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Scarred Alphas by Norisha May Chapter 31

Colt’s POV.

I stand here, watching and waiting. I try my best not to stare at her but it is impossible.

All I do is worry. I am the one who got her into this mess. She is here

because of me. I was unable

to protect her and now she is caught in Warrick’s claws.

I will get you out, Cass. I promise you I will get you out of this even if I die


All I care about is her being

safe now.

“Hey there handsome

stranger.” Julia walks next to me and quickly leans in, k*ssing my cheek.

It is too fast so I don’t have

time to move away.

“Have I given you mixed signals, Julia?” I bluntly ask her.

“No. I know, I know. But you also know that I don’t give up

easily. I care about you very much.”

More like obsession.

She is a good girl and she helped me a lot when I first got moved up to the house. But I never tried anything

with her and I am sure that I

never purposely gave


that kind of idea either so I

am not about to entertain

this kind of bullshit.

“Please, stop. Your father doesn’t like me very much and if he finds out that you

have a…crush on me-”

“A crush?” she laughs.

“Sure…it’s just a crush…you

are adorable sometimes, you

know that?”

I finally turn to her and give her a good stare. She wears a tight red dress that

showcases her breasts. Her

hair is down and parted

mostly to one side and her makeup is heavier than


The stare I give her is meant to be intimidating but it does

not work on her. Instead, she

smiles and then twirls

around. “Do you like my new dress? Daddy bought it for


She is like a spoiled child. It might not even be a stretch

to say that she might be more spoiled than my own

sister. She comes from a

family of six brothers. She is the youngest and only daughter so makes just a bit of sense that she is this

spoiled by her parents but

this is a tad bit too much.

I look away without giving her a response, searching for my Angel. Once I spot her with Warrick, I look away

again to avert suspicions.

She is looking beautiful tonight and she is not even

trying. I love that about her.

I glance at her again and

notice that she looks so

scared. I hate it. I hate that I

can’t make her feel safe. She

has been through so much already, This is the last thing

she needs. I wanted to take

care of her and make her feel loved and safe. I was going to make her my Luna.

Everyone in the pack would have had to give her respect.

She deserves that and so

much more.

What takes me back from

my thoughts is feeling Julia’s

hands wrap around my arm.

“Don’t.” I pull away from her.

“Oh come on. We are not

doing anything bad.”

I can feel it. I look

her and see her

up from

father–Rodrick–staring at

He is one of Warrick’s

generals and one not to be trifled with. A man of Alpha

blood. He is older than all the other generals, even

older than Warrick but the

man does not look frail in

any way. Even at his age, he

looks menacing, and the scars on his face and

b*dy–rivaling mine- make it even more so. A man who

saw and survived the cruelty

of Warrick’s own father. The

way Warrick’s father is talked

about is as if those were the

dark ages of this pack. Not

even Warrick himself was


“Why is everyone so

intrigued by her?” Julia asks.

I look in the direction she

stares and see Cass.

“Didn’t you hear?” Beck

walks up to us looking better

than he did before. He was a

bit drunk but our kind

sobers up fast. “The ‘Princess‘ is going to be the Alpha of this pack.” His tone is almost mocking.

I narrow my eyes at him not liking the way he says that.

Julia rolls her eyes at him.

“Yeah, sure. Cause that is a

common occurrence.” She

laughs. “A female Alpha…”

Beck ignores her and gives

me a cold gaze.

“The man who found and

brought his daughter back. Were you really trying to

come back is the question.”

“I’m here, aren’t I? Do you

really think I would have

been caught that easily if I

didn’t want to be here?” I feel

so stupid for saying this because this is exactly what happened. “And I don’t care

what you think. Alpha

Warrick believes me.”

“He might not see it, but I can see straight through your deception.”

Are you saying that you are smarter than Alpha Warrick?

That is a bold statement and

maybe something Alpha

Warrick himself should hear

about.” I turn to Julia. “You heard him, right.”

She quickly gives a nod. “Yes.

And I am sure the Alpha

won’t like it one bit.”

“You know, you should really

pick carefully who you

spend your time with little

Julia. I don’t think your

father approves much of this

man.” He turns around and

starts walking away.

“Luckily for me, I don’t care what you think. I spend time with whoever I want.” Julia replies to his comment but

he ignores her, continuing to

walk away.

