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Scarred Alphas by Norisha May Chapter 41

As the silence around progresses while everyone is kneeling and looking surprised, I shift.

Colt and Ezra shift too when

I do. They pant and are both looking hurt.

My attention is now on Ezra.

“You…you were going to

forcibly mark me? That was your bright plan?”

He looks up at me and starts to get up along with

everyone else.

“If I mark you, you will feel

the mate bond much

stronger. It was my only

shot! You are my mate! Not his! This is bullshit and you know it! You are supposed to

be with me!”

“You don’t deserve her!” Colt

shouts. “Not after what you

have done!”

“You shut the fk up! You are my brother! You are not supposed to try and take my woman! You had your own mate and she left you! So Shut the fk up!”

Colt does not quiet down just

because Ezra tells him to.

“And you didn’t want her

until she was not yours anymore! What kind of logic is that?! If you wanted her so badly, then you should have

taken care of her and treated

her right! She deserves better than you!”

“She is mine!” Ezra growls

and walks towards Colt with

his fist clenched. Colt starts

to walk towards him too with

the same intention.

“Enough of this!” Warrick shouts.

They stop but it seems to me

that it won’t be for long.

I really just want to slap Ezra

until he understands.

I point at him.

“Get this through your damn skull! I. DON’T. WANT.

YOU!” I scream. “I REJECT


His face scrunches in pain

and his hands hold his chest.

He falls to his knees and now

looks like a wounded animal.

Every time I reject him, it causes him pain.

“I…I will never get through

you…will I?” he asks.

“No, Ezra. You need to

understand this already and

move on.”

“Under…stand? Understand

that you are f**king my brother. That you choose him over your mate?” He looks up at me now with so much anger in his eyes. “I hate you both for this. And I will be damned if I see you

two happy.” That now sounds

like a threat.

He gets up looking tired but not beat. “I accept your

rejection, Casseopea. If this

is what you want, then I accept your rejection.”

Suddenly, a pain stronger

than I have ever felt before surges through my heart. I clutch my chest and give a

scream. Ezra does the same.

He looks up at me holding his chest. “This is what you wanted and now you have it! But you will never be happy.

I’ll make sure of that. I am

going to live just to cause

you pain.”

I look into his eyes and for a moment there, I believe

every single word he says.

“Alpha!” A warrior pants as

he reaches us from the

reforming camp. “They are escaping!”

“What?! Who?!” Warrick


“All of them! The

commotion here distracted

everyone! They are




Warrick shouts.

All the warriors start running past us like a stampede, even

Warrick runs into the forest

but not before he tells my

brothers to watch me.

My attention goes back to

the guys but Ezra is nowhere

to be seen now.

I walk over to Colt. “Where is


“I don’t know. When

everyone started running, he

was suddenly gone.”

I stop searching for Ezra and look up at Colt. “How are you?”

He smiles. “I am okay.

I look at him with concern.

“You…you should make a run

for it too.”

“What? What the hell, Cass. No. What are you saying?”

He sounds a bit frantic.

“Warrick is going to be pissed. And he just might take it out on you to punish me. They are watching me

but not you.

He caresses my face. “I am not going anywhere, Angel.”

“He could…kill you, Colt.”

“Not if we are mates.” He puts

a hand on my chin and

traces my l*p with his



“You…are officially free to be

my mate, Cass. Your mate

bond with Ezra was broken.”

He says.

Realizing this, I take his hand, pull him with me, and

run naked back to the house.

I start running through the halls like a young school kid avoiding Victor and Garret

who now search for us

around the house.

“In here?” Colt asks.

“Yeah. I am sure they won’t

think that we are in my

father’s office.”

I pull him as I sit on the edge

of the desk and k*ss him.

He moans as I pull away and whisper to him. “Can I.”

He looks at me with

confusion but then asks. “You

want to mark me first?”

I giggle “Yes.”

