to mine. I look at him. but all I can see are his eyes glistening. Now that my eyes are adjusting to the dark, I catch the man who I thought was unconscious on the floor looking at me as well still lying down.

I close my eyes and hide my head between my arms and knees.

How long will I be here?

I usually only come here to clean and feed prisoners which are rare to have but I have never been a prisoner before.

Me and my big mouth.


Scarred Alphas Novel by Norisha May

Scarred Alphas Novel by Norisha May

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