Julia’s attention comes back

to me. “I got you,” she says

with a smile.

I inwardly sigh. “Julia, you need to stop. I am not one to repeat myself and you know this.”

She puts a hand on my shoulder. “Alexis, I care

about you very much and I

will fight for this-”

“You really need to listen to him. He is not one for joking

on these matters.” Skye


Julia looks back at her and

suddenly her face seems to morph into pure anger.

“What do you want?” Julia

spits out.

“A word with my ex–mate.”

“You have no right to talk to him after what you did.”

“Oh shush girly. Go play with your dolls for a second

and leave us grown–ups to

have a conversation.”

Julia is as old as Cass but she

looks like she is much

younger and acts much

more immature.

Julia grinds her teeth while

Skye gives her a mocking

smile. Skye is now one of Warrick’s brides and though she has no real power, to have a bride offended by someone could get you punished.

Julia walks away and Skye

settles next to me.

“What do you want?” I ask

her. I try not to have too

much anger in my tone.

“What have you done? This is Casseopea from our pack, right?”


“She will reveal who we are,

Colt. She is going to get us killed.”

“No, she is not. She knows of

our situation. She won’t

speak. She would never

“Oh, and you know her sooo


“I do,” I say. I try not to be obvious but Skye turns to me

and stares at me like she is

trying to figure something


“Go on your merry way, don’t give this another

thought. She won’t say

anything. It’s much more

suspicious that you are here talking to me when you haven’t spoken a single word

to me in years.”

She knows I am right.

Biting her tongue, she turns

around and leaves.

Within seconds, Julia is next

to me again.

“That witch…” She mutters

watching Skye.

I spot Warrick moving.

He holds Cass by the hand

and leads her to the stage

and my attention is now fully on them.

“Everyone acts like she is the

last water bottle in the damn

desert. What is so special about her? Just because she is the Alpha’s daughter?” Julia mutters but I ignore her and

continue to watch.

“Come, gather around,” Warrick says up on the stage. “Many of you have probably heard the rumors flying around. After years of

searching, we finally found

her. She is the reason for this

gathering. I want to

introduce to you, my daughter.” He motions to

Cass who stands up there looking terrified. “Casseopea.

Refer to her as Princess or

Alpha for she will be my



People around gasp. There

has never been an Alpha of a pack that was female.

If Warrick was not the one

announcing this, I would say that this is a good thing. A shift from the patriarchy of these packs. I am sure that

not everyone is going to look

at it as a good thing but this is a definite change.

Warrick continues. “You’d do

well to show her respect. She is not just my eldest but she also inherited my powers. She will be an extension of

my power.” Warrick

genuinely looks proud. I don’t think I have ever seen

him like this and it is very

interesting. However, exactly

what he just said is what I was afraid of.

Cass’s POV.

I look down at the people

who stare up at me while I stand on the stage where

Warrick announces who I

am to the pack. I can see a mix of feelings on everyone’s faces. It is unnerving because

some do not look happy. Especially when he tells

them that I have the same

gift as he does. That really

seems to rattle some of


I dislike being the center of

attention and even more the

center of someone’s anger.

My nerves calm down when

I see Colt in the crowd. That

girl Julia talks to him while he looks up at the stage. It may be my own jealousy but to me, it looks like she is very clingy with him. Staring at him, I take in a deep

breath and get a grip.

When Warrick is done with

the announcement, he


back to the crowd to talk to

people while I quietly slip away. I hide behind the stage

where there are a few trees

and there is no one. Of

course, Serge follows me so I am not completely alone. He

stands a few feet from me

but doesn’t say anything, just

stays quiet which I am okay

with because I don’t feel like

talking to anyone.

I look up at the stars wondering how Lauren and James are doing. The only two people I wish to see right now…and maybe even Dash.

I wish I could talk to Lauren

right now and tell her everything that has happened.

I wonder if I will see her

again but I know I will. I

have to, she is my sister. I really hope she doesn’t

worry too much about me.

I sigh.

I know it has only been a few days but I wonder if her belly is already growing. I

wish I could see her. I am

starting to feel homesick.

“About to give up already?”

Garret comes out from the

corner of the stage.

Scarred Alphas Novel by Norisha May

Scarred Alphas Novel by Norisha May

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