With a big smile, he moves the hair from my face, k*sses

me, and then he tilts his

head, giving me way.

“Are you sure?” I ask.

“Yes. Now stop making it


I laugh but immediately

move close to his n*ck and

start sliding my nose

through it, taking in his scent. My fangs intuitively

come out and I start grazing his skin with them. I start

nibbling until finally I sink my teeth into his skin. He gives a small groan and suddenly his hands pull me closer, holding on tightly at the back of my n*ck. I hug

him as I continue to bite

pushing my intent.

I suddenly feel this swelling of emotions inside my chest. A mate bond is being created

between us.

When I am done, I pull back

and stare at him. I can feel

the trickle of blood on my

l*ps which I immediately lick


His eyes look at me with


“Are you okay?” I ask him.

“Did I hurt you?”

He doesn’t speak but instead

k*sses me. It feels as if it’s the

first time ever that he

touched me. As if it was our

first k*ss.

“That feels amazing,” I

whisper, my warm breath tickling his l*ps.

“My turn.” He says.

The mate bond is not

officially complete until we

both mark each other but a

mate bond was created the

moment I marked him. Just

like the one I had with Ezra.

But this is different because

Colt is different.

The door suddenly swings

open and Warrick dashes in

looking the angriest that I

have ever seen him with

Victor and Garret behind


“Enough you two! Enough! You are acting like…” He pauses as if he is searching

for the words in his head.

“…f**king teenagers!”

He pulls Colt away and with

a slam, he sits him on a chair

away from me.

“Don’t you f**king move.” He tells Colt as he snaps his fingers at Victor.

Victor–understanding the queue- takes his jacket off

and throws it at me. I cover

myself with it while still sitting at the desk.

Warrick points at me now. “And you! You are f**king

chaos incarnate!”

I start to laugh but I

immediately put a hand over my mouth and hold it in.

I don’t know why but…I like

it. I am chaos to him. I
should be afraid of this man

but somehow… I am not


The corner of his eyes

crinkle. “That’s funny to


His eyebrows knit and I

swear I can see a vein pop on

his forehead.

“Never have I had to deal

with this kind of shit!” He

points to Victor and Garret.

“Your brothers never dared to do this kind of crap.”

“That’s because they are afraid of you. Everyone is. I

am not. Not anymore.” I bluntly say.

“Oh, I can see that. But do

you know what makes me the angriest?”

I don’t say anything and wait for his answer.

“It is that I am not even upset

about it. Do you know…how

amazing you are? What you

did out there?”

I am confused now because

he is right, he doesn’t look as angry as he was a minute


“I can’t do that.” He says. “I can’t do what you just did.”

“What do you mean?”

“What your wolf did out


“You…you can’t?”

“No! Not in my wolf form. Your wolf just made

everyone kneel to you and you think this is all a joke?”

“No. I don’t think it’s a joke. I

know how serious this is.” I


“Do you? We are descendants of royalty, Casseopea. We are

meant to rule! Our bloodline

is meant to rule all other


“Rule? I can understand that

but what I don’t understand

is why do you have to rule

with Tirany. Why be cruel?”

“This is who I am. This is

how I rule. What I have been

through…you have no

f**king idea. I will never change. I am the bad guy. I

am the villain. I know this. I

was born with…a sadistic

side. A side that enjoys

bringing others pain. I can’t shut it down and I don’t want

to. You don’t have that side
of me in you but you are capable of it. You have a deep–rooted anger inside of

you that wants to come out,

and f**k do I want it to come

out!” He takes a deep breath,

calming himself. He goes

around and sits on his desk.

There is stillness for what

seems like minutes.

I get up and face him.

“So…did anyone escape?”

He puts a hand on his face. “Yes. Many.”

“…Good.” I mumble.

He takes in a deep breath

and huffs but doesn’t


“And Ezra?” I ask.

He looks up at me and gives a small laugh as if he can’t

believe what I am saying.

“He’s not here?”

“No. He ran too.”

He laughs again but it is a sarcastic one. “Just great!”

He looks at Colt. “Guess you are my only leverage now.”

“He’s my mate! You can’t kill


“I am talking about having leverage over his family pack. And you are not fully mated until he marks you

too. However, there is a small

chance that Killing him now might kill you too. As small

as that chance is, I can’t take

that risk. So, he’ll live.” He

looks down, thinking. “Tell you what…if you take this seriously and do what I tell you, you can keep him

around. I won’t lock him up, keep him away from you, or torture him which I can do

at any given moment.”

Putting a hand under my chin, I ponder this. “That is… an enticing proposition.”

“This also means not

interfering with my

methods.” He ads.

“I can’t promise that but tell

YOU what. I’ll still stick around even with your damn methods if you allow us to be together. This

means not taking it out on

Colt when I…act out. And I

promise not to run.”


“Yeah. It’s been my goal since I got here.” I admit.

He stares at me and I know

exactly what he is thinking.

He is shocked that I have the

balls to confess this.

I have a feeling that he

enjoys this. He enjoys the way I am. I challenge him

and he almost admires it.

He puts a hand up. “I’ll think about this proposition. In the meantime for today, stay in your room.” He looks at

Victor. “Serge is hurt. Watch

her for now.”

“Do I really need a babysitter at this point?”

Now I am just trying to vex him on purpose. I am going to be challenging him on

everything. I guess I am

being like a teenager in a

way. Rebelling.

“Yes, you do!” He shouts

sounding like he is done

with all of this.

“Okay. Fine but I am taking him with me.” I say pointing

at Colt.

“No! You are not! WE have a

business to attend to now

that Ezra is not here.” He


“I want to be marked by him.” I say with authority.

“Oh, that is not going to happen.”

“What?! Why?! There is no

reason to keep us apart like that?”

“Casseopea, I am telling you this once and only once. You

finish this mate bond, and I

will make it my mission so that you never see him

again. Do I make myself


“But why?!”

“Because…you need to look



“I need to make alliances

now. And what better way

for an alliance than having the next–in–line Alpha to one of the strongest packs look as

if she is available as a

potential mate?”

“NO! I will n—”

He interrupts me before I can finish. “I didn’t say you

were going to be mated to someone else! You really need to learn how to play the game, daughter.”

I take in a breath, calming myself.

“So, you don’t want us to

finish our mate bond

because I am more useful if I

am not mated?”

“Yes. It’s politics my dear.” He

leans in. “You ruin this for

me, and he will be gone.” He

looks at Colt. “You mark her, and I will make sure that you will never see her again…” He pauses for a moment as if he was thinking and then leans in close to Colt. “In fact, you are not allowed to mark her until I tell you to. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Alpha,” Colt says looking like a mindless


I gasp. “Did you just use your power?!”

“I did and I mean it, Cass. No

games with this. Now leave.”

I huff feeling irritated.

“Fine!” I spit out with anger.

I cover myself properly with the jacket and slowly walk over to Colt. I bend over and kss him. Our lps feel magnetic and I don’t want to pull away but I do.

I look at Warrick giving him a warning stare. “Don’t hurt


“Goddamit woman! Go!” He

shouts at me as he massages his temples.


I walk out with Victor

following me. We walk in

silence for the first few

seconds until he mutters


“That was ballsy.”

I look back at him. “Was it?”

“You know it. And we all also

know that you just got away with it all.”

I laugh and he smiles.

“I’ve never seen him like that

before. Not in control. He

doesn’t know what to do with

you.” He says.

“But he needs me and that is

why he doesn’t know what to


“Yes and…I might be wrong but he seems to have…a

softer spot for you.”

I get to my room thinking of


Does Warrick really have a soft spot for me? Not that it changes anything because he is a monster but…does he?

Scarred Alphas Novel by Norisha May

Scarred Alphas Novel by Norisha May